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❝Here, a couple pieces of tape will fix it.❞

❝No, it won't.❞

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9. 7

Chapter Seven,The Incident


     "Alright class, which pair wants to volunteer to go first and share their paintings?" Mr. Redding asked as soon as everyone was settled. Carmen turned around to look at me for a second before rolling her eyes and facing forward. Clearly she hates me and thinks I didn't do my painting. Ha, joke's on her because like the angelic person I am, I did it.

     "We'll go first!" Michelle said as she shot up her hand. Someone is eager. That's what she said.

     I heard Christopher groan and Carmen giggle right after. Mr. Redding beamed at Michelle's enthusiasm and stood by the door as the pair sauntered to the front of the class.

     "I painted a decapitated bear because Chris told me he hates bears." Michelle smiled proudly at her surprisingly gruesome artwork. The whole class laughed while Christopher stood awkwardly holding his painting. Someone is embarrassed. How cute.

     "I, um, painted this flower because Michelle said she wanted a flower tattoo when she turns eighteen next year." I felt like laughing while the class awed at his girly picture of a flower. Christopher was expectedly embarrassed and I actually laughed when he quickly dropped the painting on Mr. Redding's desk and came back to his seat.

     "Niall, I saw that. How about Carmen and you go next?"

     I gulped and stared at my picture. My parents had found it the other day and told me that it was garbage. They also told me how I have no creativity or artistic skills because, oops, two of the circles weren't perfectly round. They went on to say I should be focusing on my other classes because, shockingly, they cannot afford me to fail high school. Because of this stupid painting Harry and my idiot friends think I like Carmen, and my parents despise me even more. I'm not ready to share this painting.

     "We'll go." Carmen answered for me and she turned around as she stood to smile at me. I glared at her. She is doing this on purpose obviously.

     "Wonderful, come up front!" Mr. Redding beamed with fake excitement. I stayed in my seat as if I were superglued, refusing to get up.

     "Niall, you have to join your partner, Carmen, in the front."

     "That's nice, but I'd rather sit here and see what she has to share instead." I watched as Mr. Redding frowned with disapproval and shrugged.

     "This isn't a choice, Niall. Either come up and present the painting I know you have, or go straight to the office with your things. I don't have time for your antics today." I scoffed.

     "Antics? Really, Mr. Redding? I simply do not want to share my painting so soon. Excuse me for wanting to wait."

     "Fine, you're excused outside in the hall. I'll have security come and escort you to the dean. I'm sorry class, but hopefully we can get most of the presentations over with as planned today." What a cold-

     "Wait, actually um, I'm having doubts about presenting right now. I want to wait with Niall, if that is alright?" I had forgotten all about Carmen standing in front of the class and was surprised to see her cheeks had a light pink tint to them. She's really embarrassed? Today is not my day. I hate Tuesdays worse than Mondays.

    "I... guess I will allow you to wait." Mr. Redding sighed and put down the phone he was about to use. "You'll be presenting before the bell rings today, so prepare yourself. I'll let this slide today, Niall. Be considerate and listen, please."

     "Yes, sir." I saluted Mr. Redding, earning a few snickers from the other classmates. He rolled his eyes and called up the next pair to present while Carmen took her seat.

     "You're an idiot." Carmen whispered, quickly glancing at me so she wouldn't be caught.

     "I'm not an idiot, I just like having my way. Thanks for the help."

     "I wasn't helping you with anything."

     "You're embarrassment was greatly appreciated."

     "You're a jerk."

     "Sweetheart, that's a compliment."

     "If you're mental."

     "It's not nice to make fun of mentally ill people. Even I'm not that cruel."

     "Is there a reason for your elementary remarks?"

     "Is there a reason why you speak?"

     "You're so aggravating." Carmen said, her volume raising slightly enough to catch Mr. Redding's attention.

     "I'm sorry, Alex. Carmen, is everything okay back there? I hope I'm not interrupting anything."

     "Not at all, Mr. Redding. I apologize, I was just ending something." Good, she's annoying. I'm glad she was caught.

     "Okay, I expect your full attention from here on out."

     "Of course." Kiss up. I noticed her glance back at me and glared. "You're a freaking idiot."

     "You're a bigger one." I grinned proudly as she rolled her eyes. I hope they get stuck in the back of her head.

     "At least I'm not lame."

     "That insult was lame."

     "Carmen and Niall, grab your things and stand outside in the hall. Security will pick you both up."

     "What?" Carmen and I said at the same time.

     "Neither of you are listening and you both are being disruptive. I'm sorry Carmen, but I've given you a warning."

     "Hardly, Mr. Redding. This is unfair! It's Niall's fault!"

     "You still aren't listening. Don't make this worse on yourself."

     Carmen huffed, but grabbed her things and stormed out of the classroom pretty fast. Mr. Redding sighed as the door slammed, but turned to me and patiently waited for me to protest or comply. Of course I protested.

     "Mr. Redding, I'm sorry. I'll listen and be quiet, especially since Carmen is outside and won't disturb me. I'll present my painting right now, if you'd like." I plead. I literally plead for the first time, ever. I can't stand Carmen right now and I sure as hell can't go to the dean for another in-school suspension. My parents will definitely kill me when they come home from work. I'm going to die if I step outside this room.

     "Apologizing doesn't make up for the actions you took and my decision is final. Go join Carmen outside with your things."

     I felt like stabbing everyone's eyes and ripping off their ears as they watched me like I was some movie playing. For being a chill teacher, Mr. Redding is a... terrible person. It took me a couple of moments, but I finally stood up and grabbed my bag as Mr. Redding instructed. I forcefully took my painting off the easel and carelessly carried it with me out of the classroom. Mr. Redding tried to tell me something, but I ignored him when I was outside of the classroom. Carmen saw me after I leaned against the wall and her eyes went big as if she were shocked to see me. I couldn't care less what she thought. I kept trying to think of a place better than here and home.

     "You actually did it. It's... wow, I love it." Carmen said as she walked closer to me. "I love it completely." She reached out for my painting, but I jerked my hand back and winced when it hit the wall behind me.

     "Get away from me." I said flatly, feeling my anger rising as my stress and frustration increased faster than before. Today is not my day. At all.

     "I'm sorry. I-"

     "I'm freaking serious, get away from me." I spat, daring myself to look at my painting. It's ruined, I know. I can't say it took me a long time to do, but I put in so much effort and received crap because of it.

     "It's doesn't look so bad." I ignored Carmen and raised the painting so I could see it. It was smashed, but not nearly as bad as I had thought. There were a couple of tears, though.

     "Great." I grumbled and jerked my hand back, cringing and cursing when it the wall again.

     "It's fixable, Niall." Carmen tried to soothe. I hate her with the deepest passion, I swear. It's her fault. It's all her fault. I could see a security guard approaching in the distance down the hallway. Maybe he can be my savior.

     "Leave me alone, Carmen. I swear, just freaking leave me alone and don't ever talk to me." Of course, with my anger at boiling point, she would take my painting from my hand anyway.

     "Look," she said as she straightened the wrinkles out carefully, "It's not bad at all." She then dug her hand in the small pocket of her backpack to retrieve her tape. "Here, a couple pieces of tape will fix it."

     "No, it won't."

     Carmen had said it as if she was inside my head and knew of my problems, and they were all easy to solve. She said it as if the tape was my real savior. I wouldn't buy it. I waited for the security guard to reach us and silently followed him to the dean as I internally boiled over with rage and anger.


I'm sorry for not updating in soooooooooo long. does this make up for it??? idk how many more chapters are left bc tbh this is a short story

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