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❝No, it won't.❞

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6. 4

Chapter Four, Alien Invasion


      The breeze was strong today, causing my lips to be chapped and my cheeks to be a pinkish red color. The sky was an ugly gray with clouds concealing every bit of sky. I loved the weather and appreciated the sky more than I did the other day when the sun was brightly shining. Before I started to pick at my lunch, I pulled out my Chapstick and rubbed it on while Peter blabbed on about how he finally got a new laptop from his parents. My feelings were easily imitated by the overcast day.

     "I swear, my mom couldn't get me out of my room last night. She had to bring me dinner while I sat in front of my laptop." Peter mused. He had those wrinkles by his eyes as he happily smiled away in this cheerful and bright mood that reminded me of disgusting rainbows and butterflies. I felt like vomiting and pushed my lunch, or meant-to-be-lunch, away.

     "I'm surprised she'd take such a risk like that. I'm even more surprised she didn't catch you jack-"

     "Niall!" Samantha screeched in that high pitched tone she'd use when she's really eager. I almost thought I went deaf- almost because I heard, and felt, her give me a nasty wet kiss on the cheek. "I've been looking all over you!"

     "Really? Well, I've been right here with the guys." I tried to sound pleasant, but it was difficult since she chose to sit right next to me and give me another kiss along with a bone-crushing hug. This girl is going to kill me one day. I should probably tell Peter and Adrian my will.

     "Oh, well I have great news!" She exclaimed yet again. I can't bear so much enthusiasm at once on a day like this, I really can't.

     "What is it?" Peter asked for me and thankfully he did, too. I would've said something rude.

     "Niall, my mom bought me my homecoming dress! You're going to love it when you see it on me after school! She even bought you a tie so we'll match."

     "What?" I asked as I ran what Samantha said in my head again. I never asked her to our homecoming dance and she never asked me. I don't want to go. We're going to have to dance and with the way she dances, that means I have to be a human pole. It's uncomfortable.

     "I know! I was just as shocked, too. Isn't my mom amazing? I'll see you after school in the parking lot. Bye, cutie!"

     Samantha was already walking away in her 'princess and unicorn' world where everything is unrealistically perfect and designed by her. I wanted to tell her not to call me stupid pet names and remind her that, technically, she's not my girlfriend because those types of relationships must be mutual and consensual. But of course she never gives me a chance to disagree with her when I'm feeling confident. Peter and Adrian laughed at the name and I was honestly thinking of fifty ways I could say goodbye to Samantha the next time I see her.

     "As I was saying, you are a dirty boy and your mommy shouldn't have to be traumatized like that." Adrian teasingly told Peter who took an apple slice and chucked it at Adrian's head.

     "You know, you should be grateful I was on my new laptop. I could save your ass in an alien invasion."

     "What is wrong with you? Have you gone mental? Niall, speak some sense to this idiot who is wasting a perfectly decent brain."

     "I'm hoping for an alien invasion. I have some peace offerings for them. Actually, I have a very long list and all I ask is to be left untouched." Adrian scoffed.

     "My best friends are unbelievable. You're not being serious." He muttered intentionally loud enough for us to hear and roll our eyes.

     "Yes, I am. I am praying they'll probe the life out of the people on my list. Peter, did you see any UFO sightings?"

     "Nothing, but don't worry, I'll defend you, bro. I'm going to learn how to tie a bow tie tonight. I'll show you guys tomorrow if you want?"

     "Instead, you should learn how to save your sanity before it's too late." Adrian suggested. Here we go.

     "Go suck on a wiener. You must be hungry."

     "I'm sure that was the first thing you searched last night. I bet your mom caught you and aliens was your defense."

     "No, I actually searched 'how to kill my second best friend' first."

     "Wow, I'm glad you are skilled in using Google and YouTube. Welcome to the twenty-first century, buddy."

     "Niall, you should add Adrian to your probe list."

     "You two idiots are already on it. Can you guys go five minutes without arguing? It's entertaining, but after a while I want to shoot myself in the head from annoyance instead of crying from laughing." I rubbed my temples and noticed Peter and Adrian staring at me with frowns and almost saddened eyes. I bit my lip knowing I had been a tad harsh with them, but then I remembered the things they were saying to each other.

     "Sorry, Niall." They both chorused together in perfect harmony. It made me feel guilty, but I shrugged it off since they know me better than crazy Samantha.

     "I'm gonna take a walk. I can't stand sitting here while my mind attempts to kill me with pathetic thoughts."

     "We'll play the Breakfast Club song as you walk away. Have a good life, Bender."

     "Don't try to suck up, Peter. You're like that nerdy math geek who desperately tried to be cool."

     "So who am I? The suave wrestler, right?" Adrian asked while smirking at Peter.

      "You're that introverted chick who used her dandruff as snow and put Captain Crunch and sugar in her sandwich." Peter burst into laughter while Adrian flipped the both of us off.

     "I'm going to look for a UFO in the sky and maybe do a little song and dance for an alien invasion. See ya."

     I gave my two best friends a meaningful wave before I stood up and walked away. I needed this walk not just so I could escape my friends useless chatter, but because Samantha literally drives me insane and now Carmen has, too. I just wanted to let the cold breeze make my cheeks redder and my lips become more chapped from the cool air, because that made me feel human and alive when I felt like I was living in a world not meant for me.

      The first eleven steps away from the table where Peter and Adrian still sat were nice, but then I noticed Carmen was walking beside me to the trash that was in the direction I was headed. I knew she was purposely doing it because she wanted to talk about our assignment in art. Maybe after today, she'll get the idea that I don't want to talk to her and I will not want to talk to her.

     "Niall, I think we should discuss our art assignment. It's due next Tuesday and I will need time to plan what I want to do and do it." Carmen kindly said just before we reached the trash can. I simply ignored her.

     "I strongly feel we should talk about this. It's twenty percent of our grade. It will only take five minutes. I just have a couple of questions." I groaned and turned to face Carmen who smiled for some reason.

     "Look, I'm not doing the stupid painting. I'm sorry you were partnered with me, whatever. Stop talking to me, please."

     "Ouch, my heart is bleeding after the stab. I see you are terribly busy, so we'll catch up sixth period. If not, I'll be ready with those questions tomorrow. I'll adjust my schedule, it's no problem. See you later."

     Carmen gave this really amazing smile that held so much sincerity in it before she walked away and back to the twins. I stood there watching her wondering how she could be sassy and nice at the same time. That takes a lot of expertise. My dislike for her grew that much more.


my original note wasn't funny and now I'm crawling into a dark hole with wifi so I'll be able to write the next chapter..... but this was loooooooooooonng (;

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