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❝Here, a couple pieces of tape will fix it.❞

❝No, it won't.❞

look for the sequel, Superglue


7. 5


Chapter Five, Carmen


     I have an extremely low tolerance for simple minded, naive, and idiotic people. Really, we should try shifting our society into a dystopia-like world so all the losers and freaks can be kept safely away from all the normal people. Dystopian societies always work and The Hunger Games is class proof, but we could tweak it up a bit. A society where the fittest are dominant and rule is the surest way to go and Darwin or whatshisface theorized it. Technically we're animals so instead of desperately trying to live in a world with equality, we should let "survival of the fittest" take its course.

     I heard some sophomores talking about their biology class, so pardon my ignorant beliefs.

     But as I walked around campus during lunch with Adrian and Peter, I couldn't help but let my mind wander. People just get on my nerves too easily and maybe I was in a bad mood because Samantha threw a hissy fit in the morning before school started. I accidentally muttered one innocent truth loud enough for her to hear, and now she hates me. I think I'm feeling pity for her, but she wants to kill me. I kind of also told her I didn't like her and we were never a couple, oops. She didn't take it all too well. I really just hate everything today, so of course I wanted a dystopian society and that's what I thought about.

     "Niall!" I heard Carmen call my name as we walked past the practice field.

     "Hey Carmen." Peter and Adrian greeted when she caught up to us. I kept my mouth shut as I've been doing. She'll be apart of the lower class in my dystopia.

     "Hi! Niall, I've been looking for you. You have to come with me."


     "I don't care how badly you hate me, but I'm doing this assignment."

     "I already told you I'm not doing it, Carmen."

     "Is it that muse thing for art?" Adrian interjected.

     "Yes, Mr. Redding partnered us together. I would've chosen Christopher, but Michelle had asked him already and I had no one."

     "Niall, just go with her." Peter encouraged.

     "Why don't you educate yourself for once on Google and search the definition of what 'no' is so you can enlighten everyone else."

     "Is he always a moody jerk?" Carmen asked, but I rolled my eyes.

     "Pretty much, but he grows on you. I don't even notice it anymore."


     "Do you have an idea of what you're going to do?" Adrian asked.

     "Before I didn't, but now I do. I'm thinking of painting a city on fire."

     "How about a pretty little meadow on fire?" I suggested.

     "No, a city to show you're selfishness and ignorance towards other people."

     "Might as well paint the world on fire."

     "No, I said I'm painting a city."

     "This painting is supposed to represent me."

     "This stubborn blonde guy told me he didn't want to do the assignment a million times, so thanks and bye."

     "Wait, you can't do that!" I called after her as she walked back to the practice field. What just happened?

     "Yes, I can!"

     "She's so annoying!" I grumbled to myself when she was gone.

     Peter and Adrian were laughing, but I found it far from funny. I just got served by a girl. I think this is the moment where the tough guy finally breaks his act and shows he's a true softy. Well, I find that pathetic so no thanks. Normally I don't care what other people say to me or about me, but I cared about what Carmen said. This isn't something I would let go easily, either.

     As Adrian, Peter and I continued to walk, I realized I had a very shitty day and it wasn't even a Monday. I was turned into a fool by two girls and one of them was an air-headed diva who served my head on a platter. There was nothing I could do to Samantha to get even with her though. Even I knew what I did was pretty wrong, but I also knew she may as well have deserved it. As for Carmen, I tried to think of something I could do.

And that's when it hit me: the perfect idea.

     I hate it when the people who annoy me walk away like they are the victors of some intense battle. So for my plan, I'm going to do a stupid painting after all for the stupid assignment in art. However, to show how I feel about Carmen, I will express her inconspicuous obsession with tape. It's going to look like garbage and I will have the last laugh.

     I think this is the moment where I cue the evil genius laugh. Carmen is so going to be the weakest link in my dystopia. Revenge never tasted this good before. I swear, I feel invincible- well, more than the usual. I wonder if this is how the Joker feels on a daily basis.


so this chapter was definitely over due and not as good as the last, tbh. I apologize, but don't think this is going down hill just yet. nope, we still haven't found out exactly how Peter is going to save his two friends from an alien invasion. oh, and there's homecoming drama but who cares right?

as you can tell, I don't really add pictures/gifs to the chapters but I thought this one just fit not only the chapter, but the story so well. also, Niall is me and yeah, I need a sign like that

question: should the pictures/gifs be a normal thing??

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