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32. Deleted Scene

Deleted Scene, Five: A Deleted Chapter


     Why is it when something is about to go down at school, people start to gather when the proceeding events have nothing to do them? It's so annoying. Like, I didn't hand you an invite. I clearly wanted to approach and talk to these people alone without an audience. Just because it's a public school, doesn't mean everything needs to be out in the open and shared. I'm sure people still do it under the bleachers at football games, but not everybody crowds around to watch. Soon enough word gets around, but why does there have to be so many witnesses? I swear, there's too many nosy people at school who need to mind their own business and wait until they hear it through the grapevine. Be freaking patient, gees.

     Adrian was standing next to me while Peter stood in front us. People were gathered around us as if they were about to watch a sacrifice or murder take place. Not even a word had been spoken yet. I felt more claustrophobic than I have in ISS. I wished for everyone around us to vanish, combust, or disintegrate. It didn't look like any of those options were about to become a reality. Peter flicked his eyes back and forth between Adrian and I, and I knew he expected one of us to start. It sure as hell wasn't going to be me.

     "We have to talk." Peter said after his eyes stayed on me.

     "Good luck, because I'm not."

     "Niall, I-"

     "I don't want to hear it. You're sort of dead to me." I said with 100 percent seriousness.

     "You're kidding me, right? Why are you mad at me? I didn't do anything."

     "That's exactly why I'm mad at you. Actually, I don't like you." Peter scoffed and Adrian looked at me shocked.

     "You know how stupid you sound? I don't know why you hate me. I understand you're not on the best of terms with my girlfriend, but so what?"

     "So what? Were you even listening to what that lunatic was saying at the dance? She called out Carmen for no freaking reason. That's stupid. You just watched and haven't done a thing until now."

     "Look, I'm sorry. If I remember correctly, though, you were pretty silent that day too. I know you were scared of her."

     "I don't care, I hate you so why are we talking right now? Nothing you say will change my mind."

     "You're being ridiculous! I've known you for how long? We've been best friends since third grade when you laughed at me and then started clinging to me with Adrian. Now one little thing happens and I'm dead to you?"

     "It was a big deal. You wouldn't understand because you're not in my place right now."

     "You're right, but I'm trying to and it makes no sense."

     "I'm not going to sit here and try to explain it to you. Go ahead and talk to Adrian, I don't care. I'm done and could care less what comes out of your mouth."

     It fell silent around us and I watched Peter stare at me in hurt and anger. We've been best friends for what feels like forever. He's been so close to me and to have something that seems so small come between us really is heartbreaking. I'm not just being mean and insensitive to him, but I seriously don't like him anymore. I feel as though he stabbed me in the back. And maybe in a few days or weeks I'll look back and agree that this is stupid, but I don't regret it. He should know me well enough by now. Adrian was still shocked and trying to take it all in. He wasn't expecting this either, but I definitely wasn't expecting what Peter did next.

     I watched as Peter became angrier and balled his fist. I saw him lift his arm up as he pulled his fist back. I was frozen, but I gained my senses when he lurched his fist straight to my face. Thank god I turned my head quick enough to have him punch me just below my eye instead of my nose. I heard the crowd gasp and saw Peter ready to punch me again. I couldn't even think straight. After what felt like a minute later, I was being tugged to the side and faced with Carmen. Where did she come from?

     "Niall, are you okay? Oh my god, does it hurt? What happened?" Carmen asked way too many questions and my mind was still in a haze as I processed the fact that Peter punched me and wanted to again.

     "Peter punched me." I said as I realized it and could feel the hit start to sting.

     "Yeah, I can tell. It's red and bruising. Are you okay?" She asked sounding more worried than she should.

     "Do I look okay?"

     "It looks like you're gonna get a black eye."

     "Cool, I'm great." I tried to smile though my mind was still stuck on the fact that Peter punched me and I wanted to punch him back.

     "What's going on here? I saw a fight." I heard a security guard say and noticed Carmen frown. When I looked around, much of the crowd had disbanded leaving a few onlookers here and there.

     "Nothing, uh, there's no fight." Adrian nervously explained. True, because how does one punch become a fight?

     "I saw someone throw a punch. If no one tells me the truth, the four of you are going with me." I glanced back at Carmen to see her struggling with whether or not to tell.

     "I was egging on my friend and he couldn't take it anymore, so he punched me." I answered.

     "I see, which friend?" I pointed to Peter and he motioned the two of us to follow him.

     I let out a sigh as we walked to the dean's office, especially because Carmen decided to follow and Adrian joined as well. Through the entire walk, I thought about what had happened and how Peter suddenly punched me. Was I really being that big of a jerk that he couldn't contain himself and punched me in the face? Does he hate me that much? Does he hate me right now? More importantly, does he want to do it again? I could feel the area he hit me become warm and knew it was swelling. I could only imagine what it looks like.

     When we reached the dean's office, the security guard had us wait on the seats just outside the dean's door as he walked in to inform the dean about our situation. Minutes later we were alone waiting and I could feel Peter's glare boring into me. I didn't care. I noticed Adrian's leg moving up and down out of nervousness. I don't think he's ever been in trouble out of all the stupid things he's done with Peter and I. Then again, I've taken the blame for him on several occasions. Carmen was still worried and I hadn't noticed that she was holding onto my hand.

     "Are you okay?" I asked her. Why is she worried? I was the one who got hit and might be suspended from school.

     "Are you okay? Should I go get ice? You need ice." I rolled my eyes.

     "I've been hit before. This is nothing. Will you stop worrying? You're making me worry."

     "Sorry, I can't help it."

     "Try to."

     "You're going to get suspended, aren't you?"

     "I don't know, probably."

     "Your parents are-"

     "It's fine." I sighed and ran my free hand through my hair as I remembered. I forgot about them. The dean can't punish a victim, can't he? I technically didn't do anything. I said I egged on Peter- I don't know why- but really I did nothing. There was only one punch thrown and a fight never resulted, though one should have.

     "Your eye looks like it's getting bad. It must hurt. I'll go get you some ice." She said and immediately let go of my hand as she stood up to leave.

     "I'll go with you." Adrian said as he quickly stood up looking relieved to be leaving.

     "Seriously?" I asked, but noticed Carmen's face and took a deep breath. "Thanks. Don't rush, okay? If the bell rings, just go to class."

     "Okay. See you later?"

     "O' course." I shrugged wanting to see her relax and she did. She gave me an encouraging smile and left with Adrian.

     Great, now it's just Peter and I. The tension is nearly suffocating. I swear, he'll lunge at me and try to strangle me to death.

     "Okay, you can come- oh no, Niall. What happened? And you are?" Mr. Rose, the school's dean, said after stepping out of his office to call us in. Of course he knows me by name.

     "Peter Finkle."

     "Right, come inside."

     Mr. Rose held his door open and waited for Peter and I to enter. Reluctantly, I let Peter lead the way and followed him. I noticed his secretary watching us go inside and felt like glaring at her. She always tries to tease me and is the biggest gossiper in the world. I had intentionally been ignoring her, but after stepping in Mr. Rose's office, I wished I could be talking to her instead. The tension was continuing to grow as Peter and I took the empty chairs in front of Mr. Rose's desk. The silence was nothing but consuming as Mr. Rose folded his hands on his desk and looked between Peter and I.

     "Jason, the security guard who brought you both here, tells me you two were in a heated situation. Is this true?" Mr. Rose begins, and without a second to spare, Peter and I agree.

     "Peter, you punched Niall, correct?" Peter nodded his head without a word escaping his mouth. I felt really uncomfortable then because I knew the next question would be directed towards me.

     "Did you, as Jason said you put it, egg him on?" I thought over my answer and bit my lip.

     "No." Mr. Rose seemed surprised, raising his brows, and waited for me to elaborate.

     "Well, what happened, Niall? I'm sorry, but I'm just really surprised right now. I honestly never saw this day coming." I frowned at that. It was a compliment, but the way he said it made it sound like he still didn't have much hopes for me. I'm not that much of a delinquent.

     "We were talking, and well, I may not have said the best things so Peter was angry and punched me. I'm sure he would've punched me again and probably still wants to."

     "What were you talking about and what did you say to him?"

     "I.. don't think I want to say because it will lead to a lot of explaining. I did tell him I don't like him, hate him really, and I don't care for what he says to me. I didn't want to talk to him in the first place, but he approached Adrian and I as we walked to our table for lunch."

     "Adrian is your friend?"

     "Best friend." I corrected him.

     "Was he there?"

     "Stood by me the whole time. He was in shock though. See, the three of us have been best friends since elementary school."

     "If that's so, why would you all of a sudden hate him?" Mr. Rose then looked at Peter. "And why would you punch him? I'm sorry, I still don't understand this situation. I could easily just give you, Peter, a suspension, but I want to know if I need to punish you, Niall, and give you Saturday Work or ISS."

     "Some things happened and I wanted to talk to Niall. Niall was really upset at the stuff, and I figured we should talk it out. Niall just... he didn't want to and the fact that he hates me now and couldn't even just talk it out pissed me off, Mr. Rose. I had this urge to punch him and acted on it. I still stand by it, and I'll take the suspension." Peter finally said.

     "Okay, I'm assuming neither of you will tell me what happened." Peter and I nodded. "Well, it must have been pretty serious to break such a friendship like the two of you had. I'm sorry to hear this. Peter, I have to suspend you because we do not tolerate any acts of violence here, especially those directed towards another student. Niall, you are... free to go. I'll write you a pass to class and a note to see the trainer first. Your eye looks terrible."

     "Thanks." I muttered as Mr. Rose started sifting through papers on his desk.

     "Are you sure the two of you don't want to talk? Because I don't want whatever is going on to cause more problems. I don't want to see you both in here again looking worse." I know that was directed towards me and felt like groaning. I'm not weak. I have a killer arm and know how to throw a decent punch. I shook my head, not seeing anything worth talking about to Mr. Rose but Peter thought otherwise.

     "I'm with Niall's ex-girlfriend and they hate each other. We both confronted Niall at the dance, but it got pretty ugly. My girlfriend said things to Niall's and-"

     "She's not my girlfriend. She wasn't even my date. Carmen just said that because she was trying to support me. She knows how much I despise Samantha." I cut off, already becoming angry. I could punch Peter in the face and give him a real black eye.

     "Whatever. She basically threatened Carmen and then Niall before we left them alone with Adrian and his girlfriend. Carmen's friends were there, too. Yesterday we ignored each other, but today I thought I'd confront him. I wanted to tell Niall that just because Samantha is my girlfriend, doesn't mean I'm on her side. I'm neutral."

     "I see, so that explains Niall not wanting to talk and hating you. Niall, do you have anything to say?"

     "I don't even get why he's with her? I know he's liked her for a long time now, but he knows how much I don't like her. She wants to kill me and yet he's making out with her every chance he gets."

     "I love her and she's my girlfriend! Besides, none of this would have happened if you weren't such a jerk to her and just broke up with her a long time ago. She hates you because you didn't even like her when she loved you."

     "I was going to, I was just waiting for the right time." I grumbled.

     "When, Niall? You slipped up and she finally realized. I made the move I've been dying to. It's not my fault she hates you or Carmen. I don't understand why you're taking it out on me."

     "Because, the fact you're with her is like a stab in the back, okay? You're my best friend and I figured you'd be by my side instead of hers. I don't like her and I don't like seeing people I like mixed with people I don't."

     "You're my best friend, too, Niall. You've been all these years. I know you don't like seeing me with Samantha, but get over it. I'm sorry, but that's the way it's going to be. Just because she hates you and Carmen, doesn't mean I condone it. Am I stopping it? No, but I support you both."

     "Mr. Rose, if you say even a word, I will personally offer you the pen to fill out the paper for my referral and suspension. It might not even be that, it might be an expulsion."

     "Don't worry. Can I at least ask if things are good between you?" I shrugged.

     "I still don't like Peter, but that's a grudge I won't let go of any time soon. I guess he's alright so long as what has been discussed in here never leaves this office and I can take my time going to next period because my face hurts. I don't even know how I'm going to put ice on it." Mr. Rose rolled his eyes but smiled.

     "Fine, I'll let it slide but only this once, Niall. I even dated your pass in ink so you can't reuse it. Here you go, and you're excused. Also, I don't want to see you in here with Samantha and Carmen. You should consider talking it out like you just did with Peter. Maybe apologize to Samantha and have Samantha and Carmen work things out."

     "You should stick to disciplining, Mr. Rose. It suits you better."

     "Right, I'm just a dean. I should leave this stuff for the counselors since it's their job. Have a nice day and I hope your eye heals well."

     "Sounds good." I saluted Mr. Rose before leaving his office. Mrs. Williams gave me a suspicious look as I walked by her desk, so I stopped by.

     "How did it go this time?" She asked.

     "Alright. I gotta get my eye looked at, Mrs. Will."

     "Yes, you take care of that. I'll see you around."

     "Hopefully not."

     Mrs. Williams laughed as I left, but I was being serious. I don't want to see her again or even Mr. Rose. I adjusted my backpack on my shoulder as I walked the halls towards the trainer's office. I kept my head ducked low just in case someone was walking the halls or people inside a class could see me through the tiny window on the doors. I thought back to Carmen who's probably still worried even though I don't why. I mean, we've gotten close after yesterday. We came up with a plan to explain to her mom and my parents, and it worked. We ended the day on a good note, but her concern still feels weird and unusual.

     And about Peter and our situation, it's still unresolved for sure. I still hate him and am still not forgiving him even though Mr. Rose got us to talk. Like I said, it's going to take a while for the grudge to go even though I can kind of see how stupid I am. Kind of.


ok, I srsly don't know why I didn't add this just chapter, but I'd like to think Niall and Peter did at least get into a heated argument at one point

but omfg I didn't realize how many of these I had?! when y'all get tired of 'em, jus' let me know

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