One ring in the wrong hands, can lead to destruction...


15. Chapter Fourteen


I threw my backpack on the floor of my room before quickly changing into the uniform that I had to wear for the orphanage. It just a polo t-shirt, but still, if I didn’t have it, I wasn’t able to help out, and the point of this job is to become the right hand of Angelina so that she can tell me where the element is.

I have been paying attention to her hand, but she doesn’t wear any kind of bracelet, which is weird… You would think that someone like her, she would wear jewels, but for some reason she barley wears earrings.


-“Where are you going?”- Jordan questioned.

-“I’m going to work.”- I replied.  –“I got a new job at the orphanage.”- I smiled and made my way towards the street.

-“Easton,”- Jordan sighed. –“We said that we are supposed to be careful, what if she finds out that you are the owner of the other elements?”-

-“She’s not going to find out.”- I assured. –“I don’t believe that she even owns the last element.”-

-“Why do you say so?”-

-“She’s not wearing it.”- I replied. –“If you were to have the last element, something powerful, wouldn’t you have it with you in order to make sure that it is safe?”- I questioned. –“I don’t really think that she has it.”-

-“Just be careful Easton.”- Said Jordan. –“I don’t want to be guarding a hospital anytime soon again.”-



I made my way to the orphanage, where Jacob is most likely waiting for me. It’s been a whole week at the job, and Jacob is always hanging out with me. All the other kids are nice too, but I have a special bond with Jacob, maybe because he claimed that I was his big sister.

Once I arrived at the orphanage, I did my usual routine (at least for the past week), which is basically signing at my work sheet, fixing the kitchen if there is any mess, make sure that all the kids have done their homework and then play with anyone. Apparently today, half the kids were out on some field trip from the school, which left me with only the small ones…


-“Easton?”- Angela called out. –“Are you here already?”-

-“Yeah!”- I replied as I got up from the floor. –“Be right back kids.”- I smiled. –“Is there anything you need help in?”-

-“Please,”- She chuckled. –“I need to run some errands, so I will be coming home until dinner time.”- I nodded. –“Do you think that you could receive a package for me?”-

-“I don’t see any problem in that.”-

-“Thank you so much!”- She hugged me. –“Please leave it on my desk and lock the door, alright?”- I nodded. –“See you later then.”-


I turned around and walked back to the living room where I was playing with some kids. Jacob was watching some TV with some other kids meaning that I didn’t have to be with him right now. We kept playing with the dolls until the girls got bored and I decided that I would start making dinner before Angela came, at the end I was supposed to be helping her out.

I made my way towards the kitchen, at the same time that some of the older kids came home. They said hello and then everyone went towards their rooms, expect for Crystal, whom liked to help me out every once in a while.


-“Hey Crystal.”- I smiled. –“How was school?”-

-“Boring as hell.”- She chuckled. –“Some kid tried to ask me out on a date today, didn’t work.”-

-“You don’t like him?”-

-“No, he’s a player.”- She stated. –“So I won’t trust him.”- She opened the fridge. –“What are we going to cook?”-

-“Spaghettis?”- I questioned. –“Is that alright?”-

-“Yeah sure.”- She replied and we started working.


Through our interaction, I tried to ask simple questions about Angela, trying to figure out if she had a lot of business here and there, but apparently she dedicated half of her life to the kids. She did live here, she wasn’t married, but she had another business, something big, yet no one really knows what.

When we were almost ready with the food, the bell rang and I made my way towards the door to see if it was the package.


-“Package for Ms. Angelina Marcs.”- The messenger spoke.

-“I’ll receive it for her.”- I replied. –“Easton.”- I added before signing the order. –“Do you know what this is?”- I questioned.



I blinked twice as I stared at him walking away. I turned back to the box and lift the tap, the Golden Black Bracelet was there. 

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