One ring in the wrong hands, can lead to destruction...


1. Prologue


I took a deep breath and tried to regain my composure, there was no way that he was going to win. The crowd was still cheering for him, encouraging him to finish with me. I gritted my teeth and slowly got up once again. My nose was bleeding and I knew for sure that I had a black eye. Some people gasped when I stood up, but he was too busy savouring a victory that wasn't his. I smirked as he stopped cheering and turned around to face me, his hazel eyes slightly covered by his chestnut hair, burning into me.


-"You want more Wagner?"- Thadeo roared. -"That's how you are used to right? Being constantly beaten up by that father of yours?"-

I stepped closer. -"This makes you feel powerful right? This is what you do so you don't pity yourself. Ignorant pig."-  I cleaned my bleeding nose with the back of my hand. -"Hit me. "- I taunted. -"Prove how strong you are by beating up a girl."-

Thadeo was turning his hand into a fist when a new but strong voice spoke. -"Hit her one more time and I will break your neck."-

I searched for the owner of the voice but failed. -"Show yourself!"- Thadeo shouted.


People started opening space from my right, and a tall, well-built golden hair boy appeared, his blue eyes narrowing in fury towards Thadeo. Who the hell is he? -"You!"- Thadeo laughed at him. -"You are going to break my neck?"- He joked once again.

Not even ten seconds later, Thadeo was on the floor with the new guy planting his foot on his chest. -"Leave the girl alone."-


I was still on shock. How strong was this new guy? He removed his foot and turned to face me. I raised an eyebrow, but pain shot right to me, I moved my hand up to my brow and felt a cut and blood, so I might not have a black eye. The guy grabbed my bag and dragged me out of the commotion, meanwhile everyone stood in shock whispering away. I was so hearing about tomorrow...


I tried to break free, but he had a good grip on my arm. -"Stop fighting."- He hissed. -"I'm just trying to help you."-

-"Maybe I don't want help."- I stated trying to stop, making my point. The boy stopped tugging when I didn't move and he turned to me.

-"If you don't move I will carry you."- I snatched my arm back and stared at him with my arms crossed over my chest. -"Why don't you want help?"- He let out an exasperated sigh.

-"Because I don't need help!"- I exclaimed breathing heavily. I was pissed. -"I don't need help! Just leave me alone new kid."- I turned around and walked out of the school.


How dare he 'save' me from the fight? He's no saviour in shiny armour, not that I need one. I've been doing fine without him. Today was simply a slip.

I stopped a few blocks away and stared back, everything was normal, and no one was following me. I walked one more block and entered the Antique Shop. The small ding announced my entrance. I really hope that neither of my parents is here today, not that they are ever here...


I walked over to the counter where my brother was knelt down packing some things. -"Eoghan."- I said in a small voice. -"Are you alone?"-

-"Sister?"- My brother stood up. -"What happened?"- He questioned as he grabbed my hand and took me back to the office. -"Thadeo again?"- He asked as I sat on the table so that he could clean my face.

-"Yeah, the arrogant spoke shit about mom."- I rolled my eyes and sucked my breath. -"It stopped thanks to the new kid."-

My brother cleaned my brow and I winced. -"You shouldn't let him get to you."- He smiled sweetly when I moved his hand from my cut. -"New kid? What he do to stop it?"- He questioned as he moved towards my nose.

-"When I was taunting him about hitting a girl, he told Thadeo that if he did hit me again he was going to break his neck."- I explained. -"He pinned him down on the floor."- My brother chuckled and helped me down.

-"Are you going back home or stay here?"- My brother asked as we cleaned up.

-"I'm going to stay here."- I replied. My brother nodded and walked back to the store. I took out my books and notebooks to do my homework so that when I got home I could focus on practicing mixed martial arts.

I had skipped my last class, sociology, which I gladly would miss every day. I started working, as I heard my brother help the costumers. -"Welcome to Wagner's Antique Shop. In what can I help you?"-

-"I would like to know about the Golden Black Ring."- A fairly familiar voice asked. I tensed, the Golden Black Ring was the most precious and valuable thing we owned, and I was the expert on that matter.

-"Give me a second."- My brother spoke. -"I'm going to get the expert."- A few steps later he was standing on the doorway staring at me. -"Need your help."- I nodded and got up from the desk. Time to work.

I walked over to the shop; a familiar golden hair was waiting on the opposite counter from my brother. -"In what can I help you?"- I questioned as I walked over to the person.

The person turned around and he new kid was staring at me. I took a step back in surprise, what did he want to know about that ring?

-"How can I help you?"- I questioned once again, after I regain my composure.

The new kid seemed surprised that my face as now decent. -"I want to know how did you find the ring."- I stared at him; I wasn't going to tell him that story. No one could know how that ring became mine, it wasn't the shops, it was mine, but in order to protect my brother, I claimed that it was the shops.

-"We bought it from an antique seller."- I lied, not even my brother knew the story, and the new kid wasn't going to have that privilege.

-"How much for it?"- He questioned staring at me.

I took in a deep breath. -"It's not for sale at the moment."- I replied. -"Would you be interested in something else?"- I questioned trying to get rid of him.

-"Is it even the real one?" He gave me sceptical look. I nodded. -"How are you so sure?"-

-"We hade it tested."- I replied and he nodded. -"Can I help you in something else?"-

He shook his head and shoved his hands on his pockets. -"I'll see you around in school."- I nodded. -"Just letting you know, that I'm now your guardian."- He added and left.


I frowned confused. What did he mean with that he was now my guardian? Was he talking about the legend on the ring? Could he be the protector and I the victim?


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