One ring in the wrong hands, can lead to destruction...


12. Chapter Eleven


Death was all I could think about, and at this point it would have been heaven. Everything was chaos and I was completely lost. My head was bleeding, and I was sure that my knee was dislocated. Every bone inside of me hurt and all I wanted to do was to curl in a ball and sleep.

I sighed and pressed my palm harder to my head, I had to find the way to stop the bleeding before I decided what to do next. I took off my sweater and ripped an arm so that I could tie it around my head.

I found two branches, strong and long enough to hold secure my knee, before I wrapped the other arm of my sweater to it. I had to move away from here and find a way back home; I wasn’t going to stay hidden forever.


-“She couldn’t have gone too far.”- I heard a deep voice talk. -“She might be a good fighter, but I know that Ronald hit her enough to make her slow down.”-

-“Dennis, Ronald is dead.”- Another voice spoke. -“I am pretty sure that she could have run away very far by now.”-

-“Find her.”- Dennis snapped.


I gulped as I tried to hide myself between the bushes I was. There was no way that the hunters were going to find me that easily. I wasn’t going to let them win. I closed my eyes and tried to clam myself, I need to be calm in order to think for a great plan.  

With a huge effort, I managed to half kneel down to see where the two men stood, if I could come up with a distraction, I could get away from the forest and find Raymond or Eoghan. I need to find them.


-“She is not here.”- Dennis voice said. –“Her tracking device shows that she is by the harbor.”- I frowned, when did they implant a tracker on me?

-“Are you sure?”- The other voice questioned. –“I mean, who knows if Pluto actually put the tracking device in her.”-

-“We have been following ever since, and never been wrong once.”- Dennis snapped. –“Let’s move.”- He commanded.


I covered my mouth and sat back on the floor as I tried to think when could have the fake policeman implant a tracker on me without even realizing it. Officer Brown, aka Pluto, did touch me, but I don’t think that he could have implanted that so fast without me realizing it. I need to consult that with Raymond.

When I heard that they were out of my range, I slowly stood up and tried to figure out where on earth I was. I found a very familiar road ahead of me. I gasped, this was just like my dream, I had all the elements with me, but no one was searching for me anymore…




-“I am telling you that I don’t have a clue!”- Eoghan shouted in frustration. I frowned confused; whom the hell was he yelling to? –“We had this event, and out of nowhere people start shooting and I lost sight of her because I was saving an old lady.”- He let out a sigh. –“Please just tell me that you are going to help me find her.”-

-“Mr. Wagner,”- Another voice sighed. –“I need you to fill a missing person file so that we can help with the case of your sister, but in the meantime, we’ll need you to come down to the station with us.”-

-“Eoghan?”- I spoke as I supported myself on the doorframe. –“Hey big brother.”- I cracked a smile and Eoghan ran to me, scooping me on a hug. –“I need to breath.”-

-“Oh dear God that you are fine.”- Eoghan placed me down and stared at me. –“What the hell happened to you?”- He questioned as he grabbed a chair. –Where on earth have you been?”-

I took in a deep breath. –“When I heard the gun shot, I ran towards the forest behind the plaza where the event was being held.”- I gulped. –“I heard people following me, and one caught up with me, Ronald is his name,”- I stared at Eoghan and nodded. –“Uh, then I fought with him and I woke up between some bushes, and then I made my way here.”- I let out a sigh. –“I think I have a concussion, opened head, and a dislocate knee.”-



I could hear the beeping of machines, a soft breath that came from my right, and my own thoughts that were trying to figure out what the hell happened… I slowly opened my eyes and I took in a deep breath, staring out at my surroundings.

Raymond was half asleep on a chair next to me, Eoghan was curled up in another chair in the corner, and Jordan was staring right at me. His arms were crossed and a small smile appeared when I scrunched my face.


-“I’m glad that you are awake Easton.”- He spoke softly. –“How are you feeling?”- I shook my head. –“I hope that you feel better than when you appeared at the shop.”- I rolled my eyes. –“Ronald, the guy that attacked you. He’s dead.”- I nodded and shrugged. –“You took care of him?”- I nodded once again. –“Alright.”-

-“Tracker.”- I spoke. –“Dennis, another dude.”- I started. –“He said that Pluto planted a tracker on me.”- I sighed. –“How could have he? He barely grabbed my hand, I don’t think that he could have been capable of doing so.”-

-“He actually did.”- Jordan replied and I frowned. –“A new type of tracker, but Raymond found it and he placed it on himself.”- He added. –“We found the other guys when they appeared at the harbor.”- He let out a chuckle. –“Let’s just say that we are going to figure out a lot of new stuff without having to so much of a research.”-


We are going to find the hunter before they finish the job they were sent to do.


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