One ring in the wrong hands, can lead to destruction...


13. Chapter Twelve


I woke up when I felt a presence watching over me. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Raymond staring at me from the door. I rolled my eyes, ever since the accident, which was two weeks ago; someone was always in my hospital room. I don’t even understand why, we have some captives, so I doubt that they will send more people looking for me, the tracking device is gone they can’t find me.

I raised an eyebrow and Raymond simply placed his finger to his mouth. He wanted for me to be silent. I gave him a nod, and he pointed at his ear and then towards the door. Of course my brother and Jordan would be discussing something involving me without having me in the conversation. I was about to ask something when Raymond motioned me to pretend to wake up until now. I did.


-“She’s still sleeping?”- I heard Eoghan question as I yawned and rubbed my eyes. -“Good morning sleeping beauty.”- He chuckled as he walked towards the bed. –“How are you feeling?”-

-“Better than the past week.”- I replied. –“When will I be able to leave?”- I questioned. –“Please tell me I can leave today or tomorrow.”- I pleaded; I was far too tired to stay here any longer.

-“I will sign the papers when the doctor comes and check you for the last time.”- Eoghan smiled. –“We are going home princess.”- He kissed my forehead and I forced a smile. That name wasn’t going to dictate my life. –“I need to head over to the shop, I’ll be back for lunch okay?”- I nodded. –“See you soon Easton.”- He winked and walked out of the room with Jordan following him.


Raymond locked the door behind him as he followed them outside. I rolled my eyes annoyed. Why wouldn’t they tell me what was going on? Did one of the guys spoke about something we need to know? I sat up and grabbed my phone from the bedside table. If they weren’t going to tell me stuff, I was going to find them out myself.

I typed the Internet address for the cameras that we have at the Antique Shop and typed in the password, which I hope that they hadn’t changed. Lucky for me, I didn’t have to hack into any placed today, as I could enter fairly quickly. I clicked on the camera that we have on the basement, where we are keeping our prisoners and decided to check the last week events…


-“You know.”- Raymond startled me. –“You could have simply asked me what is going on.”-  I raised an eyebrow. –“I was just trying to get some more information out of Jordan. That’s the reason as to why I left you.”-

-“Yeah well, I didn’t know if you were authorized to tell me the things I want to know.”- I replied. –“Have any of the prisoners spoken about the last element?”- I questioned.

-“Not really.”- Raymond replied. –“They don’t want to give up some information we know they know. We still have to try some other methods though.”- He shrugged. –“I think that they are waiting for you to get back home so that you try to talk with them and see if you get anything valuable.”-

-“Probably I can help with that.”- I smirked and Raymond chuckled. We both knew what I was going to be doing.




I washed the last glass and placed it on the counter so that it could dry by itself. I know that Eoghan doesn’t want to push me around trying to figure out answers, he wants to wait like a day or two, but I can’t. I want to know the answers right now.  I made sure that no one saw me as I walked down towards the basement.


-“We already told you,”- A voice started. –“We know nothing.”- It finished.

-“Lies.”- I replied. –“I want you to tell me the truth.”- I added calmly. –“Where is the last element?”-

-“I don’t know that.”- Dennis replied. –“I am telling you the truth, I know who has it, but I don’t know where she keeps it.”-

-“She?”- I questioned with a frown. –“I thought that the element was in hand of your leader.”- I added. –“Who is her and how do I find her?”-

-“Her name is Angelina Marcs.”- Dennis replied. –“You don’t find her, she finds you.”- He added before I heard voices coming down.

-“We’re not done talking.”- I pointed out and walked out of the room.


Eoghan was staring at me confused and I simply walked past him towards the stairs. We were not going to discuss what I had just figured out down here where the prisoners could listen.

Raymond was working on the laptop and Jordan was talking with a customer, we still had thirty minutes before we closed the store. I stared at Eoghan who was coming behind me and I shook my head, I was not going to tell them right now.

I walked up to my room and took out my laptop, I was going to find out whom this Angelina Marcs is, she is not going to find me, and I will find her first. She has the last element and I will get it so that we can stop this stupid fight that is going to develop and might kill a bunch of innocent people.


-“What are you doing?”- Eoghan questioned as he sat on my bed. –“Why did you speak with him without telling us?”-

-“You wouldn’t have let me Eoghan.”- I replied. –“Plus, I got some answers that I would have not gotten if you were down there.”- I pointed out. –“When the store is closed, tell me so that I fill everyone in what I found out and what I might find right now.”-

-“Five minutes.”- Eoghan replied. –“We are closing earlier today.”- He stood up from my bed and walked away.


Angelina Marcs, interior designer and president of the Marcs adoption center… 

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