One ring in the wrong hands, can lead to destruction...


17. Chapter Sixteen


-“She’s dead.”- I whispered.


Gulping I stared at the dead body right in front of me. I had not meant to kill her, that wasn’t my intention, I just wanted to knock her out in other to get the last element and then run away with my brother.


-“Easton.”- Raymond spoke placing a hand on my shoulder. -“We have to get going before the cops come.”–

-“They will know that I killed her.”- I whispered.

-“They will not.”- Raymond replied. “You left no finger prints Easton. You have all the elements, and those will never let you be in danger, unless of course you use them wrong.”-

-“Then how come I will be in more danger now?”- I questioned placing the bracelet on my arm.

-“Because people will want to use your power.”- Raymond explained. –“Come on now, we have to leave now.”-


I nodded and let myself be dragged out of the forest by Raymond. How did this even happen? How could I have managed to do that? Raymond said that the elements would never let me be in danger, so that meant that I could kill and get away with it? What kind of weird voodoo magic is this?


4 Hours Earlier


I rested with my back pressed to a building, I had already run 3 blocks from the orphanage and I might have lost Angelina, or she was far behind me. I took in deep breaths before taking out my phone and contacting either Eoghan or Raymond, even Jordan could be, someone had to answer the phone.

As I took out my phone I heard footsteps coming closer to where I was. Groaning I gripped my phone and pushed myself to start running again. I don’t care if it were some little kids; I can’t let myself be caught by Angelina.

I know that I should be calling my bodyguard, whom if you ask me, should be following me around, but he does follow the order I gave him to leave me alone… Either way, I should be calling him so that he can come to my rescue, but I can’t stop to have conversation, and I will become slower if I am talking on the phone and running. I need to find a solution.


-“Oh but look at this.”- I heard Thadeo’s voice as I rubbed my forehead. –“Look who just bumped into me,”- He smirked. –“Finally came back for what you ran away from?”-

I took in a deep breath and stared at him. –“Fuck now Thadeo.”- I replied. –“Now, would you please move so that I can continue in my journey.”-


-“Thadeo please, today is not a good day.”-

-“Why is that?”- He chuckled. –“Are you running away from your father?”-

-“He’s dead.”- Thadeo stared at me in shock. –“Let me go.”- I whispered.

-“Oh Thadeo honey.”- I heard Angelina’s voice. I stiffened at its sound and even Thadeo felt it as he grabbed my arms protectively.  –“I see you’ve met Easton.”-

-“How do you know Wagner?”- Thadeo questioned as he stepped in front of me.

-“She used to work with me at the orphanage.”- She smirked. –“And I have been looking for her.”- I gulped. –“Easton honey, Jacob has been asking for you. You didn’t show up to work today.”-

-“She was with me, mother.”- Thadeo replied. Mother? Angelina is Thadeo’s mother? –“Now if you don’t mind, we have a date.”- He grabbed my hand and turned around.

-“Alioquin interficiemus te, et dabo te.”- Was the last thing I heard coming out form Angelina’s mouth. I will find you and I will kill you.


I frowned as Thadeo and I walked around the corner. Why on earth is he helping me? How come she is his mother and I didn’t know that? I did a re-search on that woman and she is single without any kid, unless of course she adopted one without recording him, or she gave up her own son for adoption.


Before I could even start thinking without causing me a headache Thadeo spoke. –“Run Wagner.”- I blinked in surprise. –“I don’t know why my mother is behind you or how you even know about her, but she is nothing more than trouble. Run.”-

-“How can she be your mother?”-

-“I’ll tell you that story another day.”- Thadeo grabbed both my arms. –“Run Wagner, if you want to live, run. She threated to kill you.”-

-“I know.”- I sighed. –“I know Latin.”-


I turned to run. –“Thanks Thadeo.”- I spoke before I sprinted into the forest.


Thirty Minutes Before


I did a 360º, trying to locate where I was standing. I had already sent a ‘911’-text message to my brother, Raymond and Jordan; they were bound to find me sooner or later. I just hope that it is sooner than Angelina.

I walked towards what I believed was north, when I heard leaves being crushed. I stopped dead on my tracks and tried to pinpoint from where the sound came. The steps were being taken with so much caution that I knew that it was neither of the guys, this had to be her, how she caught up with me so fast, I don’t know.

I turned around and hid behind a tree, not the most brilliant idea, but it had to do whilst I came up with a better plan. I couldn’t take her on my own, I was more than sure that she still had the knife with her, and who knows what else she could have.


-“Easton, come out.”- Angelina spoke. –“I know you are here.”- I held my breath. –“I won’t do any damage if you just give me the elements.”- She was on my right and if she took three steps forward she was going to be next to me. –“Come out, come out wherever you are.”- She chuckled. –“I will always find you!”- She exclaimed placing her knife on my throat.


I closed my eyes and gulped. How hadn’t I heard her, I have no clue. I opened my eyes and she was smiling wickedly at me. I was not going down without a fight, just like with Thadeo, I was going to fight until one of us lays unconscious on the ground. Giving Angelina the best death stare I could, I stomped her fight and twisted the arm in which she had the knife.

I have no idea from where the strength came, but I snapped her arm in two and started fighting like never before. She couldn’t hit me with a punch or anything, not even when I was fighting against Thadeo I could fight so great.  It came to a point in which she stopped fighting, but I kept throwing punches at her face.


-“EASTON!”- My brother’s voice flew and snapped me out of the trance. –“EASTON WHERE ARE YOU?”-

“EOGHAN!”- I shouted and stood up.


-“She’s dead.”- I whispered.

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