Tape - nh

❝Here, a couple pieces of tape will fix it.❞

❝No, it won't.❞

look for the sequel, Superglue


28. Deleted Scene

Deleted Scene, One: From Chapter Thirteen


     "I don't know? If we're really ditching school, I want it to be worthwhile."

     "I know the perfect place. Put the radio on or check in here," I quickly opened the center console, "For a CD because it's going to be like, half an hour."

     "Where are we going?"

     "You said you want it to be worthwhile, right?"

     "Well, yeah, I do."

     "Okay." I nodded and leaned back as I headed to the freeway.

     "You're not taking me to San Francisco, are you?"

     "God no, I'm not driving there this early or now. It's like, an hour away."

     "Oh wait, we're going south. What's south? I will kill you if we're going to the outlets in Gilroy right now."

     "That's still too far. You have no sense of time or direction, do you?"

     "And you don't have any good music, do you?"

     "Yes, I do. You just don't know what's good."

     "Crap, Christopher texted me. What's our excuse for not being at school? How are we pulling this off?"

     "Didn't I say to relax? Calm down, it's going to be a fun day."

     "You're literally abducting me."

     "No I'm not, stop whining."

     "Why can't you have Josh Groban or, like, Michael Bublé or someone? All you have are stupid rock bands and... seriously, Nelly? And is this Kanye West? You also have Eminem and Jay-Z." Carmen started laughing at me and I quickly glanced to see she had my Mariah Carey and Kelly Clarkson CDs in her hand.

     "Stop messing with my CDs and just pick one. Or turn on the radio."

     "I'm sorry, but that new Kanye West song may come on and I don't think I want to hear you trying to sing along to it."

     "You're making fun of my music? Who the hell is Josh Groban? And what good songs does that Bubble guy sing?"

     "First of all, Josh Groban is amazing and he can sing in Italian and Spanish. His music is beautiful. Second, his last name is Bublé. It sounds nothing like a bubble, unlike Eminem whose name sounds exactly like the candy. Bublé is just as amazing and I love him."

     "Whatever, you have the same music preference as an eighty year old woman."

     "Is this your auxiliary chord? I'm playing music from my phone."

     "Just use your headphones, please. I'm driving."

     "Okay, fine. We'll sit in silence."

     "I don't really care, but just in case you forgot, you have to be quiet for that."

     "This isn't worthwhile."

     "You're right. You're horrible company."

     "You made me get in your car!"

     "Because I felt bad for you and just wanted to see you smile! You seemed upset, so I wanted to make you feel better. Excuse me for trying to be nice."


so I meant to post this Wednesday, but my deleted scenes are mixed up

but here's the first and I really hope you enjoy these! I still get excited when I notice someone voting or adding the story to their list like omg thank you so much for liking this crazy story I made up

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