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❝Here, a couple pieces of tape will fix it.❞

❝No, it won't.❞

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29. Deleted Scene

Deleted Scene, Two: A Changed and Deleted Chapter


     "Niall, did you hear?" Adrian asked as we sat at our table for lunch. I shook my head, telling him no, and he seemed to be surprised. "I don't know when she did it, but it's horrible."

     "Who and what are you talking about?" I asked but he just looked to his left. I turned my head and noticed Carmen taking the seat next to me and her friends, Christopher and Mike, sitting with us.

     "Hey guys!" Carmen smiled. Mike and Christopher gave a simple hello and wave. Adrian acknowledged the three of them, but I just stared. I didn't have anything to say. Why are they sitting with us?

     "Hi." Carmen said to me, possibly trying to get me to speak up. It worked.

     "What are you doing?"

     "It's nice seeing you, too."

     "Yeah, um, you're sitting way too close to me." She frowned and scooted over, but even then she was too close. She should sit at the table next to us like she always does.

     "So what's going on? Has she done anything else yet?" Chris asked. I can't believe I'm using his nickname now. This is so weird. I feel like the universe ended and recreated itself. One weekend. That's all it was, that's all it took, for my life to turn upside down and change. I never even consented to this.

     "No, I hope not at least for their sake." Adrian asked and I was confused all over again.

     "What are you freaking talking about?" I asked, now irritated.

     "Carmen's and your personal reaper." Adrian answered.

     "Good one." Chris complemented.

     "Samantha? What did she did do?"

     "She spread a rumor around that I was transferred this year because at my old school, I was cast away for being the freak and loner. She said I was shunned and forced to switch schools. She also said I don't belong here either and I'm only friends with Chris and Mike, the most outgoing at this school who know and is friendly with everyone, because I'm trying to hide who I really am to fit in and be accepted. No one has talked to me all day. People even made fun of me for the tape I've used on my locker, backpack, and shoes. I... normally don't let people get to me, but she's kind of right."

     I watched Carmen look down after explaining to me and it was like I could see the shame and hurt drape over her. I had this unsettling, churning feeling in my stomach and I wanted to be sick. I wanted to puke my insides out and have my body be mauled by carnivorous bears. I felt horrible in that moment and the only person I could blame for her despair was myself. I wanted to see her smile, I wanted to see her face light up and beam like the brightest sun in the universe, and I wanted to see her smirk for some witty remark she made to me. I never, ever, felt like the worst person in the world until that point.

     "I want the names of every single person who talked to you today." I told Carmen. She looked up at me with furrowed brows, but I knew she was still upset. That blanket was wrapped tightly around her.


     "I need the names, Carmen." I felt the anger rise in me. I don't know why or what was going on. I wanted to run to the bathroom, but at the same time I wanted to flip every table over.

     "Are you okay?" She asked.

     "No, I'm not freaking okay! Where's Samantha?" I stood up, banging my hands against the table, and scanned the area for the reaper as Adrian had called her.

     "Niall, calm down. She's a girl. You can't beat her up." Adrian reminded me, but it only made me angrier knowing I couldn't do anything at the moment.

     "You don't understand! I don't care who she is or what she is. She's a freaking evil, demonic, scandalous monster!"

     "Sounds like yourself right now." Carmen muttered and I looked at her. She was still upset, but she also seemed annoyed. Why would she be annoyed? She knows I'm right.

     "Niall, sit down. You're drawing attention and people are starting to stare." Mike said and that just about did it for me.

     "Fine, if you guys just want to sit around and watch everything happen as she continues her sadistic plan, then so be it. Might as well grab your tub of popcorn because it's only going to get better."

     I picked up my backpack and swung it over my shoulder before giving them one last look and walking away. How am I the only one who is pissed off at this? They should be trying to figure out how to take down the Regina George of South High instead of letting her get away with murder. I can't believe how calm they all were. They seemed peppy at the beginning of lunch while they knew what was going on this morning up until lunch started.

     I continued walking half in a daze and half in a fury. I made it to the school's upper field and walked around there hoping all these mixed emotions would stop terrorizing me, but it wouldn't work. I hated Samantha more than ever and felt utterly horrible for Carmen. I wanted everything to disappear with each step I took and blink of an eye. Bile rose in my throat and I felt so disgusting. I was turning into a mess and I wished the school was empty so I'd be alone. I wondered how Sunday passed so easily and slow. Did I ever mention I hate Mondays? I do, I really do.

     I wasn't even paying attention where I was walking and it made sense that I stepped on someone's hand and nearly tripped over that person's backpack. I heard the person hiss in pain and looked to see who it was, recognizing him instantly.

     "I'm so sorry, Harry. Are you okay? I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention."

     "It's okay, it just stings really bad." Harry assured and shook his hand as if the pain would go away.

     "I'm sorry." I said again trying to make it sound real and as bad as I did feel, but it wasn't even close.

     "Don't worry about it, Niall."

     "He's not sorry. I bet he did it on purpose." Monique, one of Harry's friends who sat with him, said. I frowned.

"I didn't do it on purpose and I really am sorry." I bit in defense.

"Guys, it's okay. Want to talk?" Harry asked. I wanted to be alone, I really did. I had steam I needed to blow off and pity mixed with guilt I needed to dwell in. But there was this small part of me that needed his company so I could spill how I felt to someone who was a great listener and believed I was an alright human being.

     "It doesn't matter." I answered, not wanting to sound as desperate as I was starting to feel in front of his friends who truly disliked me.

     "I'll see you guys later." Harry said to his friends as he stood up and picked up his backpack.

     His friends wanted to protest, you could see the words ready to escape their mouths, but Harry waved goodbye and ushered me to continue walking. I've never felt so grateful for another person in my entire life. I also have never felt this way before- so mixed up- but Harry and his courtesy towards me was more important.

     "What's bothering you, Niall?" Harry asked.

     "How did you know there was something wrong?"

     "It's evident on your face, in your posture, and in the air you're giving off. I can see it."

     "How was the homecoming dance? I never saw you. Did you take Cheyanne?"

     "I'm grateful for your concern and all, but right now we're talking about you. So, what happened?" Harry asked and the fact that he genuinely wanted to know, even though he could do nothing, was amazing. He's amazing. I'm going to make him my best friend after this.

     "I," I sighed trying to form an explanation in my head that he would be able to comprehend. I don't like the universe. "Have you heard the rumors?"

     "Mmm, yes, the ones about Carmen. I see what's wrong now. You're angry at Samantha and you're upset over what she did to Carmen. You do realize it's not your fault, though, right?"

     "How do you- do you read minds?" He chuckled and shook his head.

     "I just understand people. Being the quiet person has its perks, I guess. I also feel like it's more than just what's going on that's bothering you. You don't only have two different feelings going on."

     "I... I don't. Why are you doing this, though? Why are you being so nice to me and talking to me about this?"

     "I don't believe you're the big bad wolf everyone sees you as. You have to admit, there are people in this school who like you, too. You're a normal person with normal problems. Everyone just deals with their life differently, thus making everyone different with a rainbow of personalities."

     "You're very insightful."

     "Thanks, but you keep switching the topic of our conversation to me."

     "I know. I just, I don't like talking about my problems, you know? I'm fine and I believe it even when I'm not. It usually makes me irritated and annoyed."

     "Maybe instead of shoving your problems aside, you should try to look them over and fix them."

     "You make it seem easy."

     "Sometimes, it is that easy."

     "Carmen told me I need to change my behavior and I don't think I'm doing a good job in proving that I can. I should go back and apologize for being such an idiot. You should've seen how upset she was. She did a good job at hiding it, but I noticed."

     "Wow, what happened to Niall Horan?"

     "I'll punch you. I still haven't fully recovered."

     "I'm just kidding. Niall, can I tell you something? You can't get mad or punch me for it."

     "Go ahead."

     "Do you remember the advice you gave me in Redding's class? You told me I should talk to Cheyanne. I think you should do the same thing, Niall. At least tell yourself that you like her."

     "I don't."

     "Really or are you trying to convince yourself that?"

     I had the urge to punch Harry, but I couldn't do it and I didn't want to.


yeah...I didn't forget to post this, I was just busy I promise! hope you guys are enjoying these so far (:

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