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Chapter Twenty Five, What We Have Come To


The sky looked too gray for my taste on Monday. The sun should have been shining brightly down and if birds sang, that would have been an added bonus. But the sky looked overcast and it was as if any minute the clouds were going to barf cruddy rain. I had just reached school and parked my car when Carmen decided she'd be hilarious and scared the crap out of me by tapping on my window. When I looked at her through the glass, I saw a smirk on her face as she brought her hand up and wiggled her fingers to say hello. I stuck my tongue out at her before I grabbed my keys and backpack and exited my car.

"Well, if it isn't that cute guy with fake blonde hair who gave me a rose."

"I don't know what fake blonde you are talking about, babe?"

"This really attractive guy. It's a shame you're not him."

"Oh." I frowned at Carmen before I started to walk away. She quickly caught up with me and grabbed my arm to stop me.

"You Irish douche bag, I was kidding."

"Calling me Irish is a compliment and most definitely not an insult, babe."

"Stop calling me babe. That's just really sad."


"Isn't it the name of a pig from some movie?"

"I don't know?"

"Don't me call me it."

"Fine, angel."

"Not that either."

"I'm not calling you bae."

"I don't want a pet name because I'm not your pet."

"My deepest apologies, Princess."

"Ha ha."

"Your haircut looks really good on you. I like the way your hair frames your face and how curly your hair is today."

"Oh...um, uh...thank you."

"Embarrassed looks good on you. Now let's go before we start making fun of each other."

"Didn't we technically do that already?"

"You made fun of me, but I didn't necessarily do it back."

"Wow, thanks for making me look like the ass of the relationship."

"I'm clearly the ass, but you're welcome- wait, did you just say we're in a relationship?"






"I didn't know. We never talked about it and nothing has really happened since Saturday night, so I assumed we were just talking and not seeing each other yet."

"We're way past talking."

"Okay, and now I know."

"You're my boyfriend, Niall."


"Do I need to define what a relationship is to you? Yes, we are."

"This escalated pretty quick. I'm not sure if I'm exactly ready for this. I mean, I want it, but I don't think that I can-"

"Shut up, Niall. We're not together yet."

"Why not?"

"Because we haven't even started seeing each other."

"Oh, great." I let out a sigh of relief and ran a hand through my hair as if all this stress had been lifted from on top of me. Carmen didn't seem too thrilled about my reaction.

"Why are you so relieved?"

"Because we would have been moving way too fast. We aren't in middle school, we don't just automatically become boyfriend and girlfriend. But we're still young, so our relationship doesn't need to be taken that seriously."

"Wait, hold up, this isn't serious for you?"

"No, not like that! That's not what I meant."

"Then what, Niall?"

"Can I tell you something?"


"I love you." I immediately bit my tongue right after because that wasn't what I had meant to say. I was going to tell her that I like how we tend to argue and it's one reason why I like her. But my thoughts trailed and I told myself I loved her and the words just slipped out of my mouth and oh my god I am an idiot and she will probably walk away from me right now because who says they love you to someone that soon?

"Oh, um, that's....oh boy, I..." Her voice trailed and she began frowning and my confidence was draining until she continued, "I'm going to be Meg and I won't say I'm in love."


"Meg from Hercules. I watched Disney movies with Lace."

"I barely remember that movie."

"Basically, I won't say I'm in love out loud."

"So you do?"

"I won't say I'm in love."

"This is confusing."

"This is where Sebastian starts singing to you."

"What the hell? Who is he?"

"Sebastian from The Little Mermaid. It's the part where Eric takes Ariel on a boat ride."

"Okay. What does he sing?"

"Nothing. At least we're past the whole Simba and Nala part."

"Another reference?"

"The Lion King and more specifically, the song Can You Feel The Love Tonight."

"So you do love me."

"I won't-"

"Say you're in love. I know."

"Yeah, because in short, I'll be doomed."


"Reference to the song."

"Stupid Disney and its cryptic songs."

"It's okay, Niall. The second star to the right shines in the night for you."

"What movie?"

"Peter Pan. Oh my god, this is all kindergarten!"

"I'm sorry I grew up and don't watch them anymore!"

"This weekend, we are having a marathon at my house. Please tell me you know the Toy Story song."

"Easy, that's the one where the monsters sing If I Didn't Have You!"

"No! You freaking idiot that's Monsters Inc! The song is You've Got A Friend In Me."

"What about the song What's This?"

"Nightmare Before Christmas. We can't talk anymore."

"No! Please, ask me another."

"When You Wish Upon A Star."

"Easy! That's from Pinocchio."

"What the hell? Okay, Best Friends."

"Too easy! That was my favorite movie as a kid. The Fox And The Hound."

"You're the biggest idiot on the planet."


"Out There."

"Hunchback Of Notre Dame."

"Damn you, Niall. How do you know these but not the basics?"

"I liked those better and honestly, those were the Disney movies Greg had. I grew up with them."

"I'll Make A Man Out Of You."


"Damn you to hell."

"I know Disney movies, too."

"Let It Go."

"Frozen, obviously."

"Mother Knows Best."


"The Bare Necessities."

"The Jungle Book, duh."

"Be Our Guest."

"Beauty And The Beast."

"Crap, I hate you. Okay, here's one you don't know, Some Day My Prince Will Come."

"Snow White."

"Alright, Bella Notte."

"Lady And The Tramp."

"I'm so done with you right now, you don't even know."

"Honestly, I knew that The Second Star To The Right is from Peter Pan. The others I honestly didn't know, but I've seen Hercules. The song I know is Go The Distance."

"A Spoonful Of Sugar."

"Mary Poppins. My mom would sing that song to me."

"Kiss The Girl."


"That's the song Sebastian would sing in your ear."

"I don't-"

"You're an idiot."

"Yes, you want her. Look at her, you know you do. Possible she wants you, too. There is one way to ask her."

"No, you're not kissing me because I hate you."

"So I lied about knowing some of the songs? My mom used to have Greg and I binge watch them as kids. It was all she'd let us watch. Clearly I loved all the villains. Hades is my favorite if I'm honest."

"He's my favorite, too."

"The second star to the right shines in the night for you."

"Douche bag."

"This douche would like to walk you to class."

"It's your class, too."

"I'd also like to sit next to you."

"I guess so, but you have to promise to never talk Disney to me."

"I'm so lucky, good luck will rub off when I shakes hands with you or blow me a kiss and that's lucky, too."

I winked at Carmen and she actually blew me a kiss before winking back at me. She started walking away towards the school and it took me a second to realize it and catch up with her. I took her hand in mine, causing her to smile. I'm almost positive she enjoyed me trying to piss her off by pretending to be stupid. But my pretending earned me some more facts about Carmen and it hit me that now I get to learn everything there is know about Carmen when we're more than just friends.

Wait, were we ever really friends? Did I truly ever think of Carmen as merely my friend? No, I didn't. I wonder if she felt the same way, but I guess I'll learn that at another time.

Carmen and I ended up walking to my locker and she almost forgot to let go of my hand so I could take out a couple of my books. I told myself right then and there that I would never get tired of seeing her blush. By the time I packed up my books and shit my locker, a chilling voice rang out and called for Carmen's and my attention. If you think Gothel or Claude Frollo or Ursula are terrible villains, Samantha is the worst. Worse than the Boogey Man, too.

"Awe, you two are just the cutest couple!" Samantha gushed in that high pitched voice I've always hated. I looked to see Peter's reaction, but he wasn't there. Strange.

"We're not cute," Carmen said so unamused, I fell in love with her again. "We're freaking amazing."

"Don't flatter yourself, honey."

"Seriously? You and Peter are the couple Hans and Anna would have made if Hans didn't try to kill her. Oh, and you're Hans." My girlfriend is awesome. Samantha glared at Carmen, possibly trying to kill her with her eyes. Would be easy for Samantha because of course she hates lifting her fingers unless it's for a manicure.

"That movie is terrible and the song is the most annoying thing ever." If I said Carmen was ever mad before, she was livid then. I took her hand to try and not only comfort her, but hold her back from ripping Samantha's hair and eyes out.

"That movie is probably one of the best Disney movies ever. It shows how strong the bond between sisters and siblings is and how they need each other. It shows how wrong it is to use and deceive people for your benefit alone and how you should never be selfish. And it shows how a person should never shut people away, how they should persevere through the struggles, and overcome their anxiety, whatever it may be. It shows that it's okay to ask for help from someone because you're never truly alone. It shows that we should all be accepting of people no matter how diverse we are from each other. But of course, you would think it's a terrible movie because you are the worst human being in existence."

Silence. Not a word was heard from anybody in the halls. I was scared because I have never witnessed Carmen this mad or even Samantha. I swear I believed a fight was going to break out and I was terrified of being the one to come in between and stop it. I knew then that whatever problem that stood between us needed to be resolved because this was too far. I waited for Samantha to blow up and call out Carmen like she never had before so I could step in and say something. It didn't happen because the last person I expected spoke up.

"What's up guys?" Peter asked. He took his spot beside Samantha and after looking at each of us, he noticed the tension. But he wasn't the one to ask what was wrong and I was surprised yet again.

"Shit, what happened?" Adrian asked. He was standing with the twins. I pinched myself because this felt like some dream. The day was starting off like the sky and soon it's going to rain. And it will be a thunder storm with lightening and a downpour.

"Samantha was being her usual, inconsiderate, self-absorbent self," Carmen answered. Samantha was still unusually quiet.

"That's a bit harsh," Peter said defensively.

"Oh, you missed it," Samantha said.

"What? Me calling you out on facts? Stop denying who you truly are, Samantha. Get over yourself for once."

"Whoa, okay ladies. Let's work this out now, okay?" Mike said and I disliked him more than ever. That should be me coming in and refereeing this ticking time bomb of an argument.

"Work what out? I'm not talking to this excuse of a human," Carmen spat. This day freaking escalated too fast. Way too fast.

"What happened?" Peter asked and he directed the question towards me, causing everyone else to look at me. Of course I had to be the silent witness to all that happened, so I gave an honest answer.

"Samantha called us a cute couple, but she said it in a patronizing voice that offended Carmen. But it was all teasing until Samantha called out the movie Frozen that put Carmen into defense mode."

"So it was Samantha's fault," Christopher stated pretty bluntly. Samantha was ready to pounce and defend herself, but Peter stopped her.

"Just say why you called out Niall and Carmen," Peter told her. Samantha glared while biting her lip, a habit she's always had when she wants to rip your head off instead of listening to your commands, but she relaxed and listened to Peter. She must really like that idiot.

"They're entire relationship is fake. You even said on the phone with Niall that he's gay and likes you. Carmen is also using him for popularity. It's fake. He doesn't like her. I know Niall. He doesn't like anything or person."

"Niall's gay?" Carmen and the twins asked together. I rolled my eyes.

"I'm not gay and your wrong, Samantha. Carmen is the only person I like. But I don't like her, I love her, and you're just going to have to get over the fact that I don't like you. Sure, when we started going together I did, but the feelings weren't real enough and eventually weren't mutual. I was going to tell you and I was going to break up with you, but it never happened. Deal with it and leave Carmen alone because she hasn't done anything to you except call you out on your crap. Hate me, I honestly don't care."

Now Samantha was staring evilly at me, but I didn't care. It felt good to finally have closure with her and tell her everything I've been dying to. It was like I was breathing for the first time again.

"This just got real," Adrian whispered but it was loud enough for everyone to hear.

"Fine. I'll leave you both alone. But only because I will find out something you two are hiding. You both can't honestly be that happy together."

"The only thing we're hiding is that I won't say I'm in love," Carmen admitted and I couldn't help but grin.

"See! It's fake!"

"Nah, we've already felt the love at night." Carmen started giggling at my words, confusing the twins, Adrian, and Peter while making Samantha even more frustrated.

"Sam, just leave them alone. I can see that they're together." Peter have me a smile and I immediately realized how much I've missed his stupidness.

"You've got a friend in me, Peter."

"Awe, we're all happy now and love each other and are friends! I love you guys!" Adrian cheered. He actually pulled Carmen, Samantha, Peter, and I into a hug. I've never hated touching other people more in that moment.

"Get off me," Samantha said as she pushed me away.

"Stop touching me," I said as I shoved Adrian's arm off of me.

"I'm trapped, guys," Carmen said and I noticed she was still between Adrian and Peter with Samantha standing in front of her. I quickly pulled her away.

"So...how does lunch sound?" Adrian asked when were all standing at a reasonable distance from each other.

"Go shove it down your throat," Peter replied.

"I'd rather sit on needles," Samantha added.

"I'd prefer a pack of man-eating wolves," Carmen said.

"Actually it sounds good," I admitted with a laugh.

Before anyone could protest more against Adrian, the bell rang. I heard a few groans, but when I looked at everyone, I saw smiles. The three amigos were back together, Samantha was reluctantly going to try and stop being the devil's mistress, and more importantly, Carmen was smiling. Carmen and I walked hand-in-hand to our art class with Christopher tagging along and it seemed perfect. I noticed rain pouring outside from one of the windows, but I swear there was a sun shining above us in the building. When I thought back to the past few weeks, I couldn't see how what had happened a couple of minutes prior was real.

How did the whole Samantha problem become resolved? How did I get my friend back? How am I with Carmen?

I guess the world may never know. Or if things are meant to be, they will eventually happen. Or more realistically, Peter was right about the aliens and they invaded Earth, quickly taking over and using mind control. Yeah, I'm gonna go with aliens who know invisibility.


clearly last chapter was better, but here's the ending!:

gracias to those who have simply read this far, you're the true MVPs!

*if you're still not over Niall and Carmen, then I would recommend sticking around because every Monday/Wednesday/Friday I will be posting "deleted scenes" or parts that I either rewrote or took out of the story ❤️
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