One ring in the wrong hands, can lead to destruction...


2. Chapter One


I sat crossed legged as I stared at the notebook that came with the ring. I could still remember the day I found it, and how horrible it had been. I can never forget that day, too much went at stake and I don't think that I will ever want to remember it. I knew that the owner of such ring had a protector, but the person had to wear the ring in order to protect it. The ring was locked away at the store. I was not going to be wearing it, but I knew that I had to make sure that it was well hidden. I got up from the chair and threw the book inside my backpack once again before walking towards the basement of the store.

I walked slowly once I was down. I took in a deep breath as I walked over to the security box. I took in a deep breath and placed my palm to it, so that it would scan it and open. The lock was done and I opened the door, pulling the blue small box that was there. I closed and locked the security box and sat on the floor.


-"Wagner?"- My brother shouted. -"Are down at the basement?"- I stared at the box and stood up walking up the stairs. -"Wagner?!"- My brother shouted once again.

-"I'm here."- I replied. -"Eoghan."- I started. -"I haven't been honest with you."- My brother frowned confused at me. I took in a deep breath. -"You do remember the Golden Black Ring right?"- He nodded. -"It was not given to me."- I closed my eyes trying to calm myself. -"I found it."-

My brother seemed very confused. -"What are you talking about?"- He questioned as he took a seat.

I took another deep breath. -"I was running away from dad, and I took the route to the forest behind the house."- My brother nodded, he knew where I was talking about. -"He was a few steps behind me when I threw myself to the cliff. I swam to the other side and I started running again when I tripped with this box and book."- I spoke placing the box and book on the table. -"I was confused when I first saw them, but then I opened the book and saw that the story was written there."- My brother crossed his arms. -"It says that the ring appears to those in need, and that anyone who posses it has a protector, as some weird stuff might occur to them."-

-"You make no sense."- My brother shook his head. -"Why would it simply appear? It makes no fucking sense."-

-"I know!"- I interrupted. -"But the kid earlier here at the store, he was the new kid. He told me that he was going to protect me Eoghan. I have no idea what it means at all, but if you don't believe me read the book. I locked the ring down because I wanted to protect you, but I need to wear it. If anyone who does not deserves it get his or her hands on it, we are screwed."-

My brother grabbed the book and stared at me. -"Get back home. I think you hit your head."- I was about to protest when he motioned me to stop. -"Keep the ring with you, but get some rest."- I nodded and grabbed the box and backpack before turning around and walking out of the office.


I knew that I made no sense, and that my brother thought that I was crazy as fuck, but I was telling the truth, there was something creepy with that stupid ring. I sighed as I tried to cover myself with the small jacket I was wearing; I had to remember to take the coat, as the nights were getting colder.

I was right around the corner to get to the house, when I heard some sirens. I frowned and jogged to where the sound came. It was in the same street in which I live. I could feel my heart right on my throat, pondering faster than usual. Why where there cops here?

I took in a deep breath as I walked further, only to stop dead on tracks when I saw the cop car right in front of our lawn. I sprinted as fast as I could and stared at the house. My mother was crying to some officer, and there was a black bag near an ambulance. My eyes got teary, as I started walking to my mother.


-"Baby!"- My mother shouted and ran to me was she saw me approaching. She was a mess, her beautiful hair was half done on a bun, her cloth were shred and had blood all over it. I lost it.

-"Oh God mom what happened?"- I questioned sobbing. My mother shook her head and she crushed me into a hug. I knew for a fact that something was terribly wrong, and I didn't even want to think about what it could possibly be.

-"I'm so sorry."- My mother cried to me. -"I'm so sorry."- She kissed my temple before her hands wrapped around my throat trying to choke me. I tried to move out of her grasp, but she was way too strong.

I started kicking and moving around so that she would let go of me, and I believe that my movements caught the attention of the guards as they ran over to where I was thrown and got my mother off me. -"Tie her up!"- Someone yelled as I tried to regain my breath. -"Can you stand up?"- A cop questioned me and I nodded.

-"What just happened?"- I whispered confused as the cop took me towards the ambulance, listening to my mother shouting that it was my entire fault, that everything started to go wrong since the minute I was born.

-"Your father was shot to death, and your mother apparently lost it."- He replied with a sigh. I nodded in response and took a deep breath. -"Is there any other adult that can take care of you?"- I nodded once again, my throat hurt. -"An older sibling?"- I nodded. -"Where is he right now?" I was about to shrug, when I saw Eoghan running towards me. I pointed it over at the cop.

Eoghan came a few seconds later and stared at me in shock. I raised an eyebrow confused. -"What the fuck happened to your neck? Did you get into another fight?!"- I shook my head furiously. -"SPEAK WAGNER SPEAK!"- I pointed at my throat.

-"Her mother tried to choke her."- The cop replied. -"Your father was shot to death, and your mother clearly lost her when she saw your sister."- Eoghan nodded. -"Mr. Wagner?"- We both nodded. -"Didn't you just called her that?"-

-"She doesn't like to be called by her first name."- Eoghan explained and I nodded. -"So what is going to happen?"- I let out a breath. He had to identify my father's body, and then do something about my mother, and lastly, he was going to become my guardian.


The cop grabbed Eoghan and he walked away with him. Pretty sure that the conversation that they were having should not include me, but knowing my brother I was going to know everything when we are alone. A paramedic appeared a few seconds later and started to check me for some kind of trauma or something. He frowned when he saw my cut, but I shook my head slightly assuring him that it had happened before and not with my mother.

As he left me to get some water, I turned to face the crowd that was now gathered around. I knew that people were aware of my father beating us up, but they never did anything, because they were afraid of him. My eyes scanned around only to lock with a pair of blue eyes. The new kid was there. I gasped in surprise and when I blinked he was gone.

Is he really my protector?


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