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22. 20

Chapter Twenty, Sandwich


     "Look! It's the dick and the loser." Some idiot pointed out as Carmen and I walked by.

     "You guys should ditch school every day. You're disgusting."

     I had to bite my tongue and force myself not tell the person off. Their insult was contradicting considering they're disgusting for saying it to both Carmen and I. I glanced at Carmen to see she was unusually calm and collected. It's almost as if she were deaf and couldn't hear people talking about us simply walking to my car. It only boiled my anger more and I wished harder than ever that Samantha would walk by. I'd go all ape on her if I were a girl. Carmen should. That would be sick, actually. Just picturing her... no, that's gross and wrong.

     "If you guys are gonna fake this, then at least make it look believable." Another person said, causing Carmen to stop and face him.

     "Do you really wanna see believable?"

     "It ain't gonna happen."

     I stood and watched with anticipation, waiting for Carmen to do or say something. It reminded me of our homecoming dance. She did something alright. As shocking and crazy as it sounds, she kissed me. Right. On. My. Left. Cheek. And. It. Was. Awesome. I may have acted like a twelve year old who had his first kiss from his crush, but I don't care. She kissed me and my cheek burned with this unforgettable pleasure. Maybe I was blushing and my cheeks were red, I don't know. It just felt really good and I freaking wish she didn't miss. My lips were right there. They're not hard to see.

     "Is that believable enough for you?"

     "Seems easy enough to kiss dudes' cheeks."

     "Pervert." Carmen said. She took my hand and led me away from all the hating douches we unfortunately attended school with. I swear, we go to school with idiots who worship and believe anything that comes out of Samantha's mouth.

     "I'll go beat that guy up if ya want?" I offered.

     "No, I'm really pissed off and upset and emotional. Today is not my freaking day at all. It sucks."

     I frowned at her confession, absentmindedly holding her hand tighter as we reached the parking lot. She doesn't deserve to feel this way. Well, so long as she doesn't think that kiss she gave me sucked. What is wrong with me?

     "Listen, forget about school and everything that's going on, okay? I'll be pissed off and I'll worry about it. You're tougher thank you think, you know. Anything that happens, I'll be here for you. Well, depending if I'm busy or not."

     "Funny, for a second I really thought you were sensitive. I was going to say how hanging out with a girl is making you soft."

     "Ew, I don't hang out with girls. For your information, all of my friends are males."

     "Really? Then what am I?"

     "A person who happens to be female. Why are you questioning your gender?"

     "I know I'm a girl, stupid, I meant aren't I your friend?"

     "No! God no, I have no idea what you are."

     "Dido. I was positive you were going to say I'm a stranger or something."

     "I don't text strangers. That's creepy and weird."

     "Gee, really Captain Obvious?"

     "Just get in the car already."

     "I don't like your car."

     "Don't worry. It doesn't like you."


     By the time Carmen and I got in my car and I drove away, her phone started ringing. I was curious to know who the mystery caller was because she seemed hesitant to answer it. When she did, I wondered why it was impossible to have impeccable hearing. I tried not to be nosey and listen to her side of the conversation. I could tell just by her voice that she didn't want to talk to this person. I almost thought Samantha had called her since she had texted me a few days ago.

     "Frank, will you leave me alone already? I'm coming home. Good bye." Carmen said before abruptly hanging up her phone.

     Who is Frank? Is it a guy? Did he go to her old school? Is he her friend? Or is he- wait, does she have a boyfriend? Oh my god, maybe she's had a boyfriend this whole time. Who the hell is Frank and why am I just hearing about him? I thought we were friends and pretty close. She couldn't have at least mentioned his name once? Crap, what am I going to do? Is this guy tough? Carmen kissed me. I don't want to die or get punched in the face.

     "Niall, could you take me home? I know I said I wanted to see my grandma, but my older sister is being a bigger jerk than you."

     "Your sister's name is Frank?" I still couldn't wrap my mind around it all.

     "No, her name is Francine. Everyone calls her Franky, but I like calling her Frank, especially when she gets on my nerves."

     "So Frank is your sister?"

     "That's what I just said."

     "Do you still keep in touch with your friends from your old school?"

     "Uh, not really. Well, not all of them. There's just two of them I'll talk to."

     "Are any of them guys?"

     "No, why?"

     "No reason. You don't have a boyfriend or-"

     "What? Where is this coming from and why are you so worried?"

     "I'm not worried."

     "You thought Frank was a guy. You started freaking out."

     "No, I didn't."

     "Don't even lie, Niall. You're freaking insane. Frank is my sister and you can meet her if you want. And I promise I don't know any guys who will beat you up."

     "I'm not afraid of being beat up."

     "You sure?"

     "Yes! Just forget I said anything at all. I'm almost at your house."

     "You're so... I don't even have a word this time."

     "That's because you know I'm not anything."

     "You're a dork."

     "You're a geek."

     "I'm smarter than you, so that's actually true and I don't take offense to it."

     "I don't like you." I muttered under my breath but Carmen still heard.

     "Says the guy who offered to be my official ride for the rest of the school year and is not a stranger considering he has my number and texts me."

     "You know, there is a point where you should stop and hold your tongue."

     "I'm not five. I know."

     "I really don't like you."


     "Does Francine bully you?"

     "No, we just don't get along sometimes," she paused for a second to think and bite her lip, then continued. "Most of the time."

     "Is she mean."

     "To me? Yes."

     "Good to know."


     "We have something in common and could talk about it."

     "Oh, and what would you say?"

     "More like ask, and it would be all the different things she's done to you and what are some embarrassing moments you've endured."

     "That's not going to happen."

     "Yes, because I'm staying to play with Lacey. If my memory is correct, she's expecting me."

     "That can wait."

     "No, it can't. I specifically remember you repeatedly texting me about it."

     "God, you suck and are a terrible human being to ever walk this earth."

     "What about Hitler? He was pretty bad."

     "He committed genocide on a grand scale. He had people tortured and sent to die. People were labeled murders and hated because of him. He had immoral ideas and values that will forever cause him to be looked down upon and shamed. He wasn't pretty bad. He is a definition of bad and an immature, overused example."

     "Damn, don't have to be so defensive about it. I'm sorry I offended you."

     "You didn't offend me. You're just an idiot."

     "Again, I'm sorry."

     "Apology accepted and I'm sorry, too."

     "For what?"

     "For apparently comparing you to Hitler when you're in fact nothing like him at all."

     "Uh, okay. Thanks and I guess I accept your apology."

     "You're welcome. Now, if anyone is like Hitler, I'd go as far to say Samantha is."

     "That's a big accusation."

     "It's true."

     "I'm not disagreeing, just want to know why?"

     "She feels she's better than everyone. She believes she can be in control and manipulate everyone to thinking she is. She's a false leader that has everyone wrapped around her finger and right where she wants them. She pretends to be stupid, she really is, but she knows a thing or two."

     "It's true."

     "I know it is. That's why we need to do something."

     "Can it wait because you're home?"

     "That was fast."

     "Because we talked the entire time and you lectured me."

     "I didn't lecture you. Are coming in?"

     "I'm hungry."

     "Want a sandwich?"

     "Are you bribing me because you want to continue our conversation about revenge against Samantha?"


     "Fine, but I don't like mustard."

     "You don't like a lot of things, why am I not surprised?"

     "That's redundant."

     "You're redundant."

     "That makes no sense."

     "You're an idiot."

     "Are you sure about that?"

     "You can make your own sandwich."

     "I will."

     Just as Carmen and I finished talking or arguing and entered her house, her older sister stepped in the room with a confused look on her face. I only knew it was her because Carmen had this annoyed expression on her face the second her eyes noticed her sister. I felt awkward standing there as if I was intruding on something that was personal, but then again I can't remember the last time I legitimately cared.

     "Who is this?" Was the first thing Carmen's sister asked and I expected it.

     "My friend who was also my ride home."

     "Mom and dad know?"

     "Mom likes him."

     "So this is him?"


     "Huh, was expecting someone who's not him."

     "Frank," Carmen insisted in that tone siblings use with each other when they're annoyed and slightly embarrassed but don't want to show it. God I know that feeling too well. "Leave me alone."

     "Hello Niall." Francine smiled at me. Her smile was so sweet, I knew it was sarcastic. It's the same smile I've seen Carmen give a hundred and one times to me. It was also one of my favorite smiles on her, but it didn't look that good on Francine.

     "Hi." I smiled and almost waved like an awkward person in my situation would do, but I kept my hand balled up in a tight fist because I'm not an idiot.

     "You met him, now can you stop bugging me?"

     "I missed you bunches, too, Car."

     "I'm guessing you didn't tell mom and dad yet."

     "Tell them what?"

     "Oh, just about your two failed classes and how you were caught drinking alcohol under aged. You said you had an extra class to take and summer school, but did you tell them why?"

     "You're a little demon child." Francine said with squinted eyes and tight lips.

     "You light my fire. Now if you'll finally excuse us, my friend is hungry and I promised he could make himself a sandwich."

     "You better be careful, Car. You wouldn't want a little secret accidentally slipping out to a certain someone."

     I noticed Carmen hesitate and freeze with big eyes, but she immediately collected herself and rolled her eyes. She grumbled to herself about why they're sisters and tell each other everything before Francine left and we walked to the kitchen.

     "I'm sorry my sister doesn't act her age."

     "Eh, who does really? Besides, my brother and I are the exact same way. We don't get along either."

     "I'm sure he's nicer than my sister."

     "Probably. He's a really good person in reality, but he's my brother and I don't like him."

     "That's good reasoning."

     "It's the truth."

     "Pretty much. But I actually like my sister. Ever since I could remember, I always wanted to be like her or close."

     "She failed two college courses and was caught drinking. She doesn't seem like the best role model, especially one you'd have."

     "So she's made mistakes? I'm not saying I want to do everything she's done. She's a good person, believe it or not, and she's smart. She's very compassionate towards other people and beyond understanding. She enjoys helping people and I look up to her."

     "She's not good with first impressions, is she?"

     "Nope, and maybe her second, third, fifth, and tenth. She's good, but sucks with decisions."

     "Do you do this to everyone?"

     "Do what?"

     "Figure them out? You did it to me, Hitler, Samantha, and your sister."

     "I don't figure people out. There is nothing to figure out. I just... observe and learn. Except Hitler was based on knowledge I've learned in school and not by him himself."

     "Duh, you weren't alive during the Second World War."

     "And I'm lucky and grateful, too. That was a tough time and the aftermath, too."

     "Are you subconsciously studying for the history test, too?"

     "And gaining ideas on how we can get back at Samantha."

     "Cumulative tests suck and I've called this a war a long time ago."

     "I'm officially declaring it."

     "I'm going to eat this sandwich first before I say anything else."

     "Is it good?"

     I continued to chew and take bites silently causing Carmen to frown and then laugh. I smiled while Carmen announced that she's going to grab a notebook and pen so we can devise a plan together. If I hadn't taken myself so seriously about eating my sandwich, I would have told her that it's a bad idea. I would have said the aftermath would have been worse than World War II, Vietnam, and the Cold War combined. I would have told her we could just study instead because Stalin seemed like a more interesting topic than Samantha.

     But I finished my sandwich while Carmen started jotting ideas in her notebook. Her notebook she took her U.S. History notes in to be exact. I would have told her that her idea was stupid then, but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to create this incredible and brilliant plan with her. I wanted it to be elaborate and I wanted it to look copious on the paper in her notebook. Hell, her description of Samantha is the truth and maybe our plan could be cynical enough like Hitler's.

     No, oh shit, no. Carmen even said he's horrible and we do not want to be like that. She wants to be like Francine, but while watching her scheme, she was nothing comparable to what she said Francine is like. She seemed more like... a very, very, very soft Hitler. I was no different, though, as I added my own ideas and opinions. Maybe those kids after school were right. Maybe we were disgusting.


sorry for a super long wait! I hope this makes up and sparks some thoughts of the future chapters to come (;

I'm still recovering from jet lag tbh. I sleep so much it's crazy and that's my excuse as to why I haven't updated sooner. London and Italy are amazing places and I recommend visiting if you haven't been. And there are very hot guys in Italy, you just have to look really really hard. I only met 2 and then there are the guards for the Vatican- oops lol

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