Im nothing but trouble

Does he like me because he feels bad for me? Is it something more than friend ship? Or is he just playing me like the bad boy he is.or maybe he's in love with me.....


1. A New Year

Hi I'm Aidan Harrison.Im 16 years old.i attend fanfiction high.Really odd name for a high school.So I'm going to tell you a story.The setting:High school Hell.


"Alright"I said as I stepped into the main corridor of FanFiction high with my best friends Ashley,Micheal,and Kayla.As soon as we walked in the smell of cheap perfume hit me in the face like a slap.It was Stacy upton,the Queen bee of FanFiction high.She was wearing half a shirt with a black leather skirt and fishnet stockings."hey loser"She shot at me as she passed by.I ignored her knowing that she wasn't worth it.We all made our way to our lockers.I propped my guitar against the wall as I opened my locker."Oh my god Aidan!" Micheal squealed while staring at her phone screen."What?" I peeked over her shoulder at her phone.It was a picture of Michael Clifford holding a kitten. "cute" I replied.We were all huge fans of 5 Seconds Of Summer.And we all had huge crushes on them.Ashley liked Ashton Irwin,Kayla liked calum Hood,Micheal liked Michael Clifford,And I liked Luke Hemmings.Thats just how it worked."we should head to homeroom"Ashley said as she closed her locker with a click."let's roll"I pointed down the hallway and posed in a wierd way.Kayla giggled.Little did we now what surprise was in store for us.

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