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❝Here, a couple pieces of tape will fix it.❞

❝No, it won't.❞

look for the sequel, Superglue


15. 13

Chapter Thirteen, Fun Day


     I slammed the front door closed as I made my way out of the house and to my car. I knew I wouldn't hear the end of it when I would come back, but I didn't care. I had been thinking about the dance, Samantha, Carmen, and life. Not so much the last one, actually, but I had been thinking yesterday and when I woke up today. I really did not want to go to school, so I sat in my car for a few minutes and pushed all my thoughts to the back of my mind. It kind of worked, but in reality it was fine for like a minute. I didn't want to become angry again, so I thought about how my parents didn't give me a second punishment yet, which was pretty amazing. The good thoughts didn't last too long because there was still a punishment to come. So much for not wanting to be angry.

     And this is exactly why I hate Mondays. Before I could think anymore, I drove to school. I figured that it would be a distraction, especially with Samantha's threat still semi-fresh in my mind. Unfortunately I found Samantha making out with Peter on his car when I parked. I don't even know why, but I sat in my car disgusted as I watched them. I felt like puking my nonexistent breakfast up. Maybe I was too repulsed by the pair exchanging saliva and other things I do not want to know about, but I jumped in my seat when I heard a knock on the window. I probably looked like a creepy stalker sitting in my car while I watched my ex girlfriend and my ex best friend kissing.

     "Niall, get out of your car." Carmen ordered when I faced the window. Her voice was slightly muffled, but I heard quite clearly. I groaned and slung my backpack over my shoulder before I got out of my car and locked it.

     "What?" I asked as I pocketed my keys and leaned against my car. It was then that I realized I listened to her and didn't care.

     "Someone's grumpy."

     "I had a lovely breakfast with my darling parents, sibling. We exchanged some... brief but powerful words before I left in an unforgettable storm. Oh, and my brother brought his girlfriend over, but she's okay."

     "I'd hate to be you."

     "I hate being me. What's new?"

     "Nothing, just thought I would say hi and tell you good morning, but I regret that now."

     "Hi and good morning. Better?"

     "It wasn't enthusiastic at all and I'm not in the mood for your sarcasm."

     "Someone else is grumpy."

     "Let's make a club now."

     "What's wrong with you today?"

     "Oh nothing. I'm perfectly fine." Carmen fake smiled as if it would prove her point.

     "Lies, no one is perfectly fine and admits it. Is everything alright?" No, I am not that heartless. Under all the blackness of my heart, there's some red that can't seem to poke out. In my defense, I'm only human. Also, my thoughts about Carmen may have led me to realize she is a likable person. I emphasize on the "may have" part.

     "I... no, really it's fine."

     "I'm not going to stop asking and you know it."

     "I'm not telling you because there's nothing to tell."

     "There's obviously something to tell. It will make you feel better if you let it out."

     "I appreciate the concern, but I don't see myself telling you."

     "If you tell me what's wrong, I'll tell you exactly why I'm grumpy."

     "Only because I really am curious," She paused to take a deep breath and stared at her feet when she continued. "And you're dying to know, I'm not too thrilled about being at school today. Just knowing Samantha is here and is planning something doesn't settle well with me."

     "I think she's too attached to Peter, literally, to remember she doesn't like you." I attempted to comfort her, but I don't know why. I thought she hated her, too, and wasn't afraid.

     "I'm not even going to ask."


     "So, what's wrong with you?" Carmen asked as she leaned against my car beside me. She crossed her arms over her chest and I noticed her turn her head to face me.

     "I'm not telling you because it's fine and doesn't matter, nor does it concern you."

     "That's not fair. I told you what was wrong." I shrugged my shoulders and heard her huff.

     "No one said you had to or forced you to. If it makes you feel better, my problem is worse than your fear of Samantha and her pathetic, unwarranted wrath against you."

     "What did you eat, Frosted Flakes for breakfast? You're pretty icy today."

     "Not today, but I'm thinking of switching to Lucky Charms anyways."

     "You should consider Cheerios. Or maybe Count Chocula."

     "What are you talking about?"

     "You know, Frankenberry and Boo Berry? They're all different cereals." I nodded.

     "Right, okay. Here's an interesting fact, I'm not a vampire or chinchilla or whatever you said. I do not want to know what you had for breakfast."

     "I had oatmeal."

     "Just go away. Get off my car and leave. I can't talk to you ever again."

     "Why? What did I do?"

     "You like that disgusting, unflavored, lumpy garbage that is apparently edible."

     "It tastes good with a little bit of brown sugar and fruit."

     "I'm going to vomit and I haven't eaten anything. Stop talking about it. You'll give me nightmares."

     "I'm not going to ask, but I'm guessing it must've been traumatizing to make you insane."

     "Yes, it was. I'll never be the same again." Carmen started laughing and I couldn't help but look at her and frown.

     "I'm sorry. This is really serious." She sympathized, but she was biting her lip to hide her laughter.

     "So I guess you're not worried about Samantha anymore. That's good because she's walking this way with Peter." Her eyes went wide and I started to laugh as she began to freak out.

     "You literally suck."

     "Oh joy, I thought I only sucked figuratively."

     "That's not funny."

     "You're right, it's serious. I'm so sorry."

     "Do you think she'll do something?"

     "Not at all. Today is going to be such a fun day."

     "Stop smiling."

     "You're so demanding." I rolled my eyes and frowned again.

     "I want an honest answer. You dated her."

     "No, not really." Now she rolled her eyes and frowned.

     "Whatever, should I at least be worried?"


     "And how are you so sure?"

     "Because I wouldn't let her do anything. For your annoying information, while I was stuck in the house grounded yesterday, I thought about this."

     "You thought about me while you were alone and in trouble?"

     "I don't like it when you say it. You know what? I don't want to go to school today."


     "School sucks and I feel I'll be much happier if I didn't stay in school."

     "You're just going to leave? You can't ditch because you'll be suspended."

     "Ooh, I'm so scared because I only have one unexcused absence." I unlocked the car, but Carmen shook her head in disapproval.

     "You're a moron."

     "No, I'm being thoughtful and thinking about myself."

     "I think you should stay."

     "I don't care what you think. Have a nice day with Samantha." I smiled before entering my car.

     "Wait, can I come?"

     "No, you can't come with me. Then you'll be ditching school and it's wrong."

     "Shut up, I'm coming."

     "Why? I want to be alone. I'm still grumpy."

     "Because it's your fault I'm feeling anxious about Samantha now. She was really pissed off at the dance and I could almost feel the daggers from her eyes piercing my skin as we left."

     "You'll get used to it. I did and now I'm immune."

     "You didn't say a word when she threatened you."

     "Why'd you have to remind me? You know what, you really can't come because you're a mood killer and you give off negative vibes."

     "Why don't you call the cops and have them arrest me since I'm a serial mood killer? I'm sure I'm wanted in the forty-nine other states."

     "You're lame."

     "You're ridiculous."

     "You're killing me."

     "I'm a ghost haunting you."

     "Believable. Hurry up and get in. The bell is going to ring." I don't know why I gave in, so don't ask because, hell, I don't even know.

     "Great! This is going to be a fun day!"

     I slammed my door shut as she walked to the passenger's side and got in. While she buckled her seatbelt, I tossed our backpacks on the backseat. She didn't seem pleased with that, so I shrugged.

     "You should text your mom or call her and let her know you're coming home." I told Carmen as I started my car and reversed.

     "Why? I thought we were ditching?"

     "There was never a 'we' in this."

     "Then why'd you let me come?"

     "You're annoying."

     "That doesn't make sense."

     "You don't make sense."

     "No, you don't make sense."

     "Okay, fine. You win. I'm extremely fatigued and too exhausted to argue."

     "I should take offense to your lie, but I'm too pleased with the fact you don't want to argue with me."

     "Shut up. There are CDs in," I paused to tap my hand on the center console. "Here. Just pick one and put it in, please."

     "You have better music than those lame rock bands, right?"

     "I'm seriously considering taking you home or dropping you on the side of the road."

     "Oh my god, is this a Mariah Carey CD?" I heard her laughing and groaned.

     "She's not bad."

     "You also have Rihanna, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry," She paused and without looking, I knew she had found my case filled with my guilty pleasure music. "Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, and the list just goes on. I am so- I just can't." She laughed, and I mean one of those ugly laughs where you think the person is literally going to die from laughter. That wouldn't be bad at the moment.

     "They are incredible woman and their music is just as phenomenal. Leave me alone. I'm sure you listen to Enrique Iglesias in your free time or Bruno Mars."

     "No, but you do." She continued to laugh.

     "They have good music, okay? It's not funny."

     "It's incredibly funny. Are the rock bands just a coverup?"

     "No, I really do like those bands and they're not necessarily rock bands. Rock is a broad genre and there are different types to classify particular rock music."

     "Is this your complicated way of justifying yourself?"

     "I don't like you. At all. There's a gas station coming up and I'd be happy to let you out while I fill up."

     "I'm sorry. Would Kelly Clarkson's Because of You make you feel better? Or would Jenny From the Block be reassuring for you?"

     "Ha. Ha."

     "I'll go with Beyoncé. Or would you like Bruno Mars?"

     "Honestly, I really want to listen to Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson since you mentioned her."

     "Okay, I'll shut up now."

     "Thank you, but before you put the case away, please put the Breakaway CD in."

     "You're serious?"

     "Yes, listening to that song and CD would make me feel better."

     "I was... okay."

     "Thank you."

     "You're welcome. This is going to be a super fun day."

     "I appreciate your enthusiasm. You didn't have to come, though."

     "I thought it would be interesting and you didn't let me down."

     "You're not letting this go, are you?"

     "Do you sing along to the songs? Have you sang any while in the shower? Have you ever cried with, like, tissues all over your bed and a tub of chocolate icing in your hands while listening?"

     "No comment."

     That made Carmen laugh all over again and I regretted everything. I regretted walking out of the house in the morning, driving to school, talking to her, and impulsively inviting her to come with me to who knows where. She put the CD in as I had asked and I immediately hummed along to the song. I thought Carmen would laugh, but I could have sworn she was humming along. I don't see what's the big deal with my music choices. I obviously have amazing taste and am grateful she didn't find my old Taylor Swift CDs. I had gone through a phase so no one can judge me. That's why the case was labeled, "Guilty Pleasures."

     It really wasn't a fun a day. And I can't even use sarcasm to say that it was. It was horrible and I had so many mixed emotions going on. I wanted to be grumpy over everything, but at the same time I felt embarrassed and insecure about the music I liked because of Carmen. I wanted to go back home, sit on my bed with a tissue box for company, and eat chocolate icing with a spoon. All while listening to old Enrique Iglesias songs like Hero, of course. Freaking hell, I still hate Carmen. Sort of. Why did she ditch school with me?


okay, I know this was like a filler chapter and same with the last, but come on. be real, here. you saw a sensitive side of Niall.

and I want to make it clear that all artists mentioned, I like. maybe not every single song of theirs, but I do and respect each of them. and you have to listen to Hero if you never have. omfg it gives me life and is so different from the singles Enrique releases now

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