One ring in the wrong hands, can lead to destruction...


11. Chapter Ten


I showed Mr. Frank where is Antique could go and then proceeded to walk towards Mr. White, whom apparently was having the same problem. Raymond and Jordan where in the back setting up the security system, and some tracking stuff to figure out who came with a Black Golden item. Eoghan was fixing up the audio and I was the one in charge of setting the people in their stands.

We were using a pretty public location in case we needed to attack or such, this way they would doubt in hurting me and making a scene, plus we had a couple of cops with us, and this time we made sure that they weren’t working for anyone else rather than to help the city.


-“Excuse madam.”- Someone spoke to me as I placed a box on a stand. -“I’m looking for the owners of Wagner’s Antique Shop.”- I turned around and saw a man in his fifties. -“Do you know where I can find them?”-

-“I’m Wagner.”- I spoke. –“My brother and I owe the Antique Shop.”- I added. –“In what can I help you sir?”-

-“My name is Michael Green.”- The man spoke and I stared at him. –“I have an extremely rare antique and I wanted to know if you had some sort of glass cube that I could use to have it protected.”- He moved his scarf and the Golden Black Pendant was on his neck. –“I know that I should have brought it myself, but I forgot it.”-

I licked my lips and then brought them into a thin line. –“Sure.”- I spoke. –“Just follow me, I need to let my brother know that I will be going back to the shop so that I can get it for you.”-

-“Sorry for bothering.”- The man smiled at me and I shook my head. –“I heard that some people are looking for them.”- I frowned confused. –“They are looking for the Golden Black Items.”- I stopped dead on tracks. –“I can only give this pendant to the one person who owns the ring.”- I stared at him. –“Do you know who owns it?”-

-“How do you know that they are looking for them?”- I questioned. –“Do you know why are they looking for them?”- He shrugged. –“Do you know who is looking for them?”- He stared at me and frowned. –“If I tell you something, do you promise to keep it as a secret?”-

-“Do you know anything about this items?”- The man questioned and I nodded. –“Leave it.”- He spoke seriously. –“Leave all of the stuff you know about this, it will only bring you pain, and you don’t want pain. Death will come if you keep searching for this things.”-

I bit my lip. –“I own the ring.”- I whispered. –“I need the other elements.”- I added. –“Please help me out.”-

-“You are already dead kid.”- The man said as he placed the pendant on my hand and walked away.


I was standing in the middle of the street with the Golden Black Pendant on my hand, because a man had given it to me, right after he told me that I was already dead. I knew that part already, I knew that I was bound to die, I knew it, and everyone knew it. I hid the pendant on my pocket and walked back to the fair.

Raymond was already at the entrance of the fair looking out for me, I knew that he was looking for me because the minute he saw me, he let out a breath and spoke to his earpiece. I sighed and I walked up to him.


-“Where were you?”- Raymond questioned. –“Are you okay?”- I nodded. –“Why did you leave?”-

-“I found the Golden Black Pendant.”- I replied. –“Well, I got it.”- I corrected myself. –“Mr. Green gave it to me.”-  I nodded. –“I know that it doesn’t make sense, but he told me that he knew that people were looking for them, and that he could only give it to the person who owns the ring.”- I spoke. –“We need to find out what he knows.”-

-“Why would he only give it to the person who owns the ring?”- Raymond questioned. –“He could have give it to anyone who owns an Golden Black Item.”- He was right. –“Why could he only give it to the owner of the ring?”-

-“Maybe because he knows that if the items fall in the wrong hands, destruction will be here.”- I replied. –“I mean, that is the only thing that I can come up with.”- I added. –“Unless of course, he is working with the bad guys and he wants to know who owns the other items.”-


Raymond shook his head, and grabbed my hand before we entered the fair. I knew that he was creating a plan on his head. I could be right though, he could be our enemy and he is simply trying to figure out what I know. I needed to make sure that the Item was the real one, but from what I saw, the seal was there, so I need to check it out under our microscope and figure out.

Eoghan was talking with some of the people who wanted a stand at the fair, and Jordan was now having a word with his brother. I sighed, I should have explained the whole conversation to Raymond, I know that he is my protector, but I can’t bring myself to share things with someone I barely know, hell, not even Eoghan knew about the ring until a couple of weeks ago.

I walked over to our stand and sat on the counter, observing the people that walked aimlessly through the fair, trying to find something worth buying. I stared at my hand; both the ring and the watch were with me, and now the pendant. I am now only missing the bracelet. I rubbed my eyes and jumped off the counter, how can I find the last item?


-“Excuse me.”- A strong voice called. I look up and saw a man standing right in front of me. –“Wagner’s Antique Shop?”- I nodded. –“I heard that you guys have this weird items.”- I frowned confused. –“Yeah, like, black and gold, they are supposed to either bring hell to earth or keep it where it belongs.”-

I bit my lip. –“From did you hear that?”- I questioned. If I was going to tell them that in fact we owned them, I needed to find out who told him we had them.

-“Mr. Green.”- He replied. –“He is my neighbor, and he just told me that he gave you the pendant.”- I nodded, would Mr. Green put me in more danger than I already am? –“Could I see it?”-

-“Give me a second.”- I replied. –“I have to place it on its case.”- I added as I tried to hide the other two elements. –“You want to see the pendant right?”- I questioned and he nodded. I pulled out the pendant off my pocket and placed it on the secure glass case we had for very expensive things. –“Here you go.”- I added as I placed the case on the counter.

-“Do you know the legend as to why this item was created?”- He questioned as he stared at the case. –“They said that they needed four items, each of them representing the elements from the earth. You know, air, water, fire, and earth itself.”- I nodded. –“They say that if you have the four elements you are the most powerful person there is in this world.”- I nodded once again I already knew this. –“The ring is Earth, the most powerful element. That is the reason why no one has ever seen it.”-

-“Did they ever mention what happened to the person who wore the four items?”- I questioned curiously. My book didn’t say anything about that, and I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t going to die when I had them all with me. –“I remember that they mentioned that when the right person had the four items they had to wear them in order to protect them.”-

-“You are right.”- He added. –“But, if it were in the wrong hands, hell was lose.”- I sighed with a nod. –“If the person wears the four items, nothing out of the ordinary happen to them, the only weird thing is the fact that they can control all the elements and their senses work better.” I smiled at him. –“Well, thanks for letting me see it.”-

-“You’re welcome.”- I replied and the man walked away.


Raymond stared at me and I raised an eyebrow. ‘Run’ he mouthed before I heard a piercing scream. 

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