One ring in the wrong hands, can lead to destruction...


5. Chapter Four


I knew that I regretted this decision, but it was the party or staying home alone with my drunken father, you might know why I chose the party. The bodies of the drunken teenagers were the only things you could see. Everyone was ‘dancing’ on the living room and no one seemed to care that I had entered the house by the front door. I wasn’t even sure why I came here, I could have lied and go somewhere else, but here I am.

-“You made it!”- I heard a husky voice say. –“I’m so glad that you came, Wagner.”- Thadeo smiled as he kissed my cheek.
I smiled at him. –“Yeah, I made it.”- I agreed.
-“Do you want something to drink?”- Thadeo questioned as he grabbed my hand. I nodded. –“What would you like?”-
-“A glass of water will do.”- I replied. I never drank alcohol, I mean, it made my father a monster, and I was not going to drink.”
-“Sure babe.”- Thadeo kissed my cheek again. –“Whatever for my princess.”-

We walked towards the kitchen where he served me a glass of water. Afterwards we headed to the backyard and we started talking about the plans we had for the summer. I was supposed to spend the summer working at the Antique Shop, and he was going to a football camp for the first couple of weeks and later he would be working with his dad. After talking for a while, we started kissing, and you know, one thing lead to another and we were in his room.

-“I waited so long for this.”- Thadeo whispered as he kissed my neck. –“I love the way you smell.”- He added whilst he played with my pants.
-“Stop.”- I spoke and pushed Thadeo away.
-“What’s wrong princess?”- Thadeo questioned. –“Don’t you love me?”-
-“Of course I do.”- I replied.
-“Then prove it.”- Thadeo smirked taking his shirt off. –“Prove to me how much you love me.”-
I took in a deep breath and stood up. –“I don’t need to prove anything.”- I replied. –“I do love you, but I am not going to have sex with you.”-
-“Yes you are!”- Thadeo roared and tried to tackle me to the bed.

I pushed him and then proceeded to kick his stomach and punch him square on the face. I was not going to have sex with Thadeo. I got angrier when Thadeo tried to punch me. I fought harder, until I could feel blood on my mouth.

-“Fuck you.”- I spoke.
-“You will pay for this.”- Thadeo breathed. –“Listen to me Wagner, you will pay for this.”-


I woke up with a jolt and sat on my bed taking in deep breaths. I closed my eyes and rubbed my forehead. Why would my mind want me to remember that awful night? I pushed my duvet back and walk out of my room towards the kitchen.
I grabbed a glass from the sink and served myself water. I still was somehow confused about what Raymond had told me about the fact that the ring found me and not the other way around.
Apparently if the ring found me, it was because I was from the line of the very first owner; hence I am the original owner? I’m still confused at that fact. With another sigh, I made my way towards my bedroom once again. This was weird, I mean, I haven’t had that dream since the night it happened, why do I have it now?


-“Wagner?”- Eoghan called out. –“Are you up?”- I took in a deep breath and walked back to the hallway. –“What are you doing up?”-
-“Water.”- I replied and he nodded. –“Go back to bed.”- I spoke.
-“I could say the same.”- Eoghan smiled and I rolled my eyes. –“I’ll see you in the morning princess.”-

I cringed at the nickname but said nothing. I walked back to my bedroom. I had to figure out why on earth I was having dreams of one of the worst day of my life. I got into bed and went back to sleep, I knew that I was not going to figure out right now, I need the book, and it was back at the Antique Shop.

I woke up the next morning with a headache. I got up from bed and started to get ready for the day, a simple headache wasn’t going to ruin my day.

-“Wagner.”- Eoghan spoke. –“Hurry up or you’ll be late for school.”-
-“Noted.”- I sighed and grabbed my bag before climbing down the stairs. –“Will I see you in the afternoon, or will I be working alone?”-
-“I’ll come late tonight.”- Eoghan replied. –“Lock down the place at six on the dot, set up the security system and stay upstairs, no one is supposed to come here.”-
-“What will you be doing?”- I questioned as we walked out of the building. –“It’s the second afternoon you’ll be missing.”-
-“I’m fixing paper work from the issue.”- He replied and I nodded. There was nothing more to say.


I waved to Eoghan before I walked to school; the good thing about moving was the fact that school was only a few blocks away from the Antique Shop. The cold air was calming, and I took that time to think about my dream. As much as I hated that day, it was also the night that I stood up for myself, and it wasn’t the last. Thadeo was keeping his promise of making my life miserable, and I was keeping mine, fighting until I had no breath.
As I entered the school, I could listen to people whispering. I rolled my eyes and made my way towards the locker, there was no use in trying to figure out why they were whispering whatever it was, it always involved me and just like every other time, I didn’t care.


-“Wagner!”- Raymond shouted. I turned around and saw him running towards me. –“When was the last time you saw Eoghan?”-
-“Fifteen minutes ago when we both parted ways.”- I frowned. –“What is wrong?”-
-“There was a shooting on the Husk Block.”- Raymond spoke. I waited for the worst. –“Eoghan was shot.”-

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