"Wait for Me"

A story about a true, deep love. One that isn't at the surface, but deep beneath it. One that leads two long lost souls back together. A connection so strong and real that it can save a life.

Asher is a boy with good looks, smarts, charm, popularity and money. All the girls want him, but he doesn't want any of them. As he decides to wait for the right one to come along, he finds memories amongst his daily life that intrigue him. At the same time, he feels senses of danger and hurt, but he doesn't know why and what they mean.

Summer is a gorgeous, blonde-haired girl, who almost looks like a fairy. She lives in the category of the less fortunate people of the world. Having had enough of her depressing life with an abusive drunk mother, she struggles to find her purpose in life as she walks along the streets all alone. But trouble is closely following and it won't be long until it swallows her up.

Join this adventure of courage, persistence, acceptance and love.

*cover pic not mine*


1. Prologue- "Come, Look and See"

 Saturday, 22nd November 2003

"Asher... Asher, Come here!" The little girl's voice sang through the wind.

Asher turned around to see Summer dancing through the field of sunflowers. The morning sun shone on her blonde head as she twirled around and around. A smile spread across Asher's lips. He grinned. 

"Asher, come here! Come, look and see!" Summer ran towards Asher, grabbed his hand and pulled him through the yellow sea. The young boy's eyes grew wide at the sight before him. 

"It- it's beautiful." Asher turned towards Summer, then back to the breathtaking view. There, dancing in the warm breeze, was a whole valley covered in sunflowers. Thousands of brown faces with bright yellow manes nodding towards the two children. 



"Do you like them?"

"Boy, Summer, I didn't know flowers could be so beautiful."

Summer giggled. She skipped through the flowers in glee.

"Bet you can't catch me!" 

Asher sprinted towards the fairy-like girl as she giggled some more and ran away as fast as she could. It wasn't long before he caught up and tackled her, both falling to the ground and rolling down the hill laughing and screaming all the way. 

Asher took a deep breathe of the fresh summer air, looking towards the sun as it started to touch the top of the giant hill. He turned as he felt a tug on his hand.

"Race you home!" And with that, Summer took off. Asher shook his little brown head as he struggled to catch up with the energetic girl.

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