Are You My True Love?

Dan and Phil are transported to the strange and complicated world of Disney where they are told they must find their true love within twelve day or they will be stuck there forever. Will they both find love in this scary new world?


1. Lightning

Dan pulled his hood up as he ran behind Phil. Thunder rumbled and Phil stopped under a shelter. "Just our luck to be stuck in a thunderstorm this far from home." Phil muttered, watching the lighting light up the sky. Dan laughed slightly. "We're not far now," Dan told Phil. "If we run we can get back in ten minuets and be warm again." And with that he started running again, Phil close behind him. The thunder got louder and the lightning brighter. When they are about two minuets away they both slow to a walk. Thunder rumbled overhead once again. Lighting struck once again. Phil and Dan lay on the floor, burnt and barely alive.

Dan sat up, rubbing his head. Phil was sat in a large gold chair with red cushions, looking scared and confused and oddly cartoonish. Dan assumed it was his sleep just fading away and sat in the chair next to Phil's. "Dan, where are we?" Phil asked Dan. Dan opened his mouth to reply but closed it when he realised he didn't know the answer. A young girl with tied up blonde hair and an apron walked into the room. "Oh good you're both awake! I'm Cinderella. I have asked Fairy Godmother to come here so we can work out how you got here. She should arrive soon. do you want anything to eat or drink?" She asked happily. Dan slowly shook his head. " Well then ok, just call for me if you decide you do." she said walking out. "Oh I almost forgot, what are your names?" She asked from the doorway. "I-I'm Phil and this is Dan." Phil answered in a shaky voice. "What unusual names." she laughed. Then an old woman with grey hair and a purple cloak entered the room with a smile. "I had a meeting with all the other magical beings on the planet." she told them as soon as she walked in. "Where do you two men come from?" she asked, looking at Dan and Phil. "Um, we live in London." Dan answered.
"And your last memory?" She continued.
"Being hit by lightning." Phil answered nervously. The Fairy Godmother nodded thoughtfully. "Well then I think you're stuck here. Unless..."
"Unless what?!" Dan interrupted.
"I can probably alter this slightly. You would have twenty eight days to find your true love. She could be any of the kingdoms but as soon as you find her you will be transported straight back home. Does that sound good to both of you?" Dan and Phil looked at each other for a moment then nodded happily. The Fairy Godmother raised her wand and cast a spell. Dan and Phil set out into the kingdom to find their true loves.

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