Tape - nh

❝Here, a couple pieces of tape will fix it.❞

❝No, it won't.❞

look for the sequel, Superglue


2. 0

     Niall stood in the hallway by his teacher's classroom watching everyone eagerly leave the building. Some would recognize him, others just kept walking. There were lockers opposite from him and he watched as two guys walked a girl to her locker. He quickly took notice of her and how her hair had really big curls that he wanted to pull and watch as they sprung. She also had this hideous mustard-colored sweater that was longer than the length of her shorts. The girl wore a simple white shirt under her sweater and white Vans on her feet. She had tanned skin and he wondered why in the world she wore that hideous yellow sweater on a hot day.

     "Carmen, I was thinking we could meet in the parking lot tomorrow before school starts? I could show you where your first class is."

     The guy who spoke seemed familiar to Niall with his black hair and brown eyes, but he couldn't remember his name. The other guy wore those stupid nerdy glasses and was very quiet. He just kept smiling awkwardly as he watched the girl, who is Carmen, open her locker and put her books inside. Niall wanted to laugh because it took him a minute to actually figure out what was going on.

     "That's really sweet of you Christopher, but I think I can manage. Besides, I'll be getting here just as the bell rings."

     "Well, we will see you during passing and at lunch then."

     The quiet guy nodded as Carmen shut her locker and gave them both a bright smile.

     "Of course, thank you guys so much for today. Seriously, I would have been like a lost sheep."

     Niall listened as the two guys said bye to Carmen and watched them leave as Carmen stayed by her locker. He noticed her pull something out of her backpack and then turn around to face her locker. She not only seemed overly nice and naive, but she also seemed a bit off to him. Niall pulled out his phone to check the time and sighed. He knew he had to face the music at some point, and listen to his teacher go off about how it's important for him to do his homework and attend every class on time. He quickly walked in the classroom and spaced out until his teacher allowed him to finally leave the school.

     As Niall walked out, he noticed Carmen wasn't around. He didn't know why he cared if the new girl was around or not, but he looked at her locker to see what she did. His mouth fell open as he saw that she taped, what must be, her nickname on her locker and colored it with a black Sharpie. The scent from the permanent marker still lingered and he shook his head as he continued to walk down the hall to one of the exits. This new girl definitely had a loose screw and he prayed he wouldn't get a chance to meet her.




okay, not the best chapter, but it's just an intro so don't shoot me

this may be in Niall's pov or stay in third person, idk?

ps, idk when I'll update it again. . .

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