One ring in the wrong hands, can lead to destruction...


3. Chapter Two



A week. It has been a whole week and I was now back on school. My brother was now my legal guardian until I was old enough to take care of myself, and my mother was sent to a mental institution as she was clearly out of control. The house was going to be sold and we were going to live in the Antique Shop, as it was big enough for the shop and the two of us living there.


-"Be good Wagner."- My brother spoke as he stopped right in front of the school gates. -"Try to figure out what you missed and what you can do."- I nodded, I knew what I had to do, I was not stupid.  

-"I will try my best."- I replied and got out of the car. I took in a deep breath, inhaling the winter and the sadness that the school threw. I walked into the school, ignoring the looks and the comments people were saying, what did I care?


Do you know how weird it is to go back to school when you are the most hated person, and the reason you missed a week of school was because your father was murdered and your mother locked away? Yeah, not the best for your reputation not that I care about it but I am sure that I don't want to have a fight with anyone today, I am not in the mood for it.


-"It's nice to know that you are back."- I heard a voice speak, Thadeo. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath; I was not going to turn around. -"I'm sorry about your loss, but I'm sure that you are happy that it happened."- There was a hint of amusement at the end.

-"Just leave me alone Thadeo."- I sighed. -"No one needs your fake sympathy or anything. Get lost."- I slammed my locker door. I turned around and he stood with his fucking smirk. -"What do really want?"-

-"Nothing."- Thadeo smirked. -"I just wanted to say that I am sorry."- I closed my eyes and shook my head; I did not believe a word that came from his mouth. -"I'm being serious Wagner."- His tone of voice was different. -"I know that your father abused you, but it is still hard to lose someone who was supposed to love you-" I punched him straight in the face, causing him to stumble back.

-"You know nothing about my father or how the hell he treated me."- I stated as I approached to him. -"You are not going to talk shit about my family. I don't care if you think my family sucks, that is none of your business, so I am suggesting you to leave me alone before I rip your fucking eyes out."- I quickly snatched my pointing finger back to my side before grabbing my backpack and walking away from the scene.


I took in deep breaths as I massaged my temple trying to calm myself. I knew that I had promised my brother that I was going to behave, but I was sick and tired or Thadeo shitting out my family, I knew that it wasn't the best family and that we had our problems, but at the end it was my family and I had to love it no matter what.

I entered my classroom, made my way towards the last seat, and slumped down on it. I closed my eyes and relaxed, I had to be clamed in order to continue with the day. I stared at my hand where the ring was, I gulped and took in a deep breath, Eoghan had believed in the story and he was now being more precautious than ever, hence the reason to why I lost a whole week of school.

The bell rand soon and everyone entered the classroom. I was staring out at the window when someone sat down next to me; I half turned around and saw the new kid there. I rolled my eyes and rested my head on my propped hand. What was his deal? If he really was my protector, how come that I didn't even know his name or how was it that he wasn't protecting me?


-"I'm sorry for your loss."- He spoke, his words clear. -"I know that it sucks, and yes, I do know how much it does."- I turned to face him narrowing my eyes. How on earth would he know? -"I lost both my parents when I was younger, my older brother had to take care of me. I know it is difficult."-

-"You don't have to tell me your life story."- I replied. -"But thanks, and I am sorry as well."- He nodded and turned to face the board. -"If you are really my protector, how come I don't know your name?"- A smile crept into his face as he stared at me.

-"You didn't let me help you the very first day I saved your life."- He replied and I blushed staring down, he was right. -"I'm Raymond Sirre."- He added. -"I'm not only your protector, but I am also a collector, that means that I will be helping you collect the four Golden Elements."- I nodded. -"I need you to trust me."- I tilted my head. -"I need to know your real name, not your last name, your first name."-

I gasped. No one knew my name apart from my family. -"Why should I trust you?"- I questioned lowering my voice. -"There is a special code that the protector must say to the person he or she has to protect. I haven't heard you saying it."- I smirked.

Raymond nodded and cupped my ear. -"Ducatur circulus unus interitus est in manibus erroneis."- He whispered. -"I suppose that you know what that means right? If not, you are not the real owner of the Golden Black Ring."-

-"One ring in the wrong hands can lead to destruction."- I whispered. -"Said in Latin, as the very first owner and protector only spoke in Latin between them so that no one could understand what they were saying."- I smiled. -"Easton Wagner."- I added. -"My first name is Easton."- He nodded. -"No one is to either use it or know it. Is that clear?"-

-"Clear as water."- Raymond nodded. -"Meet me by your locker after school, I have some things to show you."- I nodded and turned to pay attention. -"I'm going to protect you from everything, even when you say that you don't need help."-


I didn't reply to his comment, there was no need. I knew from the book, that usually if the protector was from the opposite sex from the person being protected, they fell in love. The typical fairytale story where the princess falls in love with the prince in shinning armor because they saved her from some evil, I was going to make sure that it didn't happen to me.

Once the lesson was over, I gathered my things and walked out to my next class. I was supposed to be doing the normal things that I would do, but after having the conversation with Raymond, I came to think that my life was now going to be more in danger, yet I don't think I quite understand what kind of danger I was going to be in.

Once I was seated on my next class, I took out the booklet and started reading it; I need to figure out what's going to happen with me and this goddamn ring.


"For those who own the ring, life will not only get better but worst at the same time. Dreams will come true just as fast as nightmares do the same. It's not only the danger of the Hunter Collectors that will come, but those who had something against the owner will come. The protector not only protects those who own the ring, but also those who are close to them, as they have the same destiny..."


Hunter Collectors? People is going to hunt me down for a ring? 

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