Death - a Harry Styles Fanfiction

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1. prologue





1. The act of dying: termination of life.

2. The state of being dead.

3. The cause of dying: Drugs were the death of him.

One word that can change someones life. For the better or for the worst.

They say life ends when you fall into a deep sleep and you never wake up. They say your life will flash before your eyes and what is important is in viewing before you fall in the anticipated sleep that you will never wake up from. They say it will be ok because you will be in a better place. Well that is how my mum explained death when Uncle Carl died, when I was 7, and I asked what it was.

From that day on, I was scared of sleeping because I didn’t want to die, and so I stayed up every night and watch the rain pour from outside and hear the wind rattle the roof. During the night I will always check mum and her boyfriend in the other room if they were still awake because I didn’t want to lose them both even if I didn’t particularly like her boyfriend.

I was envious of everyone’s courage and bravery because they could sleep and I couldn’t.

Every Wednesday I used to stay at my friend Joe’s house whilst his older sister would babysit us both but one night everything changed. That night I was dropped off with a kiss on my cheek by my mum and was greeted by Joe at the door. He led me into the lounge and sitting on the couch was Joe’s sister Jasmine and her boyfriend, it was only supposed to be his sister looking after us but she told us not to tell our parents in exchange for chocolate and late night movies.

Once we finished watching the movies Jasmine ushered us to bed and we pretended to sleep when we heard something knocking, pounding and screaming in the next room. I thought death was taking Jasmine, so I ran into her room. She was lying on the bed with her boyfriend up against her both of them naked. I didn’t know what was happening. She just kept on screaming and trying to push him off of her. I panicked and threw my toy car at him. He stopped as his dark eyes turned and were fixated on me. He gets out of the bed as Jasmine was grabbing his arm and crying constantly pleading him to not touch me and telling me to run. He then grabbed me and threw me against the wall then I thought I was dead.

That night I found out that you don’t necessarily die in your sleep but fall into unconsciousness where you find that you can’t wake up from.

But can you die without going to sleep and or have anything affect you that will lead to death? Can you die mentally or is that just dying inside? And is there a difference? Since physically you just die straight off with a little pain and then numbness whilst when you die mentally it hurts so much and all the time that you might as well die in the physical way.

I still don’t understand what death is to this very day but I want to avoid it at anything means necessarily.

Physically and mentally.


New story! To be honest I don't know where this story is going... BUT I just wanted to write so here it is.

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~ Tina

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