One ring in the wrong hands, can lead to destruction...


14. Chapter Thirteen



I walked towards my next class, with Raymond at my tail. We were back at school, trying to pretend that everything is normal and that I don’t have a humanitarian woman behind my back trying to kill me. Almost a week ago I was lying in a hospital bed and my brother was trying to get information out from a someone we don’t really care about, and today, we are pretending to be the ‘normal’ family we are supposed to be.


-“You know,”- Raymond started. –“You can’t go and visit that orphanage just because.”- He explained. –“We need to figure out a better plan to get inside that place.”-

-“I know.”- I replied. –“I think I have the perfect idea, but there might be a problem in that.”- I added and Raymond stared at me. –“I am not sure if she knows who I am.”-

Raymond frowned. –“What do you mean by that?”- He questioned. –“I know that the guy said that she looks for you. So I assume that you are implying that she doesn’t know that you Easton Wagner, is the owner of the elements?”-

-“Exactly.”- I nodded. –“I don’t know if she knows my name. If she knows that I own all of the elements except for the one that she has.”-

-“I don’t like that look.”- Raymond mumbled as we took our seats. –“The last time you had that look, we had to kill a cop.”- I turned to face him and winked. There won’t be killing a cop, but rather kidnaping one…



I stared at the beautiful building in front of my eyes. Taking a deep breath I walked up the porch and knocked at the wooden door. The sign next to the door read ‘MARCS ADOPTION CENTER 1989’. I was in the right place, and maybe I could get lucky and have Angelina believe that my brother has the elements and it’s no me the one person she is looking for.

This idea could turn out in two different ways. One, being that she actually believed my lie and she let me work for her and I could hack into her system and get the information I need to figure out where the other element is, or Two, she could read through my lie and kill me. So let’s hope we have option one.


-“Hello!”- A sweet tiny voice called out. I blinked and lower my view to see an adorable kid smiling at me. –“Are you going to join us here?”- The kid questioned. –“It’s really fun to be here, though you are bit too big to share a room with me, maybe Mama Angelina could find another room for you.”- He nodded, making sure that he made sense. –“I’m Jacob.”-

-“Hello there Jacob! I am Easton.”-  I smiled kneeling down so that I was at his same level. –“How are you little man?”- I questioned as I ruffled his hair.

-“I am not a little man.”- He scuffed crossing his arms. –“I am five.”- He stated with a pout.

-“Oh! I am sorry.”- I chuckled softly. –“You are surely a big kid now, aren’t you?”- I questioned and he nodded. –“So, could you, the big and handsome kid show me where Mama Angelina is?”- I questioned.

 -“Of course I can.”- He smiled and took my hand. –“Follow me.”-


Jacob took me inside the house, and I was surprised to see how homely it felt and how clean it was. The living room, which was one of the rooms we walked past, was the perfect place to read, and some kids were there doing that, I could see another game room and the kitchen seemed clean from what I could see. I had to see everything in this house to figure out how Angelina Marcs is. It might sound weird, but you can learn a lot from a person from how they have their work place…


-“Are you going to stay with us?”- Jacob questioned once again as we walked through another set of stairs. –“Cause I want you to be my big sister.”- He added with a smile.

-“I don’t think I will stay here.”- I answered. –“My older brother wouldn’t like that, but I do want to come here and help out.”- I added when he pouted. –“And there is no need for me to live here, you can always be my little handsome brother.”- I added with a wink.

-“Yay!”- He shouted before knocking on a green door. –“Mama Angela!”- He shouted before opening the door. –“Mama Angela, I want you to meet my new sister.”- He beamed pulling me inside the room.

I blinked back in surprise. The woman that was standing right in front of me was beautiful, green eyes, freckled cheeks and dark brown hair, she did not look like someone who wanted to kill someone, she rather look like the mom of all of this poor kids who were given up upon. –“Hello.”- I whispered.

-“Jacob.”- The woman smiled down at him. –“Who is this beautiful lady?”-

-“She is my new big sister!”- He claimed proudly. –“Her name is Easton, and she wanted to speak with you.”-

-“Hello there Easton.”- Angela smiled. –“My name is Angela. In what can I help you?”-

-“Hello,”- I replied. –“I was wondering if you are in need of some extra help.”- I stared at Jacob. –“I want to see if I can come and help you out with the kids.”-

-“I don’t see a problem in that.”- Angel smiled. –“I could use the extra hands.”- She added. –“Jacob, go out and play, I have to speak with Easton.”-

-“See you soon big sister!”- Jacob hugged my leg and ran out of the room.


Time to befriend the enemy. 


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