Miami Vice

A take on a 1980's American tv cop show. A New York Detective hunts for the killer of a fellow cop and uncovers a ring of corruption in law enforcement connected to a drug ring. In Miami an undercover detective has gone missing in the middle of an operation. His lieutenant fights to save his reputation as his department is investigated by Internal Affairs. A female cop searches for her little brother. Who was also her informant. Another female cop recovers from a brutal beating she received after a sting operation was blown. Her colleague's are suspended as they are investigated over how things went so badly wrong. All seven cops investigations could be about to collide In the sunshine state with a multi-agengency operation against international criminals and the fall out could cost them their jobs or even their lives.


1. Brother's Keeper Part 1: Dark Reflection

Sitting in the nightclub Detective Ricardo Tubbs waited patiently for Fast Eddie his contact as the DJ played some latest bland dance tune Rico couldn't stand.

He was all about the soul classics, the golden oldies he'd listen to with his brother Maxwell and their dad when he got home after his tour at the 2-1 precinct.

With their mom gone it was the only time the three of them were together before he put them to bed and went back out on his second job.

Damn man, what got me thinking of dad and me and Max, he wondered. Dads has been gone a long time now and he and Maxwell hardly ever got to see each other when his brother is undercover so often with the narcotics unit.

Hell, Max didn't even know he'd asked Val to marry him and she'd said yes.

Which was why he was in a club looking to make the connect with a deadbeat like Fast Eddie, he needed to get a transfer out of Homicide and into another detective squad.

The LT may have been cool enough to over look them break regs when they were just dating and even turned a blind eye when they moved in together, now they were making it official one of them had to go.


As Valerie had more time in homicide they decided he'd be the one to leave. Now he's looking to get into the organised crime bureau which is why he needed Eddie for tonight anyway, who seriously calls themselves fast Eddie he thought.

Oh that's right a low life piece of trash pimp and dealer, he was looking forward to the day he'd be done with Eddie and he'd lock his ass up too.

The music was giving him a headache and his drink was empty, he was officially on duty undercover posing as Ricardo Moretti using his mix race parentage Black father and Latino mom to pretend he is half black half Dominican dealer looking to move up the food chain. 

He knew Eddie had that connect to the Dominicans who ran the upper west side they were his source for the dope he used to keep the girls he prostituted strung out so they wouldn't try to leave him.

Rico hated Eddie and all pimps, any man he disrespected women wasn't a real man in his eyes. From his early days on the job he'd seen scum like Eddie use and dispose of girls and he hated them, any chance he got to lay some pain on a maggot like Eddie he'd do it.

Again he thought of his dad Marcus who drummed it into his boys heads about treating women with respect, if there was one thing that could get Marcus to strike his boys it was hearing them trash talk girls whether it was girls from their school, girls on tv or in movies and he absolutely banned any kind of pornography in the house.

Seeing some jerk at the bar push his girl around getting in her face, raising his hand like he was about to hit her that was hitting all his buttons and he was fighting with all his might the desire to get over their and smack the crap out of the worthless piece of trash.

Rico as everyone called him, wasn't as focused as he should've been. He should have scanned the club a few more times, but he hadn't so he didn't spot the two big guys wearing long coats coming towards him. Nor had he spotted that they were holding on to a badly beaten up Fast Eddie.

Guess he hadn't been fast enough when those guys and their Russian mob boss broke down the door to his place and dragged him out by his ankles having knocked him unconscious with one punch from the bigger of the two goons.

He was further distracted when he burst into laughter when the woman struck her aggressive boyfriend over the head with a beer bottle. Causing Rico to miss seeing one of the goons lift his coat pull out a pump-action shotgun point it at him pump it before aiming it at him looking to hit him square in the chest.

A nearby clubber screaming when she saw a gun pulled Rico back to reality, and catching the Russian off guard, for a moment before he turned and fired hitting the woman almost point-blank sending her flying having blown a massive hole in her stomach.

She landed on her back near the dance floor causing dozens of other nearby revelers to scream at seeing her as she gurgled coughed up some blood then closed her eyes as she died.

Rico saw the man fire at the girl and didn't know what was going on was that meant for him, he took his opportunity of the Russian mans distraction and grabbed his beer bottle and smashed it over the mans head as he then jumped over the railing into the middle of a panicked crowd as they all screamed and headed for the exit.

He reached under his left trouser leg and pulled out the .38 revolver in his ankle holster, the music had cut out when the DJ fled with everyone else so he heard when Eddie called his name and turned in time to see the other guy aiming at him with a Uzi machine gun.


Rico sprinted for the bar and dived over the top bullets flying past him as he went then shattering all the glass bottles on the shelves above him showering him with glass fragments and soaking him in all manner of alcoholic drinks. He hoped to himself neither of these guys had a lighter or matches if they did they could throw them over the bar and he'd go up in flames like a brandy soaked Christmas pudding.


Still trapped even when the shooting stopped, he knew they'd hear it if he moved due to all the glass and they could come in from either end of the bar and trap him there and gun him down.

They didn't do that instead firing through the wooden bar itself one round hitting him in his left shoulder, the round burying itself deep under the skin. Now he was in agony and could pass out shortly from shock or blood loss.

He got a lucky break as he belly crawled along the floor he stopped when the sound of gunfire did and looked up to see both men coming towards him reflected in the mirror as they reloaded that had been behind the booze stocked shelves. He quick as he could jumped up caught them both by surprise an opened fire hitting the shotgun guy right between the eyes.

He had a look of utter shock on his face as he dropped the gun before his large frame fell backwards, he was a quicker shot than the other guy and he turned and fired three body shots hitting him dead center in his chest.

His gun fell from his hands as he dropped to his knees and fell forward slamming face first on to the dance floor.

Rico jumped up and rolled over the bar back on to the customer side and saw Eddie on his knees trying to get back up after he'd dived for cover before Rico shot the guy who had held him.

Ricardo look out was the last thing Rico heard before everything went black.

The man who had gotten right up behind Rico and knocked him out cold with one hit to the back of his head with the butt of the double barrel shotgun he was carrying, was his brother Maxwell.


To Be Continued

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