"Wait for Me"

A story about a true, deep love. One that isn't at the surface, but deep beneath it. One that leads two long lost souls back together. A connection so strong and real that it can save a life.

Asher is a boy with good looks, smarts, charm, popularity and money. All the girls want him, but he doesn't want any of them. As he decides to wait for the right one to come along, he finds memories amongst his daily life that intrigue him. At the same time, he feels senses of danger and hurt, but he doesn't know why and what they mean.

Summer is a gorgeous, blonde-haired girl, who almost looks like a fairy. She lives in the category of the less fortunate people of the world. Having had enough of her depressing life with an abusive drunk mother, she struggles to find her purpose in life as she walks along the streets all alone. But trouble is closely following and it won't be long until it swallows her up.

Join this adventure of courage, persistence, acceptance and love.

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3. "Get One"

Monday, 22nd September 2014


Asher took a deep breath as he stood before the looming school. Bradlington High. 

"Looking forward to graduation?" Isaac murmured to his younger brother.

Isaac and Asher were both seniors in year 12, even though Isaac was older. But this was only because Asher was younger by just 10 months. 

"Dude. It's the last day of school. Of our second last term." Asher grinned.  "No more school for ever!"

"You're forgetting college."


"Don't worry bro. At least we got our scholarships." Isaac pumped his fist.

Both Isaac and Asher had won scholarships, Isaac in academics and Asher in sports. Even though they had differing scholarships, they were both equally intelligent and athletic.

Isaac and Asher Lockwood had it all. They had the smarts, the looks, they were athletic and both very charming. And they had money. A lot. And due to their family's huge donations to the school, they became popular very quickly.

"Hey Isaac, hey Asher." A group of freshmen girls giggle as they walked past the two boys.

Isaac stared at the last girl. "You should get one."

"Hm?" Asher glanced at Isaac in confusion.

"You should get one. Get a girl."

"What? No!"

"Why not? There are heaps of gorgeous girls here. How long can you wait until you find the right one? Look, I'm with Victoria, and she's perfect. And we're perfect. "

"You just dumped Valerie two days ago. And you met Victoria yesterday."

"Whatever. C'mon, we've got to sign in. It's recess. We're so late." Isaac threw his arm over Asher and the two walked inside the enormous building.

It seemed like days before the lunch bell rang, and soon all but Asher and Jenny had run out of the classroom.

"Hey, Asher. How's Cindy?" Jenny was a very close family friend of the Lockwoods, almost a sister, and lived next door. Her father was a very rich businessman, and they had a similar status to the Lockwoods. Jenny often babysat Jarred for fun over the weekends, and when she wasn't, she would be hanging out with Cindy or helping Tina out. She spent more time at the Lockwood's mansion, where she even had her own room, than her own mansion. Of course, it was very lonely in her own home, since her parents were always busy, her father being a businessman and her mother being a popular socialite, always attending different events and parties, even multiple events in a day.

"She's great." Asher grinned at Jenny. "Wanna' guess the news from her doctor's appointment yesterday?"

Jenny squealed. "Oh, please tell me! I'm literally dying to know!" Asher laughed as she fell to the floor and pretended to choke.

"Get up, Jenny. Hurry before people see you."

"I don't care, tell me the news!"

Asher pulled her up. "Okay, okay. We're getting twins."

Jenny screamed and jumped up and down. "Oh, I am so excited for you guys!"

Isaac popped his head in the doorway. "Hurry up, you lovebirds. Lunch is getting cold."

Jenny smirked and went over to lightly smack the back of Isaac's head. "I've still got my eye on Adam, you know."

"You could do better. So could Asher. Asher, hurry up and get a girlfriend so I can see who my future sister-in-law is!"

"Ooh, we could totally get him a girlfriend. I could totally come up with one for you!" Jenny squealed again.

"Come one, guys. I told you, I just haven't found the right one."

"How will you know if you've found the right one?" Isaac questioned.

"I'll know."

Jenny popped up from where she was packing her large, Burberry tote bag. "Ooh, we should totally hold girlfriend auditions!"

"Jenny, it doesn't work that way.


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