"Wait for Me"

A story about a true, deep love. One that isn't at the surface, but deep beneath it. One that leads two long lost souls back together. A connection so strong and real that it can save a life.

Asher is a boy with good looks, smarts, charm, popularity and money. All the girls want him, but he doesn't want any of them. As he decides to wait for the right one to come along, he finds memories amongst his daily life that intrigue him. At the same time, he feels senses of danger and hurt, but he doesn't know why and what they mean.

Summer is a gorgeous, blonde-haired girl, who almost looks like a fairy. She lives in the category of the less fortunate people of the world. Having had enough of her depressing life with an abusive drunk mother, she struggles to find her purpose in life as she walks along the streets all alone. But trouble is closely following and it won't be long until it swallows her up.

Join this adventure of courage, persistence, acceptance and love.

*cover pic not mine*


9. "Strictly Business."

Tuesday, 23rd September

"Andrea! You call me to come back and you haven't even prepared anything for me."

Kyle cursed as he threw empty vodka bottles at the kitchen wall.


Andrea ran up to Kyle and kissed him right before he shoved her back.

"No playing around, Andrea. You told me it was strictly business." Kyle quickly dusted off his sharp, black suit as if Andrea's touch would infect him of a filthy disease.

"But we could have fun while we're at it." Andrea's foul breath almost choked Kyle as he unsteadily stumbled back and knocked over a cheap vase.

"Ugh, I've forgotten how clumsy you are," grumbled Andrea. "Fine, let's get this over with before you knock my whole house down." Andrea paused as she took a swig from the bottle in her hand.

"You remember my daughter? The stupid blonde?"

Not as stupid as you, thought Kyle. "Yes, what about her?
Andrea sighed as she pasted on a pitiful face. "My poor, clueless daughter has run away. She has problems, you see. She doesn't understand that I only want the best for her. She claims that I am a monster, but clearly you see the real monster is inside her head. I should have listened to that psychiatrist. I really thought she would turn out to be a sweet young lady." Andrea shook her head and sighed again.

"She's perfectly fine. I know exactly why she's run away." Kyle growled.

"Whatever." Andrea leaned in close to Kyle's ear. "I need you and your boys to find her. Bring her back to me. I miss her so."

Kyle chuckled. "Andrea, I know good and well that she's better off anywhere but here."

Andrea smirked as she grabbed Kyle's face and stared into his eyes, her drunken breath drifting up his nostrils.

"I have money."

Kyle struggled to get out of Andrea's grasp.

"Now we're talking." Kyle glared at Andrea.

"I knew that would get you to listen, you greedy bastard-"

"What do you want?"

"I want my sweet Summer back." Andrea sighed again.

"For what?"

Andrea leaned close to Kyle as she revealed an enormous stash of money in her cleavage.

Kyle cursed as he headed toward the door.

"Like I said, Andrea. Strictly business."

"Come back soon, babe.'

Kyle rolled back his eyes and sighed. It's hopeless. The woman's crazy and I am still at her beck and call.

Speeding away in his Ferrari, he thought to himself. She's hot and she knows it. Ugh, focus. Andrea is pure trouble.  Kyle pulled up to a petrol station. As a man in a sharp black uniform proceeded to fill up the tank, Kyle pulled up some pictures of Summer on his phone.

The girl's actually not half bad. Even hotter than Andrea. Kyle smiled wickedly as he spoke into his headset.

"Boys, we've got a job."


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