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❝Here, a couple pieces of tape will fix it.❞

❝No, it won't.❞

look for the sequel, Superglue


13. 11

Chapter Eleven, WW XI


     There is nothing sweeter than walking up to the gym where the homecoming dance is with the girl you are basically chauffeuring. I am being as blatantly sarcastic as I possibly can right now. The walk to the line outside the doors was purely agonizing. To make matters worse, some stupid freshman shouted my name and everyone I knew who were outside turned their attention to Carmen and I. All hell would have broken loose if we were holding hands.

     Praise Jesus, my hands were shoved in my pockets because I just couldn't give a single care in the world for some lame dance.

     After everyone had their moment to gape at the fact that it looked like we were together, they turned around and went back to their giddiness for the dance. I just prayed some more in my head that Adrian actually read my texts to meet up by the doors. With or without his date, Brandy, I still needed some accompaniment. Truthfully, I could have found my own date, but I would have been on another level of dread. While the line took forever to move because girls were having their little purses checked by security, I stared off in thought and, well, dread.

     "Aren't you even the slightest bit excited? Louis is Bobby Blade. And we won our game yesterday. You were so happy last night. What happened?" Carmen asked, trying to make conversation with me. I admit I was silent during our car ride and chose to listen to one of my CDs instead of her voice.

     "No, I'm not excited. Dances are a pathetic way of socializing and interacting with other students. I'd rather jump in front of a train and have my arms and legs chopped off than be here."

     "That's very specific."

     "Yeah? Well my ex-girlfriend who is the she-devil is inside with one of my best friends and I find it really uncomfortable to be 500 yards or more away from them."

     "You still like her?"

     "Hell no. She just wants to kill me for what I did and now she's with Peter, so it makes the situation fifty times more awkward."

     "And you don't like awkward."

     "Who doesn't?"

     "I'm sure Samantha and you just need closure. Once you talk and explain yourself, then you'll feel more comfortable around her."

     "What are you, my therapist?"

     "No, I'm your friend giving you advice."

     "Ew, just stop and go back to being a happy little panda waiting to dance with her friends."

     "A panda?"

     "Don't question me when you decided to wear black and white to a candy-themed dance."

     "I kind of like being different and standing out from the crowd. And there's candy that's black and white."

     "Whatever." I muttered to myself and began to ignore her presence again.

     "Niall, don't be grumpy the whole night. Lighten up a little." Carmen urged after a few minutes passed and we moved six spots ahead.

     "I want to be grumpy. It's different."

     "You know, anger leads to high blood pressure which leads to heart problems? You should reconsider your theory on life and people."

     "For Christ's sake, just leave me alone."

     "Mike sent me a text that said he saw Adrian and Brandy with Peter and Samantha. Do you want to spend your whole night at a table in the very back alone?"



     Carmen left me alone afterwards, much to my pleasure, and I didn't have to hear her voice again. The line finally picked up, and soon Carmen and I were handing our tickets to one of the chaperones at the door. The inside looked like it came out of the game of Candy Land and I swear people are going to get a sugar high from just being inside. I walked inside more and scanned the crowd for Adrian but came up short. Just my luck, Peter spotted me and was making his way over with Samantha. If I were a girl, I would've squealed. Carmen or Mike lied to me, but I didn't let it phase me at the moment. I turned around and instantly found Carmen hugging Christopher and greeting Michelle.

     There's my escape.

     I made my way over to Carmen and didn't feel the slightest bit of embarrassment to be with her and her friends. I was expecting a shocking welcome, but I didn't even receive an acknowledgment of my presence. That could possibly be because I wasn't necessarily standing with them; I was standing by them. I looked to see if Peter was still walking over with his personal Medusa, but he found stupid Adrian and the lovely Brandy. Instead of forcing myself to withstand an encounter with people I dislike, I walked to where the tables were and chose a decent one to sit at alone.

     That was, until I heard my name called by the one and only, Peter.

    "Niall! There's my second favorite blonde." Peter yelled even though I would've heard him anyways with how close he was. And of course with him yelling my name, Carmen and her friends turned their attention to me.

     "Niall, what are you doing going off alone to sit at an empty table?" Carmen asked. I sighed and ignored her question when I noticed Samantha and Peter were just about to approach me. I sincerely wish I stayed home grounded.

     "Hey buddy!" Peter greeted me with a slap on my shoulder. "Where's your date?"

     "I, well..." I paused trying to think of an answer while Samantha stared me down, making me slightly nervous. I never would have thought she'd have this power over me. I hate her so much.

     "I'm right here. Hi Peter." Carmen answered for me and to say I was astonished and dumbfounded is an understatement.

     "Oh, I wasn't expecting that. I thought you guys hated each other. Guess the rumors are right and you can stop denying your undying love for her." Peter smirked, but I could only focus on Samantha's reaction.

     "Don't tell me you wanted to break up with me for her?" Samantha said with disgust in every syllable. Oh crap, I better start repenting now because I'll die with a heavy load of guilt on my shoulders.

     "Excuse me, but this 'her' is standing right here. And I can see why he doesn't like you and never will. I'm surprised you even have friends." Carmen spat. I wasn't sure if she was defending me or herself. Could be both.

     "Who gave you permission to speak? I wasn't talking to you. I was talking to this jerk who hates everyone." Samantha fired back.

     "Ladies, I think-" Peter tried interjecting but was quickly cut off.

     "Stay out of it." Samantha ordered him. It shut him up for sure and stopped me from wanting to say anything.

     "Look, I don't know what kind of demonic person you are or how limited your intelligence is, but don't you dare try to put me down ever again. Don't under estimate me, either, because it's obvious I am a better person than you are."

     After Carmen spoke, it was silent. I looked around with Peter and noticed we had gained an audience from the few people around us. Christopher and Mike were watching, including their dates and Adrian with his. I've never felt smaller before. First of all, Samantha intimidated me and now Carmen technically spoke up for me to my wicked ex. Is this what hell really is like? Is this another one of my nightmares that feels tragically real? Most likely the latter of the two.

     "Just because your name is Carmen doesn't mean that you really are a lovable person that people can't help falling in love with. You just sit back and wait, I'll have hundreds of people hating on you." Samantha warned.

     "Go ahead, I'm not afraid of your childish threats. All you are doing is speaking words that are going in one ear and out the other. I'd like to see you actually do something. Wait, you're too scared that you might brake a precious acrylic nail." Carmen smirked at her comeback. "Oh, and I know how to use urban dictionary, too. I find it ironic what your name means. Clearly you have a big head filled with air and thoughts of yourself, not to mention you're fake."

     A breakout of hushed 'oooh's sounded through the crowd surrounding us. I couldn't help but smile since it was obvious Carmen won this round with Samantha and now everyone can see Samantha for who she truly is- a selfish, egotist girl. Hopefully Peter will dump her afterwards.

     "Like I said, watch out. I'm coming for you now with claws and fangs."

     "And I'll have my guns and tanks."

     Samantha glared at Carmen before turning her attention to me, her index finger pointing at my chest to emphasize she's talking to me now.

     "You are the definition of jerk and all the words alike. You will pay for what you did to me. You and your little... nothing. So enjoy the dance with her, but remember your happiness won't last forever. I have my eyes on you, Niall."

     With that, Samantha walked away with Peter following behind her. People stayed for a couple moments to watch if anything else would unfold until they dispersed and went back to dancing. I guess the crowd wasn't big enough to catch the attention of the chaperones. The ones who stayed were Carmen's and my friends. The tension only grew and anyone could have seen that it was the aftermath of a world war.

     "Whoa." Mike and Christopher breathed.

     "Was not expecting that." Adrian commented. I didn't even have to look at Carmen to know she was still cooling off from what just happened.

     "I'm on your side, just so you guys know." Brandy reassured and Michelle nodded in agreement. I gave them the best smile I could as a thank you, but I really wanted to puke. I've never let someone threaten me like that before and get away with it. People witnessed that. My life is actually going to end.

     "She won't do anything. She can't do anything besides shopping and spending all of her daddy's money." Carmen vented, steam still emitting from her.

     "Don't worry about her, I already have an idea that will shut her up." I assured her in an attempt to ease her anger.

     "You can't, Niall. Peter loves her and he'll hate you forever." Adrian reminded me, being the smart-kid he is.

     "Yeah? Well, after what just happened, if he still decides to be with her, then he's lost me as a friend. He knows how I feel, especially with her after she broke up with me. And no one tries to humiliate and call out Carmen like that, especially her. Carmen didn't do anything, and if I could have said something and explained myself, then Carmen wouldn't be in this broken mess with me."

     "Niall, it's fine."

     "No, it's not fine, Carmen. That wasn't fair of her."

     "You're not going to let this go are you?"

     Carmen was standing in front of me by this time. She was looking directly in my eyes and I just stared into her big brown ones already knowing that she knows my answer. She didn't seem as angry now, but almost tired and exhausted from it.

     "No, I'm not."

     "Well, do it because I don't care what she said about me. I know you care, so I'm fine with that. You need to fix what's between Samantha and you."


     "Don't you say it again. I don't care how freaking stubborn you are, really I'm over it. But right now, you're listening to me."

     I don't know, but I swear I knew for sure in that moment that I at least liked her. She's so freaking patient, but she lost it and to witness it was just something else.

     "So, back to my plan?" I suggested and asked, hoping Carmen would approve. She did with a smile and I forgot about our stupid friends and focused on the war-like verbal fight that happened.

     I've never liked dances more and it was all thanks to Carmen. I guess she's okay. I think Peter may have taken her place on my list of people I truly don't like.


thoughts? like omg I said drama, but wasn't expecting this. tbh I was pissed while writing some of it. no ragrets. I thought it was funny. and I swear you need to urban dictionary your name. mine is soo funny and it's totally uplifting, plus it's practically spot on like wtf

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