One ring in the wrong hands, can lead to destruction...


7. Chapter Six



I nodded at the doctor who was taking care of Eoghan; he claimed that he still needed at least one more week at the hospital before he was released. I knew that the insurance was paying for the hospital bills, but I didn’t know if I could handle another week without my brother. I know that Raymond is doing a splendid job at protecting me now more than ever, but I still want to go back and sleep in my own house. I want to have my broken family back.


-“What did he say?”- Raymond questioned as I walked back to him. -“How much longer?”-

-“One more week.”- I replied as we walked out of the hospital. –“We still have one more week to secure the Antique Shop before Eoghan is back.”- I sighed. –“What are we missing?”- I questioned.

-“Just set up the security cameras.”- Raymond replied. –“Let’s go back Wagner.”- He added placing a hand on my shoulder. –“We’ve got stuff to do.”-


I nodded as we walked towards the Antique Shop. I knew that it was supposed to be impossible to track down the hunter, but for some odd reason, we already had two of them on our list.  I wanted to make sure that all the hunters were dead, if that were to happen, I wouldn’t have to worry about anything.

Once in the Antique Shop, Raymond went over to work with the security cameras, and I went back into searching for the hunters. The doctor who tricked me into believing that he was helping Eoghan gave me a big clue. A group of Hunters did in fact exist, and so that would be easier to find, the issue was to find the people that are part of the group and where exactly we could find them.


-“Wagner.”- Raymond spoke. –“There is someone outside the Antique Shop.”- I looked up from my laptop. –“A cop is there.”-

-“Okay.”- I replied and walked up towards the shop. I have no idea as to why there would be a cop here, but I am pretty sure that it about the fact that Eoghan was shot and I am his responsibility and such. –“Officer.”- I spoke as I opened the door.

-“Ms. Wagner?”- He questioned and I nodded. –“My name is Officer Brown, and I am here to speak about your brother, Eoghan Wagner?”-

-“Yeah, that’s my brother.”- I nodded and he frowned. –“I go by my last name sir.”- I spoke and he nodded. –“What about my brother?”-

-“He was shot a week ago right?”- Officer Brown questioned and I nodded. –“He is your legal guardian am I right?”- I nodded once again. –“You see Wagner, we have a problem here.”-

-“I don’t see a problem.”- I interrupted. –“My brother is being released next week, which means that he will get better.”- I added. –“I don’t need a foster care or to become an emancipated minor.”- I crossed my arms over my chest. –“There is absolutely no problem at all.”-

-“That is where you are wrong.”- The cop smirked. –“Your brother is not going to get better.”- I took a step back and pressed the panic button on my bracelet. –“We will never let your brother get better. We need him out of the equation so that we can get to you.”-

-“Duck!”- Raymond shouted and I did as he told me. I heard a gun shot and saw the cop fall to the ground.  He was still breathing but I knew that he was going to die. –“Did he touch you?”- Raymond questioned as he crouched next to me.

-“No”- I answered. –“We need to get his phone and wallet.”- I added standing up. –“He is working with them. We need to find out who sent him.”-


Raymond and I got the personal belongings from Officer Brown, whose actual name is Pluto, and then proceeded to cover our tracks. We had to dump the body at least thirteen blocks away from us, and it was not easy, and then burn it to cover our tracks. We came back to the shop and cleaned the place before going back to the hospital. I have to make sure that Eoghan stays alive.

I took the laptop with me and I started working on the list with the new information that I got.  I had to hack into the phone of Pluto in order to get access to his contacts and emails to figure out whom he is working for.

Raymond left about an hour after we got to the hospital, claiming that he had to do some mayor research into why the Hunters where so into getting to me. I also didn’t understand that, but I don’t want to find out, I just want my brother to be safe, and I myself want to be safe.


-“Wagner?”- My brother spoke scaring me. –“Wagner, try not to kill your laptop please.”- He chuckled.

-“Hey brother.”- I smiled as I walked up to him. –“How are you feeling?”-

-“Like shit.”- He replied sighing. –“What the hell happened to me?”-

-“You got shot and they had to operate.”- I smiled at him. –“You’ve been out for a whole week.”- I added. –“Do you want me to get the doctor?”-

-“No.”- Eoghan replied. –“Do you know who shot me?”- I shook my head. –“I know who was it.”- I looked at him with a raised eyebrow. –“Some dude dressed up as a cop, Officer Brown.”- I nodded.

-“You don’t have to worry about him anymore.”- I replied. –“He stopped by the Antique Shop claiming that you couldn’t live.”- Eoghan looked pissed. –“Raymond took care of him.”-

-“Raymond? He is your protector right?”- I nodded. –“I like that kid.”- I rolled my eyes. –“Now what happens? Why do they want me dead?”-

-“You do remember what I told you about the ring and such?”- He nodded. –“It appears to be that Hunter Collectors want me for some odd reason.”- I explained. –“Add more weird shit, the fact that a girl isn’t supposed to get the ring, and it also skips a generation, explaining why dad didn’t find it.”-

-“It didn’t appear to me because I am adopted.” I nodded. –“But why would the hunters want you?”- I shrugged. –“That means that you are in constant danger?”-

-“We are working on that.”- I replied. –“Raymond is setting a super security system, and I am trying to track down all the hunters.”-


Eoghan nodded, before we could continue with our conversation a doctor burst into the room. The doctor checked Eoghan’s vitals and made sure that everything was fine before telling him what had happened, and also explaining that he was to go home in a week.

Raymond appeared not short after the doctor had left the room with a security system for the hospital and claimed that he could get his older brother to stay here guarding Eoghan and also getting him to train Eoghan.

We were about to enter a war we weren’t sure we could win. 




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