Tape - nh

❝Here, a couple pieces of tape will fix it.❞

❝No, it won't.❞

look for the sequel, Superglue


3. 1

Chapter One, Twins


     Standing by his car with Christopher was Mikey. The two guys were almost identical twins and nearly inseparable. They used to be best friends with Oscar and Jeremy, but they had a fall out in the beginning of this year. They just lay low and stick to themselves now. Well, that was until the new girl, Carmen, dropped in. For some reason, they've befriended the girl. The twins kept searching the parking lot, impatiently waiting for Carmen to come.

     I would have stayed to see the look on their faces when Carmen shows up just before the bell rings, but I didn't want to see Carmen. I continued from my car and into the school. Avoiding one problem only led me to another problem when I saw Samantha leaning against my locker with a pout on her face and arms crossed. I would have backtracked and gotten the hell out of there if she hadn't noticed me.

     "Niall! We need to talk." Samantha said with a stern voice, but I could see past that and knew she was still intimidated by me. "You were supposed to call me last night."

     "I never said I was going to."

     "But you've been doing that every day for the past week."

     "I was busy and I'm sorry it didn't cross my mind." I lied to her. If I told her that her begging and whining was annoying, she would've gone Cat Woman on me.

     "Busy with what?"

     "I was doing homework." I lied again. To me, lying was the easiest thing to do because it made everyone freaking happy, especially Samantha.

     "So you're putting homework before me?"

     "It looks like it, Sam. You know how my parents are, and I'm borderline failing."

     "I guess so. Will you take me out tonight at least?"


     "Please? If not, then you have to promise to call me."

     "I said maybe." Already I was growing irritated with her. She's like a Barbie but with a voice; it sounds like death.

     "Fine, I'll see you during lunch."

     Thankfully, the white witch retreated to her personal fan club and finally left me alone. Samantha knew I hate sitting with her friends who agree to everything she says like she's something to be worshiped. Who knows, she may be the leader of a new cult.

     I quickly took out my books from my locker and left to go find my idiot friends, Peter and Adrian. Incidentally, I noticed the twins walking the hall with Carmen smack-dab in between them with a smile. I noticed she was wearing black Converse, but they had black duct tape wrapped around the white rubber toes.

     "You should check out the art room, Carmen. There's some pretty sweet paintings there that you'll like." I heard Mikey say as he adjusted those hideous, hipster-looking glasses.

     "I have art first period." Carmen smiled.

     "Hey, I'll see you there." Christopher said with too much enthusiasm and excitement. I noticed his eyes fall on me and he smirked. "And that blonde guy over there will be there, too."

     "Hey Niall!" Mikey waved in my direction and I rolled my eyes before I continued walking through the halls.

     On my ever-growing list of people I dislike, the twins have earned there rightful spot somewhere. I never liked them. They contained so much spirit and high hopes, it made me feel nauseous. They seemed to be friends with everyone, except me. But they never acknowledged my ignorance towards them and that annoyed me. I almost rejoiced when I found out that they weren't friends with Oscar and Jeremy, because they became less annoying and friendly. Honestly, I felt pity for Carmen that of all the people in this pathetic high school, she had to stumble upon the twins.

     As I walked the halls, I noticed the locker that read, Car, in black colored tape. Carmen had added stripes and I shook my head at how much her taped locker stood apart from the other tan ones. The disgust for the tape and her almost gave me a physical reaction and I felt like puking more than after Sam kisses me and her desperate attempts to make out with me. Can a girl seriously have an obsession with tape? I've never hated tape more in my life. I can't believe the twins are friends with her.


so it will solely be in Niall's point of view. I originally planned 5 chapters. . .

haha, I don't like Samantha/Sam. And the twins make me laugh.

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