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❝Here, a couple pieces of tape will fix it.❞

❝No, it won't.❞

look for the sequel, Superglue


4. 2

Chapter Two, Fridays


     It's been two excruciating, antagonizing weeks. Nearly every day of the week seemed longer than the last. I wanted to blame my teachers and lack of socializing with my stupid friends, but even I knew that was wrong. It was the new girl's fault. It was Carmen's fault. She was always there, no matter where I went. Out of six classes, she happened to be in four of mine. Of all the places to sit during lunch, she had to sit at the table right next to mine. I try so hard to avoid her, but I can't and it's annoying. She's annoying. Everything about her is annoying.

     I don't know how I managed it, but I made it until Friday. It wasn't just that hopeful day everyone seemed to love because it was a reminder of the weekend ahead; it was more like a day of relief for me knowing I can unwind for two days. Fridays were my favorite days and I fully believed that no amount of crap could ruin it. Not even Carmen. I go through hell during the week just so I can get to Friday and then recuperate on the weekend. It's a difficult cycle, but it works.

     Fine, I believed that until Samantha decided to figuratively join her hip with mine and follow me everywhere I went, even to class. If she were anybody else, I would have told her how I truly felt, but of course I kept my mouth shut and endured her unwanted presence. I could have easily walked myself to all of my classes, but she insisted on placing herself right next to me and went as far as to hold my hand. Being forced to hold someone's hand should be illegal.

     "You should come over to my house after school." Samantha suggested as we walked to my table during lunch. "My brother has some practice to go to and no one will be home."

     "Cole has softball practice and you are supposed to drop him off and pick him up." I reminded her, praying silently she'd think twice about ruining my Friday. She knows I love Fridays.

     "You can come with me. That means we have two hours together. And I'm sure Cole would love to see you." Samantha finished with a beaming smile and I wished we weren't in the halls so I could slip on my sunglasses to ignore her face.

     "I'll think about it." I lied. I would never give a second thought to spending my free time with her even if we reached the end of the world. Yes, she's that horrible of a person to be with.

     "Cole would be so happy. Just the other day he asked about you."

     "What did he say?" I wasn't surprised her little brother would be fond of me. I know the kid loves me more than he loves her. I always spend time with Cole whenever I'm over so I can be alone with Samantha less. The kid is way better than Samantha.

     "That he misses you and hopes he can see you soon. I told him not to get his hopes up." Told you she's horrible. Sometimes I would have a soft spot for Cole, but I couldn't this time.

     "I don't think I can make it over."

     "But you'll think about it, right?"

     "Maybe Sam."

     Samantha put a pout on her face, but it did not change my mind the slightest. Actually, it made me want to do the exact opposite even more. By the time the two of us reached my table, Peter and Adrian were in their own world having an intense conversation. I could tell Samantha didn't want to sit with me, but I didn't care. There was no way I was leaving my friends to go sit with hers.

     "He did not say that. I know he didn't say that you idiot. He would have told me." Peter said before popping a chip in his mouth. He ignored the crumbs that fell and smirked at Adrian.

     "Well, that shows you how much of a better friend I am to him." Adrian smiled proudly as he snuck a chip from Peter's bag. "I wonder how much more I know?"

     "Shut up. He probably told you first so you could feel better about yourself. We're hanging out after school. He said he met a couple of girls last weekend who might be interested."

     "I wonder if those are the same girls we're seeing tomorrow?"

     "Why would they be the same?"

     "How does he do it?"

     "Who are you guys talking about?" Samantha cut in. She couldn't have picked a better time to ask.

     "Oh, hey Samantha. You look lovely today, but I'm sure Niall already told you that." Peter gave his signature smile and showed off his dimples and pearly whites.

     "Hi Peter." My not-really-girlfriend obviously has a thing for Peter and vice-versa. I'm waiting for the right moment to break it off with Samantha so she won't kill me and can go to Peter.

     "We were talking about the one and only Niall Horan, of course." Adrian answered Samantha's question and I waited for her wrath to hit me.

     "Oh, well how sweet of him to find girls for the both you!"

     Sometimes I wonder if Samantha knows the difference between the numbers one and two. I try so hard to be the worst boyfriend in the history of humankind without being outright cruel, and all she does is dumbly overlook it. The reason why we are considered an item still boggles my mind. Also, I could go on about my friends arguing over me, but that's fuel for my ego. In other words, lunch was a disaster spent with three fugitives from a local asylum.

     Obviously, I need to either find new people to waste time with or switch schools to avoid everyone I currently know. But at least it's Friday and my main problems didn't involve Carmen. I think The Force was with me.


so... this is starting to go somewhere. I suggest paying attention to every detail mentioned, because it will all come back later even though there's not that much detail. don't worry, Carmen isn't as quiet as she seems (;

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