One ring in the wrong hands, can lead to destruction...


6. Chapter Five


I was pacing on the hospital, waiting was one of the things that I hated the most, and I had come to hate waiting. I had never waited on a hospital before, but I knew that when I had to wait for my father I was in serious trouble, hence the reason as to why I hate waiting.
Raymond was sitting on a chair at the waiting area, but I couldn’t bring myself to take a seat. My brother was at the verge of life and dead, if anything happened to him, I was alone.


-“Wagner.”- Raymond spoke making me turn to face him. –“Please take a seat.”- I shook my head, my lips quivering. –“Come here.”- Raymond stood up and opened his arms. I dragged my feet until I was close enough for Raymond to wrap his arms around me.   –“I can’t promise that everything will be alright.”- He whispered. –“But I can promise that I won’t leave you. Whatever happens, I will always be on your side.”-
My whole body was shaking with fear. I didn’t want to lose my brother. –“I’m confused.”- I croaked. –“Why Eoghan? Why not me?”-
Raymond held me tighter. –“I don’t know.”- He kissed my head. –“Take a seat.”- He said once again and this time I complied. I wiped my tears and curled up in the seat. –“I’ll get you something to eat okay?”- I nodded not really caring what he was saying.


Raymond walked away and I closed my eyes, letting my head rest on my knees. I was exhausted, and this was only making me more nervous. I stared at the nurse spot, the only thing I could do was wait.
A few moments later, Raymond came back with two cups of coffee and some chocolate chip cookies. He sat down next to me and handed me the food. I didn’t realize I was so hungry, until I was actually eating.


-“I know that it is not the perfect time to talk about this,”- Raymond started and I stared at him. –“but I found some stuff that might help us understand with what we are dealing.”-

I swallowed and turned myself so that I was facing him. –“What are we dealing with?”- I questioned. –“The fact that I am the legacy of the owner of the ring?”- I spoke and he nodded. –“How can it be possible?”-
Raymond took in a deep breath. –“It’s not really easy to explain this, but I will try my best.”- I nodded, of course I understood how complicated something could be. –“A long time after the first three generations of the Original Owners of the Golden Black Ring, the Collectors started killing anyone related to them. For years, they were hunted, until your great-great-grandfather decided that it was enough, he changed his last name. Instead of it being Rengaw, he switched it to Wagner.”- My mouth dropped and I frowned. –“Your grandfather kept the name, and it explains your heritage.”-
I licked my lips, this made no sense. –“Wouldn’t my dad be the owner of such ring then?”- I questioned. –“My father was the next in line, he should have known about it, Eoghan should have known as well, not me, I am not supposed to-” I stopped myself. I covered my mouth with my hands. It all made sense know.
-“Wagner?”- Raymond questioned looking concerned. I shook my head with teary eyes. All my life had been a lie. –“What did you discover?”-
-“Eoghan is adopted.”- I let out a dry chuckle. –“This explains why he didn’t find it.”- It was not Raymond turn to be confused. –“The ring skips a generation.”- Raymond nodded slowly. –“That’s the reason why my father didn’t find it. It skips a generation, but it always goes to the guys. Why did the ring choose a girl?”-


Raymond was about to answer when a commotion caught our attention. We both snapped our head towards the door and saw three police-men enter the hospital with a bleeding person. He was being dragged inside the hospital, and when he passed by Raymond and I, he smiled wickedly.


-“Ms. Wagner.”- A deep voice caught my attention. I stood up and came across the doctor. –“My name is Dr. Grey, and I was in charge of your brother’s operation.”- I nodded. There was something about the way he spoke that told me that there was something really wrong. He licked his lips before speaking again. –“The operation went well, under the circumstances, but I am afraid that your brother entered a coma.”-
I nodded. –“Do you think that he will be able to wake up?”- I questioned as I felt Raymond place a hand on my shoulder.
The doctor gave me a small smile. –“The chances are very slim.”- I rolled my eyes. I needed a real answer. –“But we will try our best.”- Raymond gave me a squeeze. –“In the meantime, do you have any relatives where you can stay?”-
-“No.”- I replied. –“I will be living in my house. Eoghan isn’t dead yet, and even if he is a coma, I don’t have to worry about social services.”- I closed my eyes. –“Can I see him?”- The doctor nodded and turned around.


I turned to face Raymond and he gave me a reassuring smile. He would wait here until I called him. I followed the doctor down the corridor, past the rooms and I narrowed my eyes glancing sideways. We were past the normal hospital rooms. I stopped abruptly and turned around to go back to the reception.


-“Oh no.”- I heard the doctor say before he was pinning me on the wall. –“They asked for you.”- I frowned confused. –“I want to live, so you need to go to them.”-
-“What the hell are you saying?”- I questioned. –“What the fuck are you talking about?”- Before the doctor could answer, I punched him on the throat and then twice on the stomach, before turning around and run.


I was running towards the reception where Raymond was. How could I have not seen it? It was more than obvious that he was hiding something, but I thought that he was hiding the fact that my brother was in much worse state than he claimed.
I saw the familiar walls and I heard a commotion. Frowning and sprinting faster I made my way towards the waiting area and I saw that the man the cops brought was fighting against Raymond.
I ran towards the man whose back was facing me, before kicking him. The man collapsed on the floor and I kicked twice his stomach, before Raymond grabbed my arms. I couldn’t do anything else.
The cops appeared and arrested the man. He had to be a hunter. I turned my head and saw that Raymond was okay, I sighed in relief and he dropped my arms only to turn me around and embrace me.


-“He was going to give me.”- I whispered as I held Raymond.
-“I know.”- Raymond whispered in reply. –“I was walking behind you when he attacked me.”- I nodded and he kissed my head.
-“We have to get rid of the hunters.”- I spoke.
-“The hunters will become the hunted.”- Raymond agreed.

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