Never Think

Remember when you were an kid and you thought that if you couldn’t see it, then it wasn’t there? You didn’t understand how perception changed things, you didn’t know that just because the plane hid behind the clouds didn’t mean it was gone forever. That’s how it is now. I can’t see his love, I can’t see what he feels for me, even still, I know it’s there. || Rich families weren't supposed to have issues, they weren't supposed to have problems. Ever and Brice have known each other since childhood. They were best friends, brothers even, until a secret tore the two families apart. Now, six years later, the families are back together, sort of. The only problem is that the two eldest sons of the two most prestigious families were undeniably, uncontrollably, and unconventionally falling in love - with each other [Amazing cover by: Janie Bauerman!] ©BookloverAyame-chan


1. Prologue | Ever


        If I were an honest guy, I would tell you everything right here and now. But, since I’m not an honest guy, those words are forever stuck in my throat, just scratching to come out. So, if I tell you one thing, I could actually be lying and you never know it. But, then again, if I’m not an honest guy then how do you know I wasn’t lying to you about not being honest?

        Funny, how the simplest of things can get twisted and manipulated into such a catastrophe. If something as simple as me telling you one thing can be so complicated, then think about other things.
        Like love.
        Love is so simple, so easy, and yet everyone can make it something it’s not. People can come and warp what you’re feeling for another; they can try to make you think you don’t love that person. Or you could love that person so much, you hurt them.  Love isn’t supposed to be like that. Or is it?
         I think the best way to explain my theory to you is within a story – my story. I think it’s time I cough out those words of honesty and find out what the word simplicity really means.

        Sounds easy, right? Yeah, well, if only.
         I think my journey started out when I was born – shocker, or at least ten years after that. I think something clicked that day, or started, or something, because after that day, I started seeing things differently.  The world was no longer just black and white anymore. The world was pink and purple and green and red and blue, there were so many more colors, so much more to explore and understand.
        That day, I saw something that changed me, an embrace between friends, no – between lovers. After that, love was an element of the unknown. I thought I knew the extent between what was right and what was wrong. But, in all honesty, I was only getting started. 


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