How did we end up here

Ashton pov: y did she have to be Calum's baby sister


1. chapter 1

Ashton pov: Luke shut the fuck up about penguins we get there cute. "Dam Ashton r u on your period" said Luke. Haha very funny Luke but we're going to late to band practice. After finally getting Luke to shut up we got to Calum's house. I walk in to the house with my favorite drum sticks and Luke is behind me with his guitar. Calum sister is there named izzy. hey I said while blushing i thought to myself she's gorgeous with her long ombré hair, nirvana tee shirt and her shorts.

Oh my god Ashton what r u thinking this is Calum's baby sister. He would kill me if I went out with her. ASHTON!! ASHTON!!! WHAT DO YOU WANT. It's time for band practice. Izzy was there recording in the other room

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