One ring in the wrong hands, can lead to destruction...


4. Chapter Three


With a sigh I made my way down to the Office, I wasn’t really sure why I was being called, but I knew that I had to obey. There was the fact that I had missed a whole week of school due to the incident, and I’m thinking that maybe the Principle wants to know why I had missed so much.
Raymond had stayed back in class, as he couldn’t really follow me everywhere, it was kind of stupid. There is no way that my savior can be with me all the time, I now know that he has no family, except for his brother, but that doesn’t mean that he will live with me and my brother.


-“Wagner.” - The secretary spoke as I opened the door. –“He’s waiting for you in his office.”- I nodded and made my way towards the door. –“You’re not in trouble, and I’m sorry for your loss.”- I gave her a curt nod and knocked twice before entering the office.


I’ve been called to this office at least ten times, most of them were because I had gotten into a fight with Thadeo and a teacher had seen us, a few were because I was acing all the classes in which my classmates were flunking. I took a seat on the brown leather chair that was placed in front of the desk and I waited for the Principle to hang up the phone so that we could have the conversation he wanted.


-“Wagner.”- The Principle spoke as he placed the phone down. -“First of all, I am really sorry about your loss.”- I gave the usual curt nod. -“Second, I called you in because they notified me about that changes that had been made in your family. I know that Eoghan is now your legal guardian as your mother is locked up.”- I rolled my eyes at this, what did he care about? –“I know that it hasn’t been easy, hence why you took a week off school. It’s only understandable; social services even told me that you might even come until next week.”-

-“There was no need to lose more classes.”- I replied. –“Everything had been settled down so I saw no need for me to stay in and not come.”- The Principle nodded. –“Social services also spoke with me; they told me that they were going to ask the school to check out how I was dealing.”-

-“I know that it will be hard.”- He said and I closed my eyes so that I didn’t roll them in front of him. –“Teachers were notified about the incident, so if you ever need to get up and cry you can do so.”- I nodded. –“There is only one thing that you are going to need to stop doing.”- I took in a deep breath; I already knew what he was going to tell me. –“You need to stop the fights with Thadeo.”-

-“I’ll do my best.”- I replied. –“Is there anything further to discuss or can I return to my class?”- The Principle stared at me for a few moments. I was pretty sure that he thought that I was trying to be strong and that someday I was going to come to his office and cry my eyes out…

-“I’ll see you next week.” He said. –“We’ll be having weekly sessions for two months.”- I stood up and nodded.


He would get bored after the second session. I can guarantee you that. I made my way back to my class and started reading the book that the teacher had asked us. I knew that the Principle had asked the teachers to keep an eye on me, but sometimes they didn’t really understand that they didn’t have to be on top of me for doing so.

As school ended, I waited for Raymond on my locker as we had said. I knew that I had told Eoghan that I was going to go back to the shop, but I could lie and go check out whatever Raymond had in mind. My peace and calm were interrupted by no other than Thadeo walking over to where I was. I rolled my eyes and picked up my stuff to move away.


-“Where do you think you are going Wagner?”- Thadeo questioned. “You are going nowhere.”- Added by slamming me to the lockers. –“We have some unfinished business.”- He added with a smirk.

-“We have nothing.”- I replied punching him on the stomach and then on his face so that I could escape. Before I even moved two steps away from him, his friends kicked me on the stomach and smacked me back to the lockers. –“You’re such a winy baby that you need your friends to hold me still.”- I spat with a smirk. –“I thought you were better.”-

-“Having a sneaky rat like you, makes me do it.”- Thadeo replied. –“Now Wagner.”- He smiled as he touched my face. –“Remember that this is your entire fault.”- I was being pinned, meaning that I could only use my legs. –“If you weren’t so stubborn and had done as I said, we wouldn’t be in this position.”- He smirked. –“We would be in such a better position.”-


Before he even tried to say something more I lifted my foot and hit him right where the sun doesn’t shines and then ripped myself from the restrain and smacked both of the other kids before grabbing my bag and running away from the hall.

I ran towards the exit, trying hard to not cry. I was not going to let Thadeo get to me. I was not going to let him make me remember that night; I was not going to go back to that night. I could hear him shouting behind me, but I closed my eyes and ran faster bursting open the school doors and running towards the Antique Shop.


-“Are you okay?”-  That was the first thing I heard when I bumped into a body. –“Wagner, are you okay. What the hell happened? I told you to wait for me at the lockers.”- Raymond stroked my head as I hugged him.

-“I’m fine.”- I breathed. –“Thadeo appeared.”- I added ripping myself from him. –“I had to leave.”-

-“What?”- Raymond furrowed his eyebrows. –“When I left school he left with me, there was no way that he was still there.”- I took in a deep breath. –“He went back for you.”- I nodded. -“Why does he always goes back to you?”-

-“I don’t know.”- I lied. Not even my brother knew why on earth Thadeo fought with me. –“Can we just walk to the Antique Shop or wherever you are going to show me those things.”-

-“Yeah we can.”- Raymond nodded and grabbed my bag. –“I went over to pick the things home so that you could study them on the Antique Shop, that’s why I wasn’t there sooner.”- I didn’t say anything and just kept walking. –“I’m sorry I wasn’t there to help you. I promised not only you, but to the ring, that I was going to protect you and I intend to do so, today was just a slip.”-

-“Don’t worry about it.”- I replied. –“I’ve taken care of myself for a long time. I know how to do it.”- I added. –“I don’t need some protector to come here and save my life.”- I took in a deep breath. –“I didn’t ask to become the owner of the ring. If I knew what it meant, I would have never grabbed it and I would have left there.”-

-“Pick it up?”- Raymond questioned and I nodded. –“The ring found you?”-

-“Apparently.”- I replied not caring. –“Why? Is it important if the ring found me?”-

-“Shit.”- Raymond breathed. –“That changes everything.”-



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