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❝Here, a couple pieces of tape will fix it.❞

❝No, it won't.❞

look for the sequel, Superglue


31. Deleted Scene

Deleted Scene, Four: From Chapter Thirteen


     "What is your freaking problem? Are you trying to cause an accident? How much more reckless can you be?" Carmen exclaimed. Clearly I pushed her past her breaking point today.

     "You're my problem. And yes, I am. I can be very reckless, don't try me."

     "You're insane!"

     "You're annoying!"

     "I'm sorry I'm trying to have a good time."

     "Really? Because all you're doing is complaining about what your parents are going to do when they find out. No one forced you to come with me. In fact, I didn't want you here."

     "That's because I care about the consequences of my actions. And if you didn't want me to come so bad, you would've done a better job at keeping me away."

     "Well, I don't and you were being stubborn."

     "Oh, excuse me for doing what you do all the time."

     "You know what? Just forget it, okay. You're going to give me a headache and I can't deal with that right now."

     There was a pause, so I used the silence to calm down and continued driving. I had said this day wasn't going to be fun and I was right. It sucks, but hopefully I can change that. If Carmen lets me because she's making it very difficult.

     "I want to go home." Carmen mumbled, sounding like a grumpy child. I was about to think how cute that was, but I luckily stopped myself. She's upset now and I feel bad because it really is my fault. Being nice to someone I dislike is hard.

     "You're ready to face your mom right now?"


     "That's why I'm not taking you home."

     "Then where are we going?"

     "I'm going to go to Valley Fair and maybe we could walk to Santana Row and get macaroons. There's also this little bakery that has amazing tiramisu. I know they're all desserts, but we could have lunch at the mall first, then go."

     "Oh, that actually sounds really nice."

     "I know and all that won't take long, I mean it's the mall and a bunch of stores, so we could do whatever else you want to do. I don't have to drop you home. We could go to my house and hang out until you figure out an excuse for your parents."

     "I had no idea you planned this."

     "I didn't plan it. I had figured you only came along with me for a distraction since you didn't want to be at school. So I thought I might as well make your first time ditching somewhat enjoyable."

     "This sounds better than when you took me to the library and tried to ditch me."

     "I just needed some space away from you. I also wanted to look for comics, but I was sidetracked and bored."

     "You were acting like an idiot and made fun of the books I was choosing."

     "I blame you for getting us kicked out, though."

     "I already said it was your fault! You were messing around and it was irritating."

     "I told you I was bored! Who decides to go to a public library when they ditch school in the first place?"

     "You asked what I wanted to do!"

     "Whatever, we're at the mall."

     Just as I announced it, I turned into the parking lot and drove around to where the Macy's was. I ignored what Carmen was saying and found a spot near the entrance. I'm pretty sure she was telling me all the stores she wanted to stay away from or go to, but I didn't care. It was close to lunch, so I wanted to grab something quick to eat and then walk for a bit before we went to Santana Row. I didn't think it would be that crowded given that it was a weekday and during school hours, but there were lots of people nonetheless. As we entered Macy's, Carmen took my hand and I shuddered.

     "I'm not letting you wonder off." Carmen said as she gripped my hand tighter, pulling me through the woman's section and jewelry and fragrance department to go inside the mall.

     "I wasn't actually going to do it." I grumbled, trying to pull my hand away but she only held tighter. Yes, I could've yanked my hand away. I should've.

     "Stop it." She scolded. I mimicked her under my breath and she quickly yanked my arm forward, almost making me trip.


     "Shut up and just walk."

     "You don't have to hold my hand."

     "Remember the library?"

     "I was bored. Stop bringing it up."

     "See that kid," Carmen nodded her head to a mother who was holding a leash for her little girl. It was one of those backpack ones. "I should do that for you."

     "I didn't know they still sell those. Poor kid. That's humiliating."

     "It could be you."

     "I'd kill myself."

     "Drama queen."

     "It's the truth."

     "I want to stop at a couple of stores since we're here. I know you weren't listening earlier."

     "Don't force me into some girly store. I will run to the car and leave."

     "Idiot, I want to buy my grandma something."

     "We're not going to old people stores, are we?"

     "What is an old person's store?"

     "What stores do you want to go to?"

     "I was thinking Ann Taylor, J. Crew, Banana Republic, um-"

     "No, those stores are woman stores."

     "Not really-"

     "I'm not going. Find other stores."

     "A lot of the stores here are expensive and I'm not going to Tiffany's, Swarovski, or somewhere to buy my grandmother jewelry she won't even wear. We can go to Talbots, too."

     "Let's go to Yankee Candle. It's right there."

     "My grandma can't be around scented candles or fragrances. She's in a nursing home and they don't allow candles anyways."

     "Excuse me," I said and ran my fingers through my hair. I hate when she brings up her ill grandmother. "So what are you thinking of buying your grandma?"

     "She always complains how it's cold in her room, so I was thinking of getting her some kind of sweater or cardigan. But a nice one because whenever she was around people or we'd visit her, she'd always dress nice. I don't think I've ever seen her in pajamas or old clothes unless I spent the night. I think it would be good for her to have something to wear over those gowns so she looks somewhat decent, you know? It has to be easy to put on and take off."

     "Yeah, uh, maybe we could stop at Ann Taylor first. My mom likes that store and Talbots."

     "Oh, I remembered there's Zara also."

     "That's upstairs so we can have lunch after, then hit the other ones you want to go to."

     "I thought you were going to continue to complain."

     "I'm offended, Carmen. I want to help you."

     "Please don't. I'm capable of finding my dear old grandmother something."

     "Can you at least let go of my hand since we're here?"

     "So much for not complaining. If I find something, I will."


     "If you even step one foot out of this store, so help me-"

     "I'm just going to sit on that chair and be on my phone, gosh. Have some faith in me."

     "Remember the library? I caught you by the door."

     I groaned and rolled my eyes. Carmen is making feel like some child with their mother.

     "Let it go already."

     "I'll think about it."

     I may have muttered some choice words under my breath, this time so Carmen couldn't hear me, and took a seat outside of the changing rooms. A couple of the workers gave me some weird glances and I felt so awkward. I don't think Carmen wants to buy her grandma something. She's trying to humiliate and embarrass me for wondering away from her at the library. It's not my fault she chose something boring to do. I contemplated leaving, but decided not to because when I thought hard enough, I didn't want to leave Carmen alone. Even though we were arguing a lot, I wanted her to have a somewhat good time. I felt like she deserved it.

     Nothing about Samantha has been brought up yet. Maybe she has already forgotten about her. If so, than I accomplished what I wanted to do. The only reason why I allowed Carmen in my car this morning was so that she could relax and not think so much or worry about Samantha. Yeah, plans at getting back at Samantha during the dance were thought of, but no one could agree on anything. Carmen cooled down and wanted to let the whole incident blow over. Too bad Samantha holds grudges. I told Carmen I wouldn't let Samantha do anything to her, but I don't think she believed me. I didn't believe myself at first. I still don't.

     "Are you alright?" Do I really look that uncomfortable in a woman's clothing store?

     "I'm good, thanks."

     "I think it's sweet that you're in here with your girlfriend." I couldn't help but laugh at the lady.

     "I can assure you she's not even my friend."

     "Really? You two were holding-"

     "She didn't want me to ditch her."

     "Oh." I think I made her uncomfortable now.

     "I still think what you're doing is nice. You could've left when she turned her back. I've seen it happen before."

     "You should tell her that."

     "I'm sorry, I'm confused. Do you like her or not like her?"


     "How can it be both?"

     "She's so annoying and irritates me, like everything does, but she's a wonderful person who I'd do anything for like right now. Actually, don't tell her a word of what I'm saying. I don't even know what I'm saying."

     "Alright, then. I hope you figure out your feelings."

     "Yeah... sure." I already lost interest in the pointless conversation, not that I had any to begin with.

     "And before I go, look alive because she's walking this way."

     I hadn't bothered giving the lady my attention, but when I looked up to where she was standing, she disappeared and I saw Carmen walking my way with a sweater draped over her arm.

     "Done? That was fast."

     "No, I'm not sure. What do you think? It's a cardigan with buttons. I think she may struggle with them. I really like the color, though. She likes yellow."

     "It looks nice. If she'll struggle, then let's look for something else. Might as well buy something perfect than something that's only partially there."

     "You're right. Thank you." She stared at the cardigan over her arm then looked back at me with a confused face. "That was really nice and helpful."

     "Just drop it right there. Let's go upstairs now and continue looking."

     "Okay, but you're not really looking."

     "I'll help you now. Does it matter if it's something printed?"

     "Preferably, no. Thank you."

     "What did I say about thanking me?"

     "You said I couldn't give you gifts. Which reminds me, I was going to give you a candy bar. Lacy and Dee Dee really enjoyed it."

     "A candy bar? You suck at gift giving."

     "Not everyone is as thoughtful as you are."

     "I know."

     We ended up finding the perfect yellow sweater at Zara or actually I found it and Carmen wouldn't stop thanking me for it. Now we were standing in the food court trying to find a place to eat at because Carmen couldn't decide between sushi and Chipotle. I said Chipotle because how can you go wrong with Chipotle? Carmen agreed with me, but she wanted to have sushi too because it's been a while, however long that is, since she's eaten sushi. I just about had enough of her indecision so when she was voicing her thoughts again, I slipped away to Chipotle and stood in line. As I walked away, I knew she was going to kill me since I did the same thing when we went to the library earlier.

     "Niall!" Carmen whisper-yelled as she yanked arm and then punched it, pretty hard too.

     "Ow, what did I do?"

     "You're a walk-away Wendy."

     "A what?"

     "Walk-away Wendy. Like wondering Marvin and peeping Tom and-"

     "I get it. Sorry, but you took forever to decide."

     "Whatever. What are you getting?"

     "A bowl with: double rice, half steak, half chicken, double corn, double cheese, extra salsa, extra sour cream, lettuce, and guac."

      "Oh my god."

     "What?" I asked a bit defensively.

     "Do you really need double of everything?"

     "Well, yeah. It's free to get more and when you do half and half, you pay for the more expensive meat."

     "To each their own."

     "What are you getting?"

     "A bowl with: rice, tofu, beans, salsa, veggies, lettuce, sour cream, cheese, and guacamole."

     "You're a health freak, aren't you?"

     "People who are more concerned about their health than you are, are not freaks."

     "Everyone is a freak in their own special way, Carmen."

     "You're a freak."

     "I prefer awesome or amazing."

     "No. Can we take our food to go? I don't want to eat in the mall."

     "Wanna go to Santana Row and just eat there?"

     "Not really. It's just more walking around in more expensive stores."

     "Isn't there an Urban Outfitters?"

     "I don't want to go."

     "It's too early to drop you home. Wanna come over to my house? Not in that way, gross, but no one is there and we don't have to worry about getting caught."

     "Umm, sure."


the only reason I didn't add this was because I just wasn't satisfied enough with it. idk, but if you were curious about what they did when they ditched school, now you know (:

and tbh, I don't expect y'all to read these. just thought it'd be fun to share

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