One ring in the wrong hands, can lead to destruction...


8. Chapter Seven




Eoghan sat back down on his bed as Raymond and his brother, Jordan, explained to him what we were going to go up against. I knew that it was a lot to swallow, but Eoghan deserves to know the whole truth and he needs to know that we are all in danger twenty-four seven.

The best idea that we have come to plan out so far is the fact that Eoghan and I will move from the Antique Shop into the house Raymond and Jordan live in. I also managed to understand why Jordan wasn’t the one in charge of my protection, but it seems to be that the ‘protector’ has to be around the age of the ‘owner’…


-“So you are saying that we have to move to your place and there you are going to teach me how to murder someone?”- Eoghan spoke after ten minutes of explaining. –“That is completely insane! How do you expect me to do that?”-

-“Calm down Eoghan.” I sighed. –“I know it is a lot to process, but we really have to do this.” I explained. –“We are both in grave danger, and if you don’t know how to protect yourself, how do you expect to protect me?” –

-“Your sister is right Eoghan.”- Jordan spoke. –“I know that it will be hard, nothing in this life is easy, and hell the life your sister is going to have now it is worst.”- He shot me an apologetically look. –“There is another way, but I don’t really think either of you would want it.”-

I frowned. –“What is the other way?”- I questioned.

Raymond licked his lips before answering. –“Eoghan leaves town and loses contact with you.”- I shook my head and was ready to complain when Raymond cut me off. –“Even then, it doesn’t mean that they won’t go looking for either of you. You need to fight back Eoghan, your sister is in danger and so are you, I know that she can protect herself and I am here to protect her as well, but if they ever capture you, I have no doubt that Wagner will go to find you and there we are going to have problems”-

-“I won’t leave my sister alone.”- Eoghan step up. –“I might not be sure about the things that you are going to teach me, but I will not leave Easton.”- I cringed at the name. –“I also think that we should start by calling you by your real name.”-

-“Hell no Eoghan!”- I exclaimed. –“Why would you start calling me by my real name?”-

-“Because not all people know which one it is.”- Eoghan explained. –“We three can call you by your real name, and if people catch us talking and hear Easton, they won’t know that it is you.”-

I rolled my eyes. –“Eoghan.”- I smiled. –“They know everything. It won’t make a difference.”-

-“Actually,”- Raymond started. –“That’s not such of a bad idea.”- He nodded at his brother. –“They might know everything because they have the paper, but that doesn’t mean that they actually carry their papers with them always.”- I rolled my eyes. –“You get my point don’t you?”-

-“Yes I do Raymond.”- I replied. –“I completely get your point.”- I added with a sigh. –“I guess that from now on you three, only you three, are allowed to call me by my real name, Easton.”-




I turned to face the window on the new room, and took in a deep calm breath. I wasn’t sure that living here was going to protect me, but I knew that here, I could work on finding out everything that I need to destroy the hunters.

One thing got mentioned on the book: Hunters will be hunters until they get what they really want, the Golden Black Ring and the last girl of the Rengaw family.


-“Why do they want me?”- I questioned. –“Raymond, what is so important about me? How did they even know that I was going to be last girl?”-

-“You know old people right,”- Raymond replied. –“They have some weird things going on, and for some reason, they knew that the last blood was going to be a girl, and it turns out that you are her.”- I nodded. –“I don’t really know the answer as to why you are so important, but I swear Easton, I swear that I will help you find out, and I will also help you destroy the hunters.”-

-“We first need to find the other elements.”- I replied. –“We need the Golden Black Watch.”- I sat on my bed. –“We need it so that we can find the other two missing elements.”-

-“I think I can help with that.”- Eoghan smiled. –“You do remember we sell antiques right?”- We both smirked. –“If I get a picture of the watch we are looking for, I can use our system and track it down.”-

-“That means that we can find one of the hunters.”- I spoke. –“How about we get out some information out of him as well? He might throw out names of the other hunters.”-

-“And how exactly are you expecting to get him to talk?”- Raymond questioned and I raised an eyebrow. –“Torture?”- I nodded. –“Why?”-

-“It’s the only way I know in which people help out.”- I replied. –“Do you really think that just because we ask with manners they are going to tell us?”-

-“How about we hack into his computer or whatsoever?”- Jordan questioned. –“We can pretend that we want to buy it, and while we are doing that, we also get to hack into his or her system and boom, we’ll have information without having to torture people.”-

-“Fine.”- I replied. –“I’ll get the picture, Eoghan get your laptop we have some tracking to do, and you two, do whatever you need to do to hack.”- I spoke and everyone got up.


I grabbed the book and my own laptop and started searching for the one thing that could help me save my brother and myself. I am feeling that I might not only become someone that I never thought of becoming.

Apart from the fact that I need to find out the other hunters and the three elements, I also need to figure out what is so important about me. I don’t get why I should be the last heir to the Rengaw line or Wagner line whatsoever. There has to be another explanation as to why I am so important along with the ring.

I know that if the owner of the ring has the other three elements something about some power occurs, but I don’t really understand it all, as the last person to have the four elements died at least 400 years ago and since then, the collectors have been getting the other three elements, they are only missing the ring, aka the key to the power of the Golden Black Elements.


-“Easton.”- Eoghan spoke. –“Why do you look so pale?”-

-“We are entering a war Eoghan.”- I replied. –“And I don’t even know what are we fighting for.”-

-“We’ll figure it out.”- Eoghan smiled at me. –“Like we have always figured everything out.”- 



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