One ring in the wrong hands, can lead to destruction...


10. Chapter Nine


I kicked the man on the shin and got myself free before I started running to the road ahead of me. I know that if I am in the light, where a lot of people can see no one can hurt me without having someone notice. Ignoring the pain from my foot, I ran faster as I heard orders being shout. They want to find me. I have to survive.

I tripped and fell to the ground with a loud thud, picking myself up I stared at my left hand, the watch is still there, and then to my right hand, the ring is still there as well. My hand went over to my neck and the pendant was there, the Golden Black Pendant was dangling around my neck, how did it get there?


-“Easton!”- I felt someone move me around. –“Wagner wake up!”- My brother’s voice woke me up.

I sat up and rubbed my eyes. –“What is it?”- I questioned. –“Why are you waking me up?”-

-“You were tossing and turning, grunting even.”- Eoghan replied. –“Bad dream?”-

I nodded. –“Sorta, it was just some old weird dream.”- I spoke. –“Go back to bed, we need all our energy.”-

Eoghan nodded. –“Good night princess.”- He added before kissing my forehead.


I shook my head once Eoghan was out of sight. He would surely stop calling me like that if I ever told him what really happened between Theodore and myself, but I rather have him calling me that, than him really knowing.

I lay back on my bed and closed my eyes. I hate having nightmares, nothing good come out of them, but this one, in this one particular dream, I have the Golden Black Pendant, meaning that I need to find it. The only issue is where will I find it?




I sighed before nodding; there was nothing that I could do to change his mind. I bit my lip and turned around. Could pity work on him? I let out a huge sigh and slumped my shoulders as I stared dragging myself out of the shop.


I heard a sigh. –“Kid, wait.”- The man spoke and I smirked. –“What are you exactly looking for?”-

-“The Golden Black Pendant.”- I replied. –“I just want to see it, there’s a rumor that it isn’t real.”- I added. –“My brother and I, we own an Antique Shop, and we want to see if it is real.”-

-“Huh?”- The man stared at me. –“You do know that the Golden Black things are a myth right?”- I nodded. –“I don’t have it, but I do know someone who has something like it.”-

-“Can you tell me who it is?”- I questioned. –“I really want to know if it is real, ya know, it would help a lot our business.”-

-“Let me get you the info.”- I nodded as he walked over to his laptop at the end of his desk.


I smiled at the man and took out my phone, I had to let know the guys that I might have a lead into finding one of the elements. This was nothing new for Eoghan and I to do, we were used to check out other Antique Shops to see what we could get or what advantages we already had.


-“His name is Michael Green.”- The man spoke. –“ He works in Harbor, twenty minutes from here.”- I nodded. –“His shop is named Harbor Peer.”- I nodded once again. –“Here is map and all the info I could get. He was the last person to ever have something from them, supposedly.”-

I smiled at the man. –“Thank you so much.”- I smiled.


The man nodded at me and I started to walk out of his shop. If the pendant was where he says it is, we are closer to have all the elements before the hunters get them. We already have two of them, we are missing the other two.

As soon as I was two blocks away, Raymond appeared next to me sipping to a coffee as he handed me one. I had asked him to please stay back, as if he came with me, people might grow suspicions or get the wrong idea, whichever the case would have been, I didn’t want for people to think that Raymond and I were together.


-“Did you get it?”- Raymond questioned and I nodded with a smile. –“Who is he?”-

-“Michael Green.”- I replied. –“We have to do some background check before we go and visit him on Harbor, twenty minutes from here. I believe that I have been there with Eoghan once or twice.”-

-“I think I’ve heard of him.”- Raymond spoke as we walked back to the house. –“I used to live at Harbor.”- Raymond added. –“Small town where everyone knows everyone. So I think I have a vague idea as to whom he is.”-


We walked the rest of the trip in silence; we didn’t really have anything to talk about. Raymond and I weren’t friends yet; at least I didn’t consider him a friend. He was simply the guy who had to protect me and was helping me save my ass.

Once we got to the house, I rushed to my room and took out my laptop, I knew that Jordan was better in tracking people, but I wanted to do my own research before I asked for help, which I’m still not used to do.


-“Easton?!”- My brother shouted. –“Where are you girl?”-

-“Up!”- I replied as I typed away. –“Is there anything you need?”- I questioned as I turned to face my brother on the doorframe.

-“Yep.”- He smirked. –“I need you to help me out in an event.”- I frowned confused. –“I am hosting a Antique convention at the shop, and I will ask all the Antique sellers or collectors in the area to come around and bring the most rare thing they have.”- I nodded slowly. –“Maybe this way we can find the things that you are looking for.”-

-“I like how you think.”- I smiled. –“How can I help?”-

-“Send the invites.”- Eoghan replied handing me a piece of paper before leaving.


Wagner’s Antique Shop invites you to their ‘Rare Collection’ Event to help those in need… 


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