Often // H.S

"Girl I do this often."

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2. I. Queen Street


Harry's P.O.V 


"They only love me when I'm high." I said looking towards Louis who was taking another hit of weed. "what time is it?" He asked "Um gonna be 2am" I replied looking at the watch on my wrist. 

When I looked up I see Louis stiffen, looking around as if he was gonna get arrested. "I got to go, Eleanor is gonna kill me if she finds out I was past the time I told her I was gonna be back!" I just looked at him as he was grabbing his shoes and taking his car keys off the table. I didn't have time to say bye because he was already in his car. 

2 Days Later 

As I was running around the track of the high school I use to go to, after 15 minuets of running I could see this beautiful girl by the bleachers putting on her earphones. I got closer to where she was and I could see all her features, her long brunette hair that she had put up in a ponytail. Her leggings that complimented her ass really well, and her flawless tan skin.

I was in a trance she started running and I decided to pick up my pace so I could talk to her, I caught up to her and ran next to her. I could see her looking towards me and she took off one of her earphones. "hi" her voice is so sweet and angelic "hi, you run here everyday?" the hell styles that's all you could say!? "not everyday, just when I have time since I have work" oh. "where do you work?" I asked her "I work at this one Apple store, you know the one that has iPhones and iMacs" It got quiet "so where do you work?" she asked as she slowed down her pace and started walking, so I started walking "I don't have a job right now" I wasn't gonna lie since I have no reason to. "Oh are you gonna looking for one?" She asked facing me "I don't know yet." "Oh well I have to go, it was nice seeing you..." She paused looking towards me "Harry, Harry Styles" 

I said smiling and giving her a hug, I had to bent my knees a little since she's kinda short, but I like it. "My names Jhanetxy Skyes" "it was nice seeing you too" giving me her smile that could light up any room and makes any upset person happy. "where do you live?" I asked jhanetxy taking my water bottle from the bleachers we started walking towards the car parking. 

"Queen Street."

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