"Wait for Me"

A story about a true, deep love. One that isn't at the surface, but deep beneath it. One that leads two long lost souls back together. A connection so strong and real that it can save a life.

Asher is a boy with good looks, smarts, charm, popularity and money. All the girls want him, but he doesn't want any of them. As he decides to wait for the right one to come along, he finds memories amongst his daily life that intrigue him. At the same time, he feels senses of danger and hurt, but he doesn't know why and what they mean.

Summer is a gorgeous, blonde-haired girl, who almost looks like a fairy. She lives in the category of the less fortunate people of the world. Having had enough of her depressing life with an abusive drunk mother, she struggles to find her purpose in life as she walks along the streets all alone. But trouble is closely following and it won't be long until it swallows her up.

Join this adventure of courage, persistence, acceptance and love.

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6. "Hot Choc' or Coffay?"

Tuesday, 23rd September 2014


4:02AM, Callie's Cafe

The warm, cozy cabin was lit up with candles, and the cafe staff had the fireplace at the back of the cabin going. 


Callie looked up from the table she was wiping to see a familiar blonde head come through the door.

"Why, Summer, honey, whaddaya doin' down 'ere so early in the mornin'? And, my, you're all soaked"  Callie took one look at the young girl's face gave a gasp of horror. There, on Summer's right eye, was a huge, black bruise. Four, bright red, open gashes were the marks of very sharp nails across her cheeks. And her eyes were plain swollen, accompanied with ugly dark circles. 

Summer burst into tears.

 "Aw, sugar, lemme' fix up something for you to drink. Hot choc' or coffay?" Callie rushed over and hugged her, rubbing her shoulders and guiding her to the stool closest to the bar. In no more than two seconds Sally and Yvette bundled through the kitchen doors.

"Oh, sweetie pie, what's wrong?", Sally gasped.

"Yvette, honey, go fix up some hot chocolate.", Callie ordered. "We've got a whole lotta' comfortin' to git' through." Yvette, the younger of the warm co-workers obediently rushed to complete her task. "Sally, go git' somethin' from our emergency closet.

"Yes Ma'am!"

"There, there, sugar, it's all right. Us girls got your back!"

"Darn right we do!" called out Sally from the back hallway.

Summer continued to sob for what seemed like hours, until she finally exhausted herself and fell limp in the kind cafe owner's arms. By this time Summer was all bundled up in towels and thick blankets, and a delicious-smelling hot chocolate sat in front of her.

"There, honey, wanna' tell us what's botherin' ya?", Callie asked softly.

Summer took a deep breath. "I'm running away."

"Oh dear." Yvette's sweet, soft voice had a worried tone. 

"Honey, why would you do such a thing.", asked Sally

"I can't take it any more. My mother-she hates me." Summer's deep blue eyes began to pool with tears again.

"Oh, dear, don't cry, Summer." Yvette rushed to the other side of Summer and dried her eyes with a napkin.

"I don't know your mama, Summer, never seen 'er face to face. But what makes you think a mama would hate her own pretty child?" Callie questioned.

"I don't think so. I know so. She said so. She said she hated me, and she said-" Summer was cut off by her sobs as Yvette ran away to fetch a box of Kleenex, Callie continued to rub her back and Sally handed her the miraculously still-warm drink. 

After Summer had a chance to blow her nose and have a sip of the hot chocolate she continued her story.

"Sh-she said, "stupid failed abortion." I was a failed abortion! I wasn't meant to live!" she wailed.

Sally slammed her fist on the table.

"Of course you were meant to live!" She declared.

"Easy, Sally.", reminded Callie.

"Sorry, ma'am." 

"Honey, Sally's right. If you weren't s'posed to live, then the abortion would have been successful. There never would have been the beautiful Summer we see today. But the abortion failed, and you, my dear, are the result of a failed misdeed. It weren't right for your mama to go for an abortion anyhow." Callie assured the miserable 16-year old.

"But I can't go back. I just can't!" Summer declared.

"You don't have to. For now, at least." Yvette chirped.

"Why, Yvette!" Callie gasped. "Why ever so should she not return to her mama?"

"Well, ma'am, you see, Summer really isn't fit to go back home. I can tell." 

Callie and Sally continued to stare at her.

"I've been through enough to understand what Summer's going through." Yvette explained softly. She turned to Summer. "Summer, you don't need to go home right now. Tell you what, you could stay at my place for a few days. Till' you're ready to go back."

"You can even work here for a while too, earn some cash!", piped Callie. Summer smiled sadly.

"Thanks, but I can't. I need to leave town."

"Town?!" gasped all three ladies.

"Town. I've got to start over. I wasn't meant to live this life, so I'll start a new one."

"But... Summer, we'll miss you badly!" 

"I'll miss you girls too. But I need to go. In fact, I'm going now. So, goodbye, girls." Summer hugged each woman affectionately and headed towards the door of the cafe.

"W-wait, Summer. Where're ya goin'?" Callie called after her. Summer thought about this.

"Bradlington." Summer replied. Then she was gone.

"I've got a lotta friends back in Bradlington!" Sally yelled as soon as the door clicked shut. But Yvette shook her head sadly.

"No, Sally. If Summer wants to start a new life, then we can't interfere with it. It's just gotta be this way." And with that, she drooped back to the kitchen.


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