One ring in the wrong hands, can lead to destruction...


18. Chapter Seventeen


I was still locked up in my bedroom, the television was on, they were talking about some business, but so far, they haven’t spoke about the death of Angelina Marcs. I still don’t understand how I could have killed her. I wanted her dead, but I didn’t really think that I could manage that. I turned towards my bed and I stared at the elements. Everything bad that has happened in my life is because of these stupid things.

Could it be possible to destroy the elements? What would happen if I managed to destroy the elements? Will this so-called-parade end? Will I finally live a normal life?


-“Easton?”- My brother knocked at my door. –“Food’s ready, are you coming out to eat?”-

-“Sure.”- I replied and turned off the TV.

-“I know that it is hard Easton, but you can’t hide forever. You need to continue with your life so that people don’t get suspicious.”-

-“You have no idea how hard it is.”- I snapped and entered the kitchen.


Raymond and Jordan were in a deep conversation, cause they stop talking the minute I entered the kitchen. I stared at them, but said nothing and sat down at the table. The atmosphere was tense, and I knew that everyone was being cautious around me, can’t blame but doesn’t mean that I agree.

Could I tell them that I was planning on destroying the elements and then run away from here? I can’t keep staying in the one place where I lost everything, I not only lost my family, my life, but I also lost myself.


-“What are you thinking about Easton?”- Raymond broke the silence. –“Staring the soup like that will not make it disappear.”-

-“Are the elements destructive?”- I questioned and everyone gasped. –“Can I destroy this things?”- I motioned to the elements that I was carrying.

-“I don’t know.”- Raymond replied. –“No one has ever tried to do so, not that I am aware of.”-

-“Why do you want to destroy them?”- Jordan questioned. –“You are the first person that has ever owned all the elements.”-

-“Because this elements,”- I spat. –“Have managed to destroy my life completely. They have killed my family, they have made me kill, and hence they have killed the person that I was once.”-

-“They have made your life better.”- Jordan spoke and I threw him a dead glare.

-“They have made my life better?”- I laughed. –“How? HOW HAVE THEY MADE MY LIFE BETTER?!”- I stood up. –“Yeah, maybe they killed my father so no more house beatings, put my mother in a hospital so that she could get the help that she needs, but apart from that? I am in constant danger, I KILLED SOMEONE BECAUSE OF THEM!”-

-“Calm down Easton.”- Raymond spoke. –“I don’t know if you can destroy them, but we can find out.”-

-“You know,”- Eoghan spoke up. –“Easton is right. Those things have done nothing but destroy both our lives. If Easton wants them destroyed then so be it. What good do they bring? People want to use them to become the most powerful person in the world, and the only person that can control them is her, so maybe destroying them is the best way to make sure that no one else suffer has we have.”-

-“If we want that, we have to go where the elements were created.”- Raymond spoke.

-“And that is where?”- Eoghan questioned.





I stared at the laptop in front of me, Raymond couldn’t be right. How the hell were the elements going to be from England when the prophecy they have is in Latin? It doesn’t’ make any sense at all. I know that the elements were created years ago, and so far, from all the research I have managed to get on them, not everyone knew how to speak two different languages, and Latin was basically royalty, so who the hell created the Golden Black Elements?


-“What are you doing?”- Raymond questioned.

-“I’m trying to figure out why the Elements are from England.”- I shrugged. –“Who’s the creator of them, and why England when everything is on Latin?”-

“The people were royalty.”- Raymond explained. –“And they created the elements to make sure that the power in the earth was balanced, but what they didn’t know is that someone within their friends would take them and try to rule.”- I nodded. –“So when they figured out that, they hid them. They had four kids, and they gave one element to each, so that no one could have all the power.”-

-“Who created them Raymond?”- I questioned. –“You have to know.”-

-“Easton Wagner.”-


-“You created them Wagner.”- Raymond explained. –“That’s why you are the only one who has them all.”-

-“How could I have created them? I a barely sixteen.”-

-“No Easton, you have lived many lives before.”- Raymond spoke. –“I have been with you in every life. You just don’t remember, and I can’t blame you, this life, your family didn’t tell you what you had to do.”-

-“I don’t understand.”- I sighed. –“What are you trying to tell me?”-

-“We need to go to England, if you want to know the truth.”-

-“Let’s go.”- I spoke. –“I’ll keep fighting for the truth.”- 


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