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❝Here, a couple pieces of tape will fix it.❞

❝No, it won't.❞

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12. 10

Chapter Ten, Sneaking Out


     I closed the door behind me and fumbled with the key before I managed to lock it successfully. In a moment, I scanned the driveway and street for my mom's or dad's car. A breath of relief escaped me when I found I was in the clear so far. Mentally saying a prayer that I wouldn't get caught, I jogged to my car and quickly left my house. I've snuck out of the house countless times before, but somehow this time really made me anxious. I kept doubting myself, thinking my parents would for sure catch me.

     Turning on the radio didn't help clear my thoughts, but when I was arriving closer to Carmen's house, I felt much better. I didn't feel like I would be screwed in the end. Besides, I should be home before they come home anyways since they have meetings and company dinners this evening. They'll call to check in and I can come up with something. Seeing Carmen's house in the distance was all I needed to make the unsure feelings dissipate. I stalled beside the curb and took a deep breath. Why am I still anxious? I don't have anything to worry about.

     I finally turned the engine off and got out of my car. I strolled to the door and took in the exterior of Carmen's house. She lived in a nice house; it was simple and plain compared to mine. That's probably because her parents didn't hire a gardener to keep everything green and in perfect condition. I rang her doorbell and knocked three times on the door before I patiently waited with my hands shoved in my pockets. I wanted to wait in my car but there was no way for me to inform Carmen I was outside her house since I don't have her phone number.

     "Hi, can I help you?" a woman answered the door and I immediately recognized her as Carmen's mom from earlier. She spoke before I could introduce myself, though, "Oh! You're that kind boy who has been dropping my daughter home. Thank you so much."

     "You're welcome, Mrs.-"

     "Please, come inside. Did you want to see Carmen?" I couldn't say anything in reply because the next thing I knew, I was being ushered inside. She called Carmen once I was inside and then excused herself to the kitchen, but not before making sure I knew I could make myself comfortable. I was never more jealous of Carmen then. I wish she was my mom.

     Carmen was taking too long, so I decided to actually walk inside the house and sat down in the living room. Well, I was basically standing in the living room since there wasn't much of a foyer. I noticed there was a hallway that must lead to the other rooms and bathroom(s). The living room would've opened up into the kitchen and dining room if there wasn't a wall to separate the space. The wall wasn't full, though, making two entries into either the dining room or kitchen. Again, it was a simple house, but it was still nice and felt warm and comfortable. I liked it better than my house. Carmen needs to hurry up or I'll really hate her.

"Hey! Who are you?" I heard a girl's voice say and just like that my thoughts were interrupted. I looked around to find a little girl around Samantha's brothers' age. She had her hair up in pigtails with pink ribbons to match her pink dress.

     "I'm Carmen's..." I paused trying to find a good title. What kind of relationship do we have? Are we acquaintances or more than that? I can't lie to the little girl.

     "Her friend?" She asked.

     "Yeah, and let me guess, you're her big sister?" I smiled, trying to get her to laugh. I succeeded when she giggled, using her hands to hide it.

     "No I'm not, silly head. I'm her little sister. Carmen is seventeen and I'm six."

     "Nice to meet you, Six. I'm Niall." She laughed this time and walked closer to me until she stood about three feet away.

     "My name is Lacey! You're funny, Niall."

     "And you're cute. You're not a princess in disguise, are you?" What can I say? I like kids. They're better company than anyone else. They are innocent and can get away with almost anything.

     "No! I'm just a regular person." She giggled again, but didn't hide it.

     "I don't know, you're really pretty. I think you forgot your crown in the morning."

     "Stop! I'm not a princess. But I was one for Halloween."

     "Really? Which one?"

     "Just an average princess." She answered, shrugging one of her hands. She sat next to me, slouching rather comfortably and continuing our conversation as if we were old friends who grew up together. I couldn't help but grin at her.

     "Bet you looked stunning."

     "No, it was just a plain dress and crown. Nothing special." Her modesty had me chuckling.

     "Alright. So, do you have any other siblings?"

     "I have an older sister who is eight and one who is thirteen and then Carmen and another one who is twenty one. She's in college and doesn't live here. My sister who's thirteen, Dee Dee, she's at a sleep over. Tina made me leave our room because I wanted to play with Mr. Groby, but she was playing with him and Dr. Boppers for a long time. I asked if I could be the duck, but she said I was ruining everything. It wasn't fair so I called her a meanie. She told me that I'm annoying her, so I took Mr. Groby, but she snatched him and now I'm here talking to you. Did you get kicked out of your room?"

     I'm not going to lie, I almost lost what Lacey was saying because she started to ramble off. It reminded me of Carmen. I quickly began to try and understand what she was saying because she just kept staring at me so patiently and curiously. After realizing that she had an incident with her sister and what she had asked, I thought of an appropriate answer.

     "No, I didn't get kicked out. My older brother is already grown up, basically. He doesn't live at home anymore."

     "Oh you're lucky. I sometimes don't like my older sisters, but we're sisters and supposed to love each other and be nice, so I love them. They just drive me crazy sometimes." She shook her head and I chuckled again at her response.

     "I'm sure your sisters aren't that bad. Carmen must be a very nice sister and Dee Dee."

     "Dee Dee doesn't like me much, but Carmen is the nicest. She put the ribbons my hair. Like them?" She titled her head and used her hands to hold the bows up to show me. She's so sweet, but vain.

     "They're very pretty. Hey, speaking of Carmen, do you know where she is?" I asked. I think Lacey is adorable, but we're wasting time here. Carmen told me not to be late, but she's taking forever. Homecoming dance is tomorrow, not today.

     "She's in her room. Do you want me to go get her?"

     "Please, Lacey, if it's no trouble."

     "Oh no, I'm happy to help you, Niall." She jumped off the couch and stopped to smooth out her dress before looking up at me. "You just wait right here and be comfortable." She said as if I wasn't already doing it.

"You got it." I assured. She gave me a thumbs up before running away.

     "Carmen! Niall is waiting for you! Hurry up!" Lacey yelled as she ran down the hall. The tile in the house really makes everything echo and sound so much louder.

     "Lacey! I told you to knock first!" I heard Carmen yell. I laughed to myself.

     I snuck out of the house for this, I thought to myself. Carmen's mom walked out of the kitchen and looked right at me.

     "Lacey was in here with you, wasn't she?"


     "She's a chatterbox once you get her started. It doesn't take much for her to warm up to you. Thanks for that. Her sister probably kicked her out again."

     "You're welcome, and yes she did. Tina wouldn't share her... toys I guess." Her mom nodded as she walked over to me.

     "Sounds like them. I'm sorry Carmen is taking so long. You're not her date or something, are you?" My eyes went wide and I'm sure my cheeks turned a beat red color.

     "Oh no, definitely not. She needed a ride to the football games, so I offered."

     "So you're her friend. What's your name?"

     "Niall, and we're not really friends. I... um,"

     "It's okay, I'm not going to ask you a billion questions or lecture you. You're fine, Niall, loosen up a bit." I gave a forced chuckled and wished more than ever that Carmen would hurry up.

     "Niall, Carmen needs to put her pants and shoes on. She'll be out in a minute." Lacey announced, walking into the room making my situation more awkward.

     "Lacey, that wasn't nice. You only have to say Carmen will be a minute." Carmen's mom scolded.

     "But what if Niall asked why?"

     "Then you say she's still changing or getting ready."

     "Fine," Lacey huffed and sat next to me. "Mother knows best, am I right?" Lacey muttered to me so only I would hear, but her mom still heard. She gave a scowl, but I grinned at Lacey.

     "That's true, but you shouldn't say it like that. Your mom only wants you to be the good little angel you are."

     "Niall, you seriously need to stop. I'm not an angel, I'm not a princess, I'm just Lacey."

     "I'll believe it when I see it." I winked. She rolled her eyes and giggled, and so did Carmen's mom.

     "Have you made a new friend, Lace?" Carmen's mom asked her. Lacey looked at me for confirmation before grinning madly after I nodded my head.

     "Yes, Niall is my friend. We had a good chitchat while he's waiting for Carmen. She's taking a million years to get ready. We'll be dead when she's done!" She said dramatically.

     "I heard that!" Carmen said, finally entering the living room. Lacey squealed and ran away leaving me with Carmen and her mom. "Sorry I took so long. I didn't think you'd actually be on time."

     "Don't apologize, it's fine. You have a cute sister and your mom is really nice." I shrugged as I stood up, relieved we could finally head to the games.

     "Yeah, that's my mom and that was my youngest sister." Carmen confirmed.

     "Are you two leaving now?"

     "Yes, mom. I'll be back late tonight, like after nine. Niall will bring me back."

     "Okay, have fun and be safe."

     "Yes, mom."

     "And drive safely, Niall. Hopefully I'll see you again. You're welcome here any time."

     "Okay, mom, we're leaving." Carmen said while hugging her mom.

     "Thank you, Mrs. Mitchell."

     At last, I had Carmen sitting in the passenger seat and drove to back to school for the football game. We definitely missed the first quarter, but we'll make it for the second. I wasn't expecting a quiet ride, but Carmen was silent the entire way to school. She stared out of the window with her hands folded in her lap. I kept thinking I did something wrong. Was it because I was talking with her sister or her mom? Maybe I shouldn't have gone to her door or inside her house. Wait, why do I even care? This is ridiculous.

     "You'll be back to pick me up, right?" Carmen asked once I pulled in to the parking lot. I parked the car before I looked at her as if she were crazy. No, she really is crazy.

     "I'm not going anywhere. I'm staying. You said this would be my first game."

     "What? I was kidding. You're grounded. You'll be in so much more trouble if your parents found out you snuck out of the house. I don't want to be responsible. And besides, it won't be as fun. Thank you for your kindness, but please drive home."

     "You don't think I'm fun? Okay, bet's on."

     "What bet? I'm not betting anything."

     "I bet I am fun."

     "That's not a bet. You're either fun, or in your case, you're not."

     "I'll prove to you I am." I rolled my eyes.

     "You can't prove a fact."

     "Challenge accepted then!" I groaned and got out of my car.

     "Are you actually going to sit with Chris, Mike, and me? You don't even like them."

     "As long they don't talk or say a word, then I'll be happy."

     "You already failed your challenge."

     "Haha, I'm not that bad of a person. This is a chance for me to change."

     "I'll believe it when I see it." She winked and then walked over to the table by the gate to pay for her ticket.

     I stood in shock wondering if she saw me with her sister, Lacey, because I said and did the exact same thing. As soon as it dawned on me that she did and was ready faster than when she made herself present, I chased after her. This is craziest time I've had sneaking out of the house and my night hasn't even ended yet. I blame Carmen.


okay, I probably over did it with Carmen's youngest sister, Lacey, but idc. Lacey is cute and she has a cute name and I love her. omfg I wanted drama but nothing freaking happened, ugh! drama next chapter, promise. flames will burn, sparks will fly, all the works cuz this is laaaame (;

and I am deeply sorry and apologize, but adding pics to these chapters is kind of frustrating for me. I have this story on wattpad with the same user, and I put gifs in all the chapters in case you wanna check that out (:  (if you happen to follow, pm me and let me know you're from here so I can follow back)

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