Spencer Donovan McNabb is looking for the chance to get back into regular N.C.I.S agent case work, after serving as investigating agent aboard a Navy ship.

He's been called back to Washington, DC for a meeting with N.C.I.S Director Jenny Sheppard, not as he'd hoped about getting a gig in an office on dry land where he can be with his wife and their newborn baby boy.

He's about to be plunged into an undercover operation that will pit him against terrorists and arms dealers but also corrupt agents in an attempt to locate millions of dollars stolen from a top secret task force.


1. Judgment Days

May 6th, 2008

Spencer Donovan McNabb or just Spence as everybody called him, had his visitors ID badge and stepped onto the elevator, inside the Russell-Knox Building on the Marine Corps Base at Quantico.

He was assigned as agent afloat aboard the USS Ronald Regan, but he'd been called into for an appointment with Jenny Sheppard the Director of NCIS though he was given no reason why, he was just informed that his days on ship were over.

Frankly, he was relieved, he wasn't exactly the best at living aboard a ship suffering from the occasional bout of seasickness, something that made him the butt of a few jokes from guys like Dinozzo all because he's been a sailor for a long time before becoming an agent.

He had known Jen, Director Shepherd he had to correct himself to call her for years, She'd been the case agent assigned to investigate his conduct in the incident that basically ended his naval career and she'd been fair and thorough. They remained friends even after the outcome and she had been the one to recommend that he join NCIS.

Spence hoped that friendship meant he was hopeful this new assignment would be land based and he would actually get to see his wife and their new baby boy. Who knows, maybe even live with them for awhile.

That would be a novelty he thought living with the woman he'd been married to for over 5 years for longer than a few weeks or months at a time, while one or the other of them was awaiting their latest transfer or promotion.

It was late when he arrived by helicopter and he was under orders to report directly to the director. When arrived on the floor it was darkened and no one was there not even Agent Gibbs.

He began to get a sense that this was no laughing matter when he saw Jenny was waiting for him and as she led him to her office he saw she'd even sent her personal assistant home.

They got inside the office and she pressed a button underneath her desk.

"There you go complete privacy," Jen said to him before he even asked.

"I take it this isn't about be getting a nice agent ashore gig is it maybe that Hawaii based one I hinted at last time we met." Spence said tensing up certain he was about to get bad news of some kind.

"I'm afraid not, my friend, I don't know where to start, this is a hell of a mess I'm about to drop you into, well, technically your wife got you involved, but that's just splitting hairs," Jen told him.

"Wait Kerrie, what has she got to do with this, is she alright, is she ok." "What about our boy is Benji safe?" 

"They're safe, they're both safe and sound I promise you, but they might not be for long unless we act, look when Kerrie came back from maternity leave, she was approached to work special projects and report directly to SecNav."

"Yeah, I know what my wife was doing I know what her job is," Spence said impatiently for her to get to an answer. "I wanna know what danger she and my son are in."

"Well, if you'd wait a second I'm getting to that," Jen replied.

"Well Kerrie was helping me out on my investigation into an arms dealer named La Grenouille and she came into contact with a multi agency task force investigating his alleged links terrorist to groups, when she came across some financial irregularities concerning that task force."

"I heard of La Grenouille, isn't he dead."

"Yes, but even after he was gone, it's not like arms dealing just stopped, so that's why the task force was retasked, to continue to have all the agencies collaborate and shut whoever it was down before they got their business up and running."

"Kerrie was also retasked was tasked to dig into those irregularities and she found that they suggested that money was disappearing from the accounts set up by all the agencies to pay for the operation."

"The SecNav, Deputy Director Morrow over at Homeland and the Directors of all these agencies agreed too have her running a team to locate the missing money which was roughly half a billion dollars and investigate anyone who knew and could have accessed that money, including agents from NCIS, Interpol, Mossad and a dozen others were all suspects."

"Your wife's team uncovered the identity of the whistleblower who originally warned us about the irregularities they were making progress, but somehow they were all made, the identities of everyone on the team was put out and contracts put out on them.

Now the whistleblower is in the wind and three members of the team are dead and yesterday two South African hit men tried to assassinate Kerrie.

"They tried to kill my wife, they tried to kill my wife, oh hell no let me at them, I'll tear them both limb from limb until they give up who hired them." Spence said furious that someone had tried to kill the love of his life and that he was only now hearing about it.

"Those two can't talk, Kerrie took them both out, she was fairly angry someone had tried to come after her while she was out with your little boy."

Spence was so angry if he'd have been a cartoon character steam would have been blowing out of his ears and the top of his head. He was absolutely filled with rage that someone had tried to kill his wife in front of their son.

"Oh, someone is definitely gonna pay now, that's for damn sure," He said more ranting to himself than talking to Jenny.

"Where are they now, where are Kerrie and Benji," Spencer asked having finally calmed down.

"We have them in a safe house that only myself and SecNav know the whereabouts of, so they're both safe, but that doesn't solve the problem long term."

"We've got a compromised multi agency task force, we've got agents dead or with targets on their backs millions of dollars missing."

"What do we do next then Jen, err, sorry Director."

"First you go to your wife and child and tomorrow morning we will discuss the plan that's going to put this all right,"

"Okay, Je, sorry Director Shepherd."

Jenny drives Spencer in her personal car to the safe house for his reunion.

The next morning Spence and Kerrie meet with Jenny, SecNav and one other person, CIA agent Trent Kort.

"What the hell is he doing here," both Spence and Kerrie said almost simultaneously as they entered the room.

"Now that's not very nice, is that anyway to greet an old friend," Cort replied.

"Man we were never and will never be friends, you duplicitous son of a bit..," was all Kerrie got out before Spence interrupted about to launch into a tirade of his own as both of them had endured dealings with Cort that ended badly.

"If the pleasantries are out of the way, can we get ethical down to business," SecNav asked.

"Sir," both Spence and Kerrie answered. While Kort raised two fingers to his head and gave a mock salute.

"Right, well we have a plan, but you're not going to like it, Spence." Jenny said to him, before adding, "we think it would be a good idea if the next assassination attempt was successful."

"What, I, I don't understand," Spence interrupted to say. "You want to kill Kerrie."

"Yes, we believe that your wife needs to die." At least as far as the rest of the world is concerned."

"Except it won't be hard for whoever is behind all of this to figure out that it wasn't down to any hired gun they sent to kill you that did it. I'm sure by now they know that the two South Africans failed to do the job," SecNav said.

"What the hell does all that mean, then, what the hell happens next," Spencer asked, clearly getting agitated that they weren't getting straight to the point.

"We were getting to that Spence, we're trying to break it to you gently," Jenny told him.

"Do I look like a damn child, to you Jen, just tell me what the hell is going on now," Spence answered angrily.

"Calm down Spence," Kerrie said to him, "it's ok, it's all gonna be okay.

"How, tell me, Kerrie, how this is going to be okay. My family has hired assassins out to get them and the only idea we've got is to fake your death."

"Who the hell even came up with that idea and how are we going to sell it to whoever put the marker on your back," Spence asked.

"Actually, it was your wife's idea agent McNabb," the SecNav added.

Trent jumped in to say.

"The plan is that we have evidence ready to plant of problems in your marriage and her infidelity and that you have debts and are under investigation by your fellow NCIS agents for accusations of inappropriate behaviour with a female ensign aboard your ship.

We've also made it look like you forged your orders to come home so you are already listed as A.W.O.L, so it will be believed when you shoot and kill your wife and child before turning the gun on yourself."

"What you got all this done without even talking to me this is nuts any body who knows I would never hurt Kerrie and would never hurt our little boy," Spence said completely angered that all this had started without him knowing anything about it.

Trent let out a sigh, then said.

"Oh will you relax sailor boy, it's not real, Kerrie and the child will be nice and safe and protected and you well you you should worry more about your own safety as you've got the hard part."

"What does that mean, Kort," Spence asked confused.

"It means that you are going undercover, you are going under to find the money find out who took it and try to find the whistle blower," SecNav told him, then added.

"It's all been decided agent McNabb, we were just waiting for you to return to get this operation underway."

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