"Wait for Me"

A story about a true, deep love. One that isn't at the surface, but deep beneath it. One that leads two long lost souls back together. A connection so strong and real that it can save a life.

Asher is a boy with good looks, smarts, charm, popularity and money. All the girls want him, but he doesn't want any of them. As he decides to wait for the right one to come along, he finds memories amongst his daily life that intrigue him. At the same time, he feels senses of danger and hurt, but he doesn't know why and what they mean.

Summer is a gorgeous, blonde-haired girl, who almost looks like a fairy. She lives in the category of the less fortunate people of the world. Having had enough of her depressing life with an abusive drunk mother, she struggles to find her purpose in life as she walks along the streets all alone. But trouble is closely following and it won't be long until it swallows her up.

Join this adventure of courage, persistence, acceptance and love.

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8. "Random?!"

Tuesday, 23rd September 2014


2PM, Bradlington Royal Hospital

"Boys!" Jack Lockwood called out to his sons as he walked briskly towards them in the hallway.

"Ew, it smells like medicine." Jarred wrinkled his nose in disgust.

Jack ignored his youngest son and turned straight to Asher. "How are you feeling, son?"

" Terrible." Asher yawned as he propped himself up against Jarred's shoulder.

"Get off me." Asher stumbled as Jarred pulled himself from under Asher's elbow and Isaac rushed to balance Asher.

"Get off me.", mimicked Asher in a sleepy mock voice as he shrugged his older brother off. Isaac rolled his eyes.

"Right, anyway, I've let Doctor Nick know that you will be getting a check-up." Jack intervened as he lead the boys towards the other end of the hallway. "He'll be ready to see you in about half an hour, but right now Mom would like to see your faces." He stopped, turning a doorknob and opening up the door to a bright room.

"Your faces when you see this!" Jack yelled as he presented the room to the boys excitedly.

The rather large, private hospital room was filled with dozens of balloons, bouquets and cards propped up on two bedside tables. There was a large, luxurious bed in the middle of room, and there, lying on top of the bed, was not just a tired but happy mother, but in Cindy Lockwood's arms were two bundles, a blue and a pink.

All three boys gaped, mouth's hanging open.

"Hey boys." Cindy grinned at her three sons. "Koby Aiden Lockwood, and Krystal Aileen Lockwood." She said softly, then giggled at her children's faces.

"Oh god. This is so awesome!" Isaac cheered, first to snap out of the little trance.

"Wow." Asher and Jarred whispered in unison.

All three boys rushed to the bed and stared into the infants' faces, whispering in excitement. Jack smiled from the doorway, then strode towards Cindy to plant a kiss on her lips.

"Asher Lockwood?", a voice called from the doorway. It was Doctor Nick, clipboard in hand.

"Yup. See yas." Asher reluctantly pulled himself away from his two new baby siblings and followed Doctor Nick to his private office.

"So, how are you feeling, Ash? Your dad says that Isaac says that you might be comin' down with a fever." The Lockwood's cheerful family doctor chuckled as a boyish smile spread under his thick moustache. "Tell me all about it."

"Well..." Asher rubbed his hands together as he recanted the story of his unusual happenings.

Doctor Nick's face drooped and his smile disappeared as he reviewed the notes on his clipboard.

"This is really strange. Doesn't sound right. No, not at all. Oh dear." 

"What's up, Doc?" Asher inquired.

"Oh, I don't know. It just doesn't make sense. Your symptoms don't match up with your recent behaviour, situations or records. In fact, your symptoms are-", Doctor Nick gulped as he struggled to form the words," 'random'." His eyes were almost as big a Kyle and Krystal's heads.

Asher laughed nervously. "Uh, so?"

Doctor Nick shook his head furiously. "Random! Oh dear! Oh, what are we going to do?" he cried out.

Two nurses and a doctor ran into the room. 

"What's going on?" 

"Random! Random symptoms!" Doctor Nick kept shaking his head, hands to his cheeks.

"Oh, no!" "Oh, dear!" "Oh my!" both nurses and the doctor started to panic and frantically escaped the room.

"Uh, what's happening?" Asher asked, bewildered by the sudden reactions.

"Excuse me, I must go to the labs. I'll update your father on everything, don't worry! Come again, have a nice day!" Doctor Nick shoved the door aside as he ran, almost slipping across the hallway as Isaac walked into the room.

"What was that all about?" Isaac questioned.

"Random symptoms are frightful for some doctors and nurses." a croaky voice from outside the office startled the two brothers. An elderly man with kind eyes smiled at them from the hallway. "Hi, I'm Stan. Stanley. People can be funny here." Stan chuckled as he rolled away with his walker.

Asher shrugged at Isaac. "No idea."

"Whatever. Let's go back to Mom's room." The two boys walked down the hallway, playfully shoving each other back and forth.





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