Im nothing but trouble

Does he like me because he feels bad for me? Is it something more than friend ship? Or is he just playing me like the bad boy he is.or maybe he's in love with me.....


2. unexpected visitors


The door to homeroom was locked and I could her voices.It sounded like they had accents."uh Mr.Potter,homeroom starts in 2 minutes" I said not caring if I interrupted the conversation."Oh, Aidan, I'm kinda in the middle of a important meeting"Mr.Potter said through the door in a panicky voice."we'll we kinda have to start school so....."My voice trailed off knowing he understood were I was coming from."alright just don't freak"He unlocked the door but didn't open it.I opened the door."Why would I fr-"I stopped in mid sentence when I saw none other then the 4 beautiful, newly famous Australian boys sitting at desks in the front of the room."Oh my holy Jesus Christ"I mumbled knowing exactly what I had said."OMG"Micheal squealed at the sight of Michael Clifford."Hi" Michael waved at Micheal.Micheal almost totally freaked but instead she squeezed my hand so hard that it turned purple."so,um,like why is 5sos in our classroom?"I asked Mr.Potter giving him a intense glare."we'll there going to be attending school with you and your piers." He said waiting for my response.I stood still and silent while I stared at luke sitting in the seat behind mine."oh,um,ok..." I sat in my seat.I tried not to freak out by biting my thumb.All it did was leave a teeth mark."hi I'm Luke" Luke said with his really cute smile."Hi I'm Aidan"I smiled back with the cutest smile I could make."that's a really cool name for a girl"He smirked in a very attractive way.I blushed really hard."thanks"I said.He honestly took my breathe away.I couldn't even look at him without hyperventilating.A high pitched scream snapped me back to reality.It was Stacy."OMG your Luke from 5sos!!!"She said not even taking notice of the other boys.She sat behind him."So, like you should call me some time"She said in a flirty way while twirling her hair."Yeah maybe" Luke said.I could tell he didn't like her from his tone of voice.As more kids flooded into class there was girls screaming and boys rolling there eyes.This was going to be a long year.

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