You Wouldn't Understand

What would you think, if I told you that I hung out with the most popular boy in our school, every day?

You'd probably think, wow she's one of the big dogs in school; everyone must love her and I'm probably a skinny, little ditzy blonde right? That I prey on the weak and nerdy? That the most popular guy and I would be all buddy-buddy and dating? Well, here's a shocker; you'd be absolutely, positively wrong.Ethan's version of fun is making my life miserable... Hi I'm Waverly Webber and this is my sad story.


2. Chapter Two

♫" I'm waking up to ash and dust,

I wipe my brow and I sweat my rust,

I'm breathing in the chemicals. *inhales and exhales deeply*

I'm breaking in, shaping up, then checking out on the prison bus.

This is it, the apocalypse, Whoa!

I'm waking up, I feel it in my bones,

enough to make my systems blow.

Welcome to the new age, to the new age.

Welcome to the new age, to the new age.

Whoa, whoa, I'm radioactive, radioactive.

Whoa, whoa, I'm radioactive, radio........."♫

I regrettably turn Radioactive down on the radio, as I pull into the school parking lot. "Oh well." I thought, as I struggled to find a good parking space; " at least I got to listen to my favorite song before Ethan showed up to kill my happiness." If you think I'm being melodramatic; I have every right to it at this point in my life, so shush.

Sorry to snap, but it's Monday.

I really dislike Mondays............and Tuesdays........and Wednesdays........ and pretty much any day that ends with a "Y" and contains Ethan in it. So pretty much everyday.

I make a small turn around a parked red Chevy, and continue to search for a convenient spot; I never know when I might have to go all Fast and Furious and make a quick escape. Not that it really mattered though; I would just be prolonging the pain momentarily. Ethan would still get me in the end.

I finally find a spot next to building, close to the faculty parking. I guess most kids consider themselves too cool to be parked next to teachers, because most spots around them were empty. I shrug my shoulders and struggle with the seatbelt around my waist; blast this old car!

I finally get it undone when I hear someone having a shouting match a few meters or so away from my car. I lift my gaze up and look through the windshield; yep, it was Ethan. I would know that shouting voice anywhere.

I turn my gaze slightly to the left and find his "girlfriend" for the week, screaming at him like the blonde banshee she was. This isn't good. Not good what so ever.

You see, I've made sort of a scale of how badly Ethan will beat me based on the situation. The worst pain is losing a game. The least amount of pain I receive is usually because he is just bored.

Fighting/Breaking up with a girlfriend meant really bad pain; not as much as losing a game, but still sent me home with a limp, bruise, or something broken.

Oh poo.

I quickly divert my gaze from the screaming couple and yank my keys out of the ignition; I needed to get to safety fast. I swipe my backpack from the passenger seat and leap out of the car; slamming the door quickly and keeping my head down as I rushed to the double doors. I can still hear them shouting at each other by the time I safely pass through the school doors.

This didn't mean I was safe for the day, but I'm safe for now.

I slowly catch my breath as I walk down towards Miss Sheryll's, my spirits lifting slightly. I needed to talk to her at least once today if I was going to keep my head. I stop in front of her door; littered with quotes from Shakespeare to all the modern writers, like J.K. Rowling and Cassandra Clare. I knock the intro to her favorite song of the month, and she quickly opens the door and pulls me inside.

I laugh as she checks the small peep hole for anyone else and locks the door.

"What's the rush Sheryll? Mr. Ligginbothom after you again?"

She gives me a death glare and I burst into a fit of laughter. It feels so good to laugh again around her. She playfully smacks my arm; making me wince in pain, and she takes a seat on the corner of her desk; her arms folded.

"Just so you know kiddo, I think the "man" finally cracked our song codes!"

"What?" I feel more laughter bubble up in my throat but I hold it down.

She gives an exasperated sigh; a sure sign that she is about to go into story mode. "After school got out on Friday, I thought I heard you knocking "Hey There Delilah" on the door. You know, my song of the month? So, I walked to the door to open it and once I did, that married, little midget of a principal slipped through the door! He kept asking me to dinner and he was about to pop my personal space bubble! His breath was soooo dreadful!!!"

I was already roaring with laughter when she took that moment to pause in her story. Everybody knows that our elderly principal has a huge thing for Miss Sheryll; they also knows that Miss Sheryll is repulsed by the plump old man.

She puts her hands on her hips and sticks out her lower lip in a pout. " I'm glad you find this amusing!!! I had to make up a dumb excuse about needing to get kitty litter for my cat! I don't even have a cat!"

Now I was pealing with laughter. This is exactly what I needed. I love Miss Sheryll soooooooo much; I'm not sure if I could survive without her.

I finally calm down enough to answer her, "Just change the password weekly, he'll be too old to remember them."

She breaks out into a glowing grin, " And that," she says while throwing her hands out to catch mine; "is why you are my bestie!"

She pulls me into a tight hug and I try not to wince at her tight grip; she may be skinny but this woman had a grip! She pulls me back at an arms length and looks into my face.

" How is your eye doing? You didn't fall on anything else this weekend, did you?"

I laugh uneasily; I hate lying to Miss Sheryll, but she doesn't need to have anymore worries about me. I stare into her beautiful emerald green eyes, full of sincere love and concern for me. She may be ten years older than me, but she understands me so well. How am I going to hide the new bruises I'll get by the end of the day from her?

For some reason, I draw Sheryll in for another tight hug; not caring about how much it hurt me. I really need just one more hug to know that somebody cares before I get beat up again.

She sooths my back with her light touch and leans over to my ear. " Is everything ok, baby doll?"

I sniffle and weakly laugh at the little pet names she's uses often with me. "I'm fine, just a little tired."

She doesn't look convinced but she lets it slide. "Alright, but you better get going; first period starts in three minutes."

I retract from her grip and head towards her door as I give her a friendly wave goodbye.

"See ya later, Sheryll."

"Adios for now, Webber!" She says walking over to her Iphone dock and starting a catchy, but loud song.

I exit with a smile on my face and walk out into the hallways. But with my crummy luck, it doesn't last for long.

A force like a train plows into my side and slams me up against the lockers. I hiss in pain and look up at the all too familiar devil. His shaggy black hair was slightly in the way of his baby blue eyes but I could still recognize the glint of anger and mischief in them. My heart starts to accelerate in my chest and I try to squirm in Ethan's hold on me against the lockers.

"Hold still you....." I blocked him out as he began to swear at me.

Tears were already building up in my eyes; please just make this quick. I feel a sudden sharp sting in my cheek and my head whips to left. "Are you listening, you pathetic use of space?!"

Before I can answer, the loud ring signaling first period sounds. Ethan looks up at the clock on the wall and curses; throwing me against the lockers once again.

"Your lucky we're out of time. But don't think you get off easy today."

I didn't. I knew he would make up for the time he's lost not hitting me. A single tear travels down my cheek as he gives me one final shove, and my head slams against the hard metal. He backs away from me and starts his long strides down the hall to his first class; his body quickly receding as the tears finally over flow and I rush to the girl's restroom.

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