I want you back!!!❤️

Hi my names Rosie, Luke Hemming's girl friends arch enemy. I've liked Luke since child care when we used to paint each others face. Since then we've only talked once. Because of Jemma (he's ex) and before that his crew. (Calum, Michael, and Ashton). But there is one reason why they can't date.


1. why her!

I was going threw the coffee club thinking of Luke and the way we played together with Molly the dog and put paint on each others faces. Of course it would of never lasted I said to myself, primary school was going to come and he'll go with boys, then in high school with a girl friend which he know has "Jemma" my arch enemy since child care she was always jealous of me and Luke playing with each other and she used to come and ruin our games, he new I hated her he hated her to but something happened and know his going out with her. I went to the back of the coffee club and saw them talking I wanted to know what they were talking about so I went closer I tried to not look suspicious while texting Rashi, Shazza Ally, and Erika I was also listening to them at the same time which was hard cause of how fast they texted. I looked at Jemma and all sudden we locked eyes👀. I straight away looked at my phone when Jemma decides to reach out and kiss Luke and in shock he was pushing her away. I didn't know why he did that but I wanted to find out he was pushing her away they were only talking about what colour theme they were wearing to prom (which I haven't got a date for), after he pushed her away and when she gave up trying to kiss him Jemma said what happened and in response Luke replied "I never asked you if you wanted to go to prom with me what got you thinking I'm taking you". I was in shock Jemma was in shock and Luke was just biting his lips with his lip ring in the way. Jemma said well the fact that we're going out duh your taking ME to prom. And Luke said ok baby I was just being silly. I was so sad as i walked out the coffee club I heard someone say hi Rosie I turned and saw Luke smiling at me with the beautiful smile he has and of course I had to say hi back so I gave a cute wave and a big smile and said hi then walked of turning back around and hearing Jemma say why did you talk to her and the kind boy he is said she's not as bad as you think try actually talking to her for once I was so happy that he actually stuck up to her for me which no one at school does cause there all scared of Jemma. They got up and left the coffee club and as as they did she gave me a smirk and a annoyed wave, so I just drove home, and ignored her.

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