One ring in the wrong hands, can lead to destruction...


16. Chapter Fifteen


I stared at the three pair of eyes staring at me. I knew that this revelation was going to be a good one, but I am not sure what they are thinking, and I just hope that they won’t tell me something stupid like that I have to quit. I can’t just quit because I need to get my hands on that bracelet, if I have it, it means that I am no longer in danger and that everything is going to return back to the whatever normal we used to live.


-“Are you listening to yourself Easton?”- Eoghan questioned. –“You are saying that the person you are working for has the last element that we need in order to stop this stupid parade.”-

-“It’s not stupid Eoghan, you simply don’t understand-”

-“That I don’t understand Easton?!”- Eoghan shouted. –“Are you listening to yourself? I am your brother and you are putting yourself in danger since the beginning just because some stupid ring!”-

-“Eoghan,”- Raymond started. –“You should calm down, you know that nothing will come out if you are mad. We understand that you don’t want your sister in danger, but if she has all the elements this so-called-parade isn’t going to stop. It will only get worse.”-

-“I bed your pardon?”- I frowned. –“What are you implying? That if I have all the elements I am not safe?”-

-“No.”- Jordan spoke. –“When you get all the elements it does not mean that you will be safe, as much as I would like to differ, you’re going to end up in more danger that you are in now.”- I frowned. –“When you get all the elements, if you do, people are going to know and the leaders that know about the Golden Black Elements will be looking for you.”-

-“Cut me some slack.”- I whined. –“Why on earth would they want me when I possess all the elements?”-

-“Because you’ll be the most powerful person there is.”-  Raymond spoke up. –“And there are the Hunters who are looking for you, and other people in power who send the Hunters.”-

-“Let’s back down a bit,”- I sighed running my hand through my hair. –“If I get all the elements I am in more danger than right now.”- Raymond nodded. –“Though, if someone else were to have all the elements I would still be in danger?”- Jordan nodded. –“The hell then?”-

-“You are the only person who can control all the power from the elements, the other people might use some of their powers, but they will never control it completely without you.”- Raymond explained.

-“Fuck this.”- I spat before standing up. –“I need some time.”- I muttered and walked out of the room.


I let out a sigh and walked towards my bedroom. This was starting to get more annoying by the minute. I never decided to be the next in line for that stupid ring! I didn’t even know about its existence until it appeared to me.  It is not fair that I am in constant danger right now because The Hunters are looking for all the elements, and also because if I have all the elements I am not going to be safe. Could life give me a break?




I took in a deep breath before entering the house. I knew that Jacob was waiting for me and so Angelina, I might have promised that we could go to the park if I got authorization, and damn I got it.

Eoghan wasn’t so happy that I was going back to work, but I just couldn’t stop going, I need to get that bracelet and then flee the country. That was the best plan I could come up with yesterday night, okay maybe not the best but I don’t think that finding the remains of the creator of the elements is a good idea either…

The house was abnormally quiet and there was no sign of any of the kids. I swallowed and walked further into the house, maybe they were outside. I carefully made my way to the backyard, but there was no sign of the kids. I heard a creak on the floor and when I turned around Angelina was standing there with a smirk on her face.


-“Easton.”- Angelina spoke. –“Fancy seeing you here.”-

-“I came to get the kids so that we could go to the park.”- I replied. –“We had agreed on that yesterday.”-

-“I know Easton.”- She came closer to me. –“I simply sent the kids with another helper, as I want to have a word with you.”-

I tried to calm my nerves, she didn’t know who I was. –“Yeah? What about?”-

-“Wagner.”- She replied and I froze. –“You are Easton Wagner.”- I stood staring at her. –“I knew that your face was somehow familiar.”- I crossed my arms. –“Did you really think that I wasn’t going to find out?”-

-“What is wrong with my name?”- I questioned playing dumb. –“What are you talking about?”-

Angelina frowned for a moment. –“Excuse me?”- She chuckled. –“You don’t know what I am talking about?”- I shook my head. –“You’re lying!”- She shouted. –“Of course you know what I am talking about! I can feel your power! I can feel it running through your blood!”- I took a step back. –“You are going to give me all the elements if you don’t want for me to kill you.”-

-“You’ll be doing me a favor if you kill me.”- I spat as I prepared myself for a fight. I was a master at them. –“You’re not going to get them Angelina.”- I taunted. –“I have all the other elements, and it’s just a matter of time before I get them all.”-

-“You will not get it!”- Angelina shouted before charging into me.


With a quick move I dodged her and ran towards the inside of the house. I knew that if I fought her, it was not going to be fair, I saw a knife on her pants. I try to escape not by the front door but from a window so that it would be less obvious, she might believe that I hid trying to find the bracelet…

I just started a war.

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