Im nothing but trouble

Does he like me because he feels bad for me? Is it something more than friend ship? Or is he just playing me like the bad boy he is.or maybe he's in love with me.....


3. 3.The Fight scene

It was after math class that mrs.Fletcher asked me and Luke to stay after class."Aidan iv noticed your doing well in my class"she said.I smiled being pleased with my self."But" She said.Oh god I thought."Luke you are not doing so well"she said.Luke frowned being disappointed in himself."So you two will study together."I froze."WHAT" I said."well you are one of my best students" She organized her papers and stuffed them in her bag."I'll see you two tammarow"Luke was the first one to talk."Do mean.."He looked nervous."Are you okay?"I asked."I'm fine......So do you want to come over my house and study?"I could tell he was hesitant."sure"I said.I propped my bag onto my shoulder.He let out a sigh.As we walked down the hall I saw Stacy flirting with some dude.She must have noticed me looking at her with a disgusted face."What the hell do you want?"She yelled loud enough for every one to hear.Everyone stopped."Nothing"I said.I smiled knowing that if I said anything else I would surely start a fight.I turned to walk away but Stacy grabbed my bag and threw it on the ground."Ohhhhhh" Everyone said."Your not going any were you freak!"She yelled.I had to say something."What the fuck do you want!"I yelled knowing everyone was takin back by the tone in my voice."AIDAN!" Micheal screamed."Don't you dare start a fight!"Stacy said something before I could."Why don't you stay out of it you slut!" I was going to snap."DONT YOU DARE TALK TO HER THAT WAY!"I screamed.Out of nowhere Stacy slapped me.Hard.I could feel the pain coursing through my face."Aidan are you all right!"Luke crouched down to see my face.I was hunched over with one hand on my cheek.And that was it.I aggressively ripped off my flannel shirt that I had over my black t-shirt.I got in her face."Why don't you fight me?"I whisper yelled.This time Stacy kicked me In the stomach.I lied on the cold floor of the hallway."AIDAN!" All eight of them stood over me.I slowly stood up.I slowly walked over to Stacy.I stood there staring at her.Then I really snapped.I punched her in the face.She fell to the floor.No one came to her side.She slowly stood up with her hands covering her face.When she removed her hands her nose and mouth were covered in blood."Oh shit"Luke said.He had been beside me the whole time.When Stacy saw the blood she screamed.She ran to the bathroom with her minions not far behind.Everyone was still silent."we should go"Luke whispered."yeah"I grabbed my flannel shirt and my backpack and we walked down the hall with people staring at me."Shit"I mumbled.

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