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❝Here, a couple pieces of tape will fix it.❞

❝No, it won't.❞

look for the sequel, Superglue


34. Deleted Scene

Deleted Scene, Seven: A Deleted and Revised Chapter


     Saturday night had ended with many questions unanswered and on Sunday I refused to answer any of Adrian's because I just knew that on Monday I would have to answer the same ones to our friends. These things must happen to any poor sap who falls in love and I vowed to myself Carmen would be the last girl because I just hated the whole process so much. Being in love is like being tortured, but it's worth it. Once, though. Being in love once is enough for me, but I would never let any of my friends know that.

     Anyway, Monday had come and the first thing that happens when I park my car is Carmen tapping on my window and scaring me to death. She's just wonderful, but I purposely took my time getting out of my car to greet her. I smiled madly at her while every nerve ending in my body reacted, making me feel more than just excited to see her.

     "Hi," she said with that frown on her face.

     "Hi," I said with the same weird smile on my face.

     "It's about time you came out of your car."

     "I eventually did and am here," I said while shrugging my shoulders.

     "Yeah, at least it didn't take you as long as it did on Saturday."

     My face did go red and my eyes bulged and I almost went back inside my car to leave school and never come back. How did she know?

     "I saw you park in front of my house. I went to the door and waited for you, but you were taking so long that I went back to my room. I decided since you made me wait for you, I was going to make you wait for me."

     "You suck."

     "Yeah, but you love me," she said with a smirk.

     "So did your eldest sister answer the door on purpose and that's why Lacey showed up out of blue?"

     "I told Francine to answer the door because I really wanted her to interrogate you, but she just never listens to me."

     "Thank god she's nice."

     "I guess. Lace showed up on her own accord and I was glad she did. Made up for lost time."

     "I was so nervous... and the whole time you were being a sneaky little-"

     "You were nervous?"

     "No, no, no, I wasn't. Pshh, no."

     "You so were! That's so cute."


     I made a disgusted face at her to which she rolled her eyes. For a few seconds we just stared at each other with blank faces. I was trying to think of something to say her but nothing was coming to mind other how pretty she looked with my favorite curls.

     "Niall, can we please walk around together? I really want to show to Samantha how much better we are as a couple than Peter and her are," Carmen said and I grinned.

     "You're literally the best. We should totally rub it in their face when we reach them," I answered, thinking back to when Peter told me I need to prove to him I'm not gay. Oh crap, he told me I need to make Carmen my girlfriend.

     "Yeah, we could make out?"

     "Uh...we...But I..."

     "Are you broken?"


     "Then I'm guessing you do want to make out in front of your ex girlfriend and your ex best friend."

     "Yes, yes, and double yes. There's just something I have to tell you."

     "You're not a good kisser? Because I don't mind, Niall. I am very good."

     "That's...not what I was going to say, but really? You are a very good kisser? That's quite big of you to admit, isn't it?"

     "Well, it's a fact."

     "It's a fact? Sure, okay, I'll be the judge of that, pro."

     "Mock me, but you'll agree when it happens."


     "What were you going to say?"

     "That in order for me to be Peter's friend again, I have to prove to him that I don't love him and I'm not gay."

     "Should I be concerned and ask?"

     "No, it's a long story. So I told him that I loved you and definitely didn't love him and obviously am not gay, but he wouldn't buy it. He told me I had to make you my girlfriend. Well, he challenged me. I told him I'm only making you my girlfriend because I want to and because I want to be your boyfriend."

     "Awe, that is so sweet!"

     "Wait, really?"


     "You're not upset at the possibility that we are together for some challenge I have with Peter?"

     "No, because obviously that's not the case. You really love me, Niall Horan."

     "I do, Carmen Shay Mitchell."

     "I hate you."

     "Yeah, but you love me."

     "Okay, now hurry up and take my hand. There's not much time left to show off to Samantha and your new ex-best friend, Peter."

     "We are still making out, right?"

     "Of course we are."


     Carmen and I walked to the quad where Samantha and Peter sat at a table filled with Samantha's cult- I mean friends. They were holding hands under the table and laughing obnoxiously at something. It was a scene that would make anyone barf. Okay, only me. I stood with Carmen, still holding her hand, and looked at her to see what our next move was. My heart was beating fast at the thought of us making out and I couldn't stop imagining what it would be like. She was very adamant that she is a good kisser and I wondered just how good she really was.

     Carmen seemed to be thinking hard about something, though, as she stared at Peter and Samantha. I looked back at their table to see that they were kissing and nearly did a double take. I quickly looked away before bile could reach my mouth and found Carmen already looking at me with a frown on her face.

     "They saw us."

     "They're gonna have to stop for air and then they'll look at us with a smirk. When they stop, that's our cue to make out. And since we're both good kissers, we'll look a million times better."

     "We're such a devious couple. I love it."

     "Me too."

     As soon as we looked back at Peter and Samantha, they stopped kissing. My heart stopped too because I wasn't ready to make out with Carmen yet. Wasn't it too soon? It was way too soon and I hadn't even kissed her yet. But before I could really think all of this, her lips found mine and it was...awesome. I could kiss her all day if I could. And the way she moved...she was a very good kisser. I forgot that we were trying to show off to Peter and Samantha. I forgot we were at school. But I was reminded.

     "Get a room!" Samantha shouted.

     "Stop the PDA!" Peter shouted.

     It didn't take long for a security guard to stop us and force us to follow her. You're not supposed to make out school or even kiss. Public displays of affection are against the rules and my high school takes it quite seriously. I don't know how Samantha and I always got away with it, but the first time Carmen and I do it, we're caught red-lipped. On our way to the dean, Carmen assured me we were going to seek revenge. I told her we would make them cry and she laughed.

     "Hey, if we don't make it out of this alive, I need you to answer something for me."


     "Why did you have a roll of tape in your jeans Saturday night?"

     "Because earlier that day I was talking with Adrian and that tape might have been involved. Instead of putting it away, I put it in my jeans and forgot about it."

     "Oh, that's strange."


     "Sorry, I meant you are."

     "Gee, thanks. I may be suspended right now and the girl of my dreams is making fun of me."

     "You dream about me?"

     "I hate my life."


so like 1 more and then that's it! I'll stop bugging you guys, lol. it's been a fun ride and I love you all. thanks for sticking with me and reading this far. y'all deserve Oscars as much as Leonardo and all the people who weren't nominated this year

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